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As parents, we've all been there before: maybe it's potty training or trying to get your child dressed in time for school. While motivating children with incentives of money, toys or even a special activity can be very effective, some experts believe this prevents youngsters from developing their own sense of responsibility.
Potty Training is an individual experience and should be based on each child’s needs.
Rewards such as stickers, candy, small toys, or special activities like craft time or outings with a parent, can enhance the ease of the experience as well as help create a potty routine. I knew accidents were bound to happen; but wondered if that might be the very thing he needed to help get him to the potty.
Sleep seems to be the biggest issue (or at least, this has been our experience) when it comes to potty training. We are not there yet, but soon…I’ll pin this, thanks for sharing this, great tips!
As soon as I found out I was having twins, I started to freak out about how hard it was going to be to take care of two babies at once.
Younger kids may need more immediate goals, while older kids can understand working toward longer-term rewards. With a rewards system, the burden often falls on the parent to remind kids to do the necessary tasks. For example, if your child has a strong resistance to going to school, you may want to look into whether there is an underlying problem, such as bullying or an undiagnosed learning problem.
If you have been using a rewards system and decide it's not right for your family, hold a family meeting and explain to your kids that things can work differently around the house. They look like underwear, feel like underwear — only softer, and have extra padding in chance of having an accident. I think the protein in milk seems to help reduce the amount of hydration thus less urination during the night; but then again this is just a guess. We started a week before he turned two and by the time it was his birthday he was completely trained. We tried sticker charts and candy rewards, but found that simply using the timer method and positive reinforcement worked the best.

They wore diapers or Pull-Ups during nap time for about six months, but after that they only wore them at nighttime. We were heading to Walmart anyway to pick up a few things, so it was super easy to just grab them when we were there! Virginia Shiller, a psychologist and instructor at the Yale Child Study Center and coauthor of the book Rewards for Kids, rewards can help parents teach their children new habits.
The main thing is that toddlers are past the stage in which they are locked into oppositional battles ("No! If you try to work on getting to school on time, being nice to siblings and cleaning up toys all at once, that's too much.
If they are, instead of trying to entice your child into doing things, spend time explaining the value of those actions. Follow up by explaining how the process works when they see you or older siblings use the restroom. I wanted him to be comfortable with me being there holding him for when he needed to use a public restroom. Should you have a question, please feel free to ask it here and I'll do my best to reply promptly. Use the potty training readiness checklist or take the online potty quiz to determine if you are ready to start! I desperately wanted them both to learn at the same time so that I didn’t have to buy diapers anymore. Every time the girls successfully went potty, we clapped and cheered and made it a huge deal. Just within the past week, one of my twins has decided that she doesn’t need a Pull-Up at nighttime anymore.
She does have dry nights, but she just can’t seem to make it until morning to go potty. My girls love being able put them on by themselves. I also like that they come in super cute Disney designs for both boys and girls that fade when wet.
We waited till my little guy was 3 as well and like yours, he mastered it all (even overnight!) in one weekend!!

After potty training three kids, including twins, I have found that it’s best to just keep it simple.
With a lot of encouragement and persistence, we did succeed in getting both girls potty trained by the time they turned two.
As a former teacher, I know how well positive reinforcement works with kids so I wasn’t surprised to see how much my girls thrived on it when they first learning to use the potty. I was happy I’d done a dress rehearsal at home, so it wasn’t anything new for either of us!
I was amazed he was completely potty trained in three days; just because we waited until he was ready. I dreaded the thought of it, but decided that I would approach it the same way I did with my son. Whatever you decide on together, be sure to communicate the prize regularly and reinforce that with each potty, they’re one sticker closer! My lo likes to stand up like daddy, but he isnt quite tall enough for the toilet without a stool.Our challenge has been going #2 on the potty. Using the actual toilet (with help from the seat) avoids the step of having to transition from using a separate chair.
We’re getting there, I’m trying to be patient, but consistent with taking him in there and just letting him try! Choose a sticker chart together with your child or print one with a character that you know she loves. However, in the long run, the day, month, or year it finally happens will not matter — so no stress. You can either add the milestones on the chart or use the 10 or 20 step charts for this purpose.

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