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The Potty Scotty Doll is an anatomically correct boy doll that can drink and wet-on-demand and is used as a teaching aid.
Potty Training in One Day - A Guide for Today's Parents - which will walk you the parent through the entire potty training process - from determining if you child is ready, to how to handle BM training, night time training and bed wetting. Potty Training in One Day - A DVD for Today's Parents is an instruction video that will provide you the parent with a step by step visual journey featuring real parents and children demonstrating the potty training in one day method. If you plan to use disposable diapers, plan on spending between $1,600-$2,300 by the time your baby is potty-trained. My pick for the most jaw-dropping financial post of last week is by Free Money Finance who has uncovered a practice by compulsive gamblers that I can only describe as the ghastliest thing I’ve read in a while. I will say though I have two in disposable diapers and I don’t spend near that much a month on them. No more diapers are probably the one thing that made potty training my boy worth it for me! I am looking in to getting my 3 and a half year old daughter potty trained…to say she is resistant is an understatement of epic proportions!
Occasionally, Scotty would leak a tiny bit, but I really don't think you can expect perfection.
I was skeptical about purchasing such an expensive doll for the training, but decided to go with it because it was such an integral part of the training and if it could really work then it was worth a try.

There's a tube system inside the doll that takes the water from the mouth and fills up the leg of the doll, on our doll it is the left leg. I’d take him to the potty where he would stand there confused after which he would decide to run off and *not* do his business.
Expect your baby to go through at least 7-8 diapers a day on average and spending $80-$130 a month on diapers alone (especially in the first few months, when changes are more frequent.) Cloth diapering can be just as expensive as disposables if you use a diaper service. It is on of those activities that the result is great but the experience is unpleasent to say the least. Begin by buying a small potty and letting your child sit on it with clothing on until they become comfortable with it. I found a pretty solid guide on how to go about potty training written by an expert named Carol Cline. The cons were that you have to feed the doll at least 2 bottles worth SLOWLY for the doll to have enough in it to best show how the doll will go in the potty. When you try to get your money back, you cannot get a hold of anyone from the site, plus paypal cannot help you get your money back either. She promises your money back if it doesn’t work, but then there is no link on the web page where or how to contact her.
One of our boys thought that in order to make himself pee, he needed to squeeze his own leg!

Carol Cline preys on people that are having difficulty with the process and is nothing more than a common scam artist. Don’t waste your money on this rubbish, because lots of information there is just rubbish.
Also, for the poop, use a tur 2 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous This doll is ok, but I agree with another reviewer that for the money, i would have expected more. If anyone wants to see the guide, email me and I will send you my copy, after I get it out of the trash.
I am desperate to get my daughter to use the potty as I would love to put her in play school but cannot do it until she is potty trained. It still took about 3 months for him to be pull-up free, but it clicked and I appreciate Scotty's help!
Our younger son was just plain stubborn about the potty, but helping to train Scotty got him excited and the "Potty Party" really helped him get out of pull-ups quickly.

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