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Okay, now that you know the main components, there are several different ways these components can come together to make up a cloth diapering system.
I usually stuff our Bum Genius and Happy Heiny diapers with a prefold, because I have found that to be the most absorbent, but I also often use a microfiber insert because they make the diaper more trim fitting.  If you buy a One-Size type of pocket diaper these can be pretty economical because you can use them from about 6 weeks old through potty training. I bought prefolds to increase the number of diapers in our stash so that we could cloth diaper full time, and when Kaelyn was about 3-6 months old, we used cloth diapers exclusively. Check back next week when we’ll cover some of the basics for using cloth diapers on a day to day basis. Have you considered using cloth diapers for your little ones, or is it overwhelming to you?  Do you have any questions about cloth diapering I can help answer for you? My little one potty trained last fall and sadly no new baby yet, and I’m finding that I actually MISS hanging diapers out on the clothesline! I love the idea of cloth, but I read about how is clean the diaper after yeast infections and diaper rashes , etc.
I am pleased to be collaborating with Baby & Me Maternity to offer a FREE Labour Support Class to expecting parents in and around Calgary! Surrounding yourself in positive feelings and with positive people is one of my biggest tips for making your birth matter. Understanding the level of vulnerability of birth as a first time mother can be mind blowing. Please take a real through this awesome Mother Magazine article that talks about vulnerability and birth. I was fortunate to be interviewed for one of the segments talking about support from professionals other than the caregivers in Episode 2.
I truly love it when a doula client gives me permission me to share their intimate thoughts about my role within their birth journey.
The holiday season can be a joyous time, especially with the excitement of a baby on the way.
Thankfully, Birth Boot Camp has more great info for you in a recent post, A Pregnant Woman’s Guide To Surviving the Holidays.
Whether it's for Christmas or a baby shower, ask the expecting people what they would like. Whether you make them frozen meals or start a plan to deliver fresh meals, food always works. Many women are choosing these care providers to maintain their health, work on optimal fetal positioning and RELAX. Here at Adventures of Little, I love to share relevant and local Calgary businesses on the blog! I have a special interest in creating community, awareness and education about holistic fertility, healthy pregnancy, natural pain relief during labour and post natal care for mom, birthing partners and baby.
Take advantage of this sale with a value of $350 by paying for your class in full before midnight on November 30. Head over to Birth Boot Camp Headquarters on November 30th to save $75 USD on online classes! Come out and meet photographers, doulas, massage therapists, chiropractors, NDs, non-profits organizations and more!! Gina's keynote talk will cover key vocabulary and language important to defining and understanding birth in the context of feminism.
Birth Unlimited is a non-profit, consumer organization supporting families seeking healthy alternatives so they can make the most informed choices during the childbearing year and beyond. My favourite part of this book was the detailed discussions about the importance of nutrition before, during and after pregnancy.
I also really enjoyed the alternative view points: a pediatrician, a nurse, an ob-gyn  and a midwife.
There are sections for you to track what is happening month to month, which is a wonderful way to remember how you were feeling while it was happening. As soon as you find out you are pregnant, please register with the Alberta Midwives Association (see above).
Join MaternityCare Consumers of Alberta Network (MCAN) and use your voice to continue the work on our maternity system!
I may not of been able to have low risk maternity care from midwives due to having my babies in Fort McMurray, but I will continue to use my voice to ensure that one day women can see the type of care provider they choose no matter where they live! A huge thank you to all that have been supporting and working in the background to get these changes rolling!
Just like you’d stock your diaper changing station with disposable diapers at the ready, you can do the same with your cloth diapers. To make changes quick, pre-assemble diapers making sure they are on the right size settings and stuff the reusable or disposable inserts inside. Besides doing good for the environment, making the switch to cloth diapers has other benefits, too. While you may have to invest money to get started with cloth diapering, you will definitely see a major cost saving by the end of your diapering tenure. Are Designer Disposable Diapers an Awesome Fad for Babies or Only Good for Huggies Bottom Line? This season Huggies is rolling out some designer disposable diapers at Walmart stores nationwide. Before disposable diapers were introduced in the ’50s, 95 percent of children were potty trained by 18 months. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
After our Best of 2015 post from yesterday many of you were asking, “What about _____?
As we welcome in a new year, we’d like to take a few minutes to share with you what your favorite products of 2015 were. Sometimes velcro closures or elastic wear out so you may not be able to use for multiple children, or will need to be replaced.
They are usually made out of cotton, but you can also find them in hemp and bamboo.  They also must be covered with a waterproof cover. Please consider subscribing to e-mail updates, or in a reader, to be sure you don’t miss a single post.  You can also connect with me on Twitter and Facebook! I too part time cloth diaper (I love Bumm Genius) and have been hesitant to admit it because people often act like I’m nuts for cloth diapering at all or nuts for not cloth diapering exclusively.
Figuring out and choosing can be so overwhelming, but with more information out there, it will be easier for people to choose cloth. This includes family, care providers, friends, service providers and your own personal environment.
If one of these doesn't work for you, I challenge you to find one that does and make it beautiful!
With each client and student, I talk about vulnerability and what it can mean to us an individuals. Allowing ourselves to do what our body needs, move as we need to move, release those noises that help us to relax and roll through each contraction.

When you speak of the realities of it, it triggers some of our deepest fears and things we have been trained since childhood to feel shame for." ~ Sarah Clark (aka Mama Birth and my super hero). Her research into shame and vulnerability has been life changing for myself and many others. It is a lovely collaboration that brings the many choices parents make along the journey and highlights the people that support families along the way. In my opinion, a comprehensive childbirth class is part of the puzzle as we make this transition into our roles as parents.
I strive to meet the needs of each family where they are at and how they wish to be supported.
Contact Tender Touches Doula Services to inquire about Laurie and our team of Birth Doulas ready to serve your family!
My husband was able to focus on our daughter and meet her needs and my midwives were able to focus on their work because Laurie was there to focus on me. Contact Tender Touches Doula Services to inquire about Laurie and the team of Birth Doulas ready to serve your family! This post will be continually updated with great breastfeeding links as I come across relevant and well informed information on breastfeeding. Let's talk about how you can do it right without overstepping with 4 great gift ideas for the pregnant people in your life. Some people have very set ideas and plans, especially those looking to "green" their lives or have tight budgets. Some are covered more than others, so check in with the mom-to-be to see who she sees and cover the next appointment! I am so happy to introduce you Gina Rino, Pregnancy & Labour Preparation Acupuncturist!
By combining Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Acutonics (acupuncture without needles), Herbology, cupping and acupressure, I offer clients unique treatments, tailored to their individual and ever changing needs. I turned to Holistic Medicine for more natural and effective treatment options that get to the root of a health concern, not just cover up a symptom. Please reach out to Gina if acupuncture is something that you would like to incorporate into your life!
They have been doing amazing work around Calgary, both behind the camera and in their communities. We support the rights of families to access a full range of birth place options - from hospital to birth centre to home birth - with a full range of professional caregivers - including funded midwifery care. I found this out too late after my first baby, but my wonderful doula for baby number 2 provided a selection of books that were more about what I wanted to learn.
Many books tell you to eat good, but this book really gives you details as to what to eat and how it affects you and the baby.
Look for one with information on nutrition, exercise, pelvic floor health, modern and comprehensive evidence based material and an instructor that has been there and done it. It's all about the tracking and the new courses of care will be handed out to practices that have availability. Check out the listening report from November 2014 that they published after talking to thousands of Albertans. Lots of American parents are — an estimated 27.4 billion disposable diapers are used and thrown out in the US each year, and those stinky disposable diapers sit without decomposing for over 500 years (or more!) in landfill! We used Container Store’s Eco-Stripe Drawer Organizers to keep the diapers neat and separate from inserts and wipes. Turn the diapers inside out to preserve their bright colors and patterns. You can wash them periodically with other loads of laundry, or you can wash them on their own. Disposable diapers contain three toxins that should have no place touching delicate baby skin all day and night.
It’s listed by the EPA as the most toxic of all chemicals linked to cancer and is banned in most other countries. A similar substance used to be found in tampons until it was linked to toxic shock syndrome. The average baby uses 6,000 diapers in the first two years and parents typically spend about $800 A YEAR on disposable diapers.
With cloth diapering, your baby will be out of diapers and into big-kid undies sooner, because cloth diapering can help in early potty training success. Often come in a One-Size option, so you only have to buy one set of diapers for the whole time you are diapering your babe.
Many are not lined with wicking material, so they can feel wet against baby’s bum, not as easy to use out and about. I am also a part time cloth diaperer Right now I am full time because my daughter is only 5 months. Do you have to have how many diapers in the house for one baby to make it confortable for you to do the laundry once a week?. Even if you only use two or three cloth diapers in a day, it’s still two or three less going into our landfills. You definitely need to disinfect cloth diapers after a yeast infection, my DD had one soon after she was born, but not because of the cloth diapers, and we disinfected her diapers and they’ve been fine since! Part of setting up a positive atmosphere is finding one or more birth affirmations that really strike deep within yourself. Being well prepared nutritionally, physically, mentally and emotionally allows the parents the ability to make informed choices and feel confident in themselves.
I loved being part of this great couple's support team as they prepared to welcome twins into their family.
There are really great registry sites now that can combine items from across the internet and incorporate homemade things like food and laundry folding. Gift certificates to online grocery stores that deliver make you look like a hero!I like as they have a large selection and regular delivery dates.
I focus heavily on educating and empowering my patients so that they can take an active role in their family's and their own well being. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a Whole medical system that offers healthy, safe options for a woman's and her family's health.
If you answered yes to those questions, I suggest you to take advantage of our Black Friday SALE!
Birth Unlimited and Dr For Moms present the Maternity Care Providers Fair October 24 from 10-4 at Pineridge Community Association!! Our goal is to assist families in the quest to educate and inform themselves about their options. While preparing to certify as a Birth Boot Camp instructor, I read some of the same books as well as new ones.
There are more that I'll write about later that are more specific about certain subjects including birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and babies. Their is still a chapter on what can go wrong in pregnancy covering high-risk as well as issues that may occur; low risk and typical pregnancies are the focus. This book is filled with great information including many pictures of labouring and pushing positions.

The additional courses of care are a step forward, but there are many more changes to come. Go with the one-size diapers that fit from newborn to age 3 and this set of diapers will last you through potty training. You can dump and rinse disposable inserts in the toilet before adding to your wet laundry bag or bucket. Choose a laundry detergent free of brighteners, dyes, softeners, enzymes, bleach and synthetic fragrances since they can cause allergic reactions or cause the diapers to break down and loose absorbency. When a cloth diaper is wet, babies are more likely to feel the wet sensation than if they were wearing a disposable diaper, therefore, cloth-diapered babies are more aware of their bodily functions and have greater motivation to learn to use the potty.
I’ll admit though, probably once she starts eating solids, or becomes a more heavy wetter, or if I start working more, I will use disposables on occasion.
Do you put the diapers in a container with water before putting them on the washing machine or what?…. Parents also learn about themselves: how to relax each other, how to comfort each other, how to talk to each other, and what other professionals can help. I received care from about 28 weeks to 41.5 weeks during my second pregnancy for general pain management, relaxation and finally as a way to help my body go into labour.
You save $50 on the 10 week Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth series AND receive a free sitting with Visual Hues Photography ($300 value). Everyone has different circumstances, so pre-plan your rules and make sure they get posted! Students in my childbirth classes receive a similar sign in Class 10: Life with a New Recruit.
I had to share as they are so helpful for those interested in learning what their bodies are capable of and how to help your body excel with nutrition, exercise and relaxation. He is a big part of the Juice Plus+ community and recommends them as a supplement in his books.
Practicing these positions before baby can help fill your toolbox with positions to ease pain. To avoid a nasty, diaper-filled Wall-E vision of the future for your grandchildren, (and to help your kids potty-train earlier), we recommend all parents to consider cloth diapering.
One-sized diapers have different snap placements at the waist and legs and casing elastic at the legs that can be adjusted for a perfect fit.
While you can dry them in the dryer, if you dry them outside you’ll save money and electricity. You can take a live birth class with me in Calgary or sign up for the online childbirth classes! A method type birth class will provide you with a limited set of tools that are not individualized.
Gina is a great source of information for women in Calgary and shares her experiences and tips below! Guests bringing healthy postpartum food, snacks or meals and helping out around the house without the expectation to hold baby are helpful and considerate. You can take a live birth class with me in Calgary or sign up for the online childbirth classes from anywhere in the world! You can find more information about Juice Plus+ here (note: we are a Juice Plus+ family and I distribute them) or ask me!
Other great topics include preparing a sibling for the birth and why writing down birth ideals can be helpful, especially the atmosphere of the room, no matter where you are birthing.
Canadian statistics are harder to find in many books as the focus tends to be on US statistics and research.
This information is being used to see where the needs are and will be used in the future as the midwifery practices increase. Its still a very small fragment of the number of low-risk women that birth in Alberta every year. Charlie Banana’s cloth diapers are a 2-in-1 reusable diaper system so each diaper comes with two removable insets that can be tucked inside a front panel.
Even if your not using a disposable insert for poo, we recommend scraping all of the poop into your toilet and then quickly hand-washing the poopy diaper in the sink before putting in your washing machine.
The primary goal of a swim diaper is to keep the solids out of the pool (or body of water). Each brand varies slightly in fit and how long you’ll be able to use them, but they can be resold or saved for future children.
Sign up for Birth Boot Camp where you get a 3.5 hour breastfeeding video plus lots of class time spent on the topic BEFORE baby arrives!
Canada is slightly different from the US due to a smaller population and different healthcare. Charlie Banana also offers disposable inserts, which can be a good on-the-go option or a smart solution when you know your child’s schedule for going number two.
My Swim Baby (by Planet Wise) – Cute prints, side snap, and a low price tag are some of the reasons My Swim Baby tops the list in this category. Go to our Contact page to send me a note and I will set-up a gift certificate for Calgary in any denomination you'd like! She discusses the major typical complaints, what causes them and how the woman can help reduce the complaint.
So we got together with Carolyn Sutton of Charlie Banana to get a primer in cloth diapering. While you’re making the switch to cloth you may also want to start using cloth wipes. Blueberry Freestyle Swim – Striking solids, sweet prints, and side snaps help the Blueberry Freestyle Swim diaper making it a top swim diaper for 2015. Thirsties Newborn AIO Diapers – One of the newest newborn diapers on the market, this Thirsties newborn fits from 5-14lbs and are made in the USA.
You’ll also need a waterproof laundry bag to toss all of the wet diapers, or alternately a bucket in the bathroom. Best One-Size Pocket Diaper – The pocket diaper is still the preferred diaper of most parents due to the ability to adjust the absorbency as needed.
We also use RLR Laundry Treatment once a month on all of our white laundry to help stay white!
RLR Laundry Treatment can also be used for handwashing of one or two small pieces of clothing--just use a small amount in a basin of water.
How to Use RLR for stripping cloth diapers Open package and empty directly on dry, clean cloth diapers.

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