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Managers installed signs instructing employees in how to use the toilet, but the foreign workers still refused to, leading to broken toilet seats and mess everywhere.
Employees from eastern Europe apparently prefer squatting while using the loo, prompting managers to order a new toilet to match their requirements. Bosses at the DHL warehouse are also said to be infuriated after workers broke the traditional loo seat by squatting on it. The distribution centre in Swindon, which transports goods for B&Q, has spent thousands of pounds on the new facility, according to The Sun.
Rather than put the wages up and employ the people whose country it is, DHL have given in and installed these. Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently. Navigating the squat toilet can be a daunting experience for even the most courageous of newbies (there are plenty of horror stories) and raises embarrassing questions even for long-time users. Unlike the Japanese toilet, which comes with a dome (a a€?lipa€?) at the flushing end, most Chinese toilets are simple porcelain (sometimes metal) pans embedded in the floor.
So next time you find yourself on a squat toilet, take a moment to contemplate the way you position yourself. And if you can’t get enough of toilets (your weirdo) then why not visit a toilet-themed restaurant?
I first used them in Japan where generally they were fairly clean and I got used to them pretty quick. I don’t really understand why a toilet seat in a western toilet should be full of germs anyway. Do not yell in public, do not insult local people when you visit, wash your hands before eating and do not talk about stupid Communist Party joke, we could care less since it sucks. With a network of affiliates across the United States, the Autism Society is the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization. Geek Club Books Website by Geek Club Books, Inc is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. For me, it was using the embarrassing moments mod, which I've forgotten the name of, and having my Sim twerk in the middle of a funeral.
Mainly asking, though, because I get that Sims 3 is a strange game all around but sometimes there are things Sims do that go well past the average TS3 amount of weirdness and I LOVE hearing of some of the odd things other peoples Sims do. Maybe it's not the absolute oddest thing, but I thought this was a hilarious storytelling moment. Oh, and one that's always struck me as odd is that zombies growl and do that shuffle walk thing, but then they change back to a completely normal walk to go up the stairs all nonchalantly. Had to make another post, because I just happened on another thing that I always thought was odd. I'm not going to be too concerned by that until I see my (real life) head photo in their thought bubbles. You can follow the link at the bottom of each article, or you can view all comments threads on the bbs. Most travelers in China have had to face them, and most expats have had to get used to them.
Whether ita€™s a public hutong bathroom, where stalls a€“ and privacy a€“ rarely exist, or a bathroom in a Chinese frienda€™s home, the proper usage of a squat toilet can cause mild to acute consternation. Information on the squat is available for anyone traveling abroad, for those satisfying their scatological curiosity or for those considering the squat toilet for its health benefits. Some sites suggest practicing the squatting motion before you travel to avoid a nasty fall, and all advise bringing your own toilet paper. The a€?lip,a€? an ingenious design feature that helps minimize splatter, also tacitly points the squatter in the right direction.

In most squatters, one end of the trough is shallower, and the pan slopes downward into the hole, or the flushing end.
Most Chinese toilets can barely flush toilet paper, let alone what youa€™ve dropped in the trough. I used to find that the evacuation process was speeded up so much, that in the situation of really needing to go you’d be dropping the kids off, before you even got into the squat position and this could cause problems.
I have no idea how fecal matter ends up in the places I have seen it in some of these places, I often try to work out just how the perpetrator got themselves in to a position that caused the mess.
I have kind of learned over the years not to piss or shit on the surface of the seat and the part of my thighs that touches the seat is showered about once a day and holds no more germs than any other bits of skin on my body.
My dad used to disappear into the toilet for hours with the newspaper, or actively track down whatever book he was reading before locking himself in the bog for HOURS. Their mission is to increase public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocate for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and provide the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy. My mission is to use the art of storytelling and technology to entertain and educate for the social good.
Pregnant sim Shazza needed to go to the grocery store so she does whatever any reasonable mother to be does and jumps on her motorcycle (without helmet cause safety is overrated). I tried it on a child sim and she became elongated like an adult sim but weirdly stretched out..
2nd, after reading your post I swear my Sims momentarily stared at me with annoyance soon after their second set of quads.
Repairmans kid, running off it the dark rain in his PJs, the zombie fact, and the potentially spiked tea. Funny and all but my Sims would randomly do the actions or I'd accidentally click it too much. When the information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable.
Squat toilets are everywhere in China, and for most Chinese, are preferred to Western-style toilets. This end is closest to the wall, so when you face away from the wall, youa€™re shooting into the shallow end, which can result in some major splash-age. As crass as it seems, the direction you face depends on whether youa€™re doing big business or small business.
I can understand the argument about natural position and possible health benefits of a fast release though I would always hope to find a nice western style sit and shit, it’s easier to read a book or the paper.
I am a 'positive' autism advocate, mother of an awesome adult on the autism spectrum, lifestyle journalist, and marketing specialist. In highway rest stops and malls a€“ the two most likely places in China to find a combination of squat and sitting toilets a€“ Ia€™ve seen, time and again, Chinese women fidgeting impatiently as they wait for a squat toilet. Its health benefits include easier and faster defecation, as well as prevention and relief of colon, prostate, bladder, and bowel disorders.) Squat toilets a€“ known also by its less candid name, the a€?natural-positiona€? toilet a€“ can be found in most parts of Asia and many parts of the Middle East, as well as parts of the Mediterranean. Many modern porcelain or metal squat toilet have foot treads to either side of the trough, to provide better traction in case the floor area is wet. While you may hesitate to risk splashing your bum (facing the door), an equally unpleasant possibility is that of leaving an unflushable gift for the next person in line.
Occasionally they are clean, more often they are so gross I would prefer to shit in my pants. Also in both cases, they were living in the "Pre Fabulous Home" which I had recently renovated (heavily) the interior - (had to remove that window up front so I could put my flat-screen tv up as well).
I upgrade if they're worth it but for some odd reason I had a butler who enjoyed sleeping everywhere BUT their bed or used every other room but theirs, so upgrading was rare for that one. When it comes right down to it, most Chinese still prefer squatting to sitting on the toilet, to avoid contact with germs on the toilet seat.

I find the argument I have heard several times that they are in fact more hygienic than western toilets because you don’t have to make contact with anything one of the most ridiculous specious buckets of shit I have ever heard. Also in both cases, I had recently fenced in the yard - to keep the paparazzi, animals, and zombies out. Other than that, your Sims must really enjoy sticking the "you're our butler, not family" thing in the poor Sims face. And the question that can flummox even the experienced squat-pee-er: which way are you supposed to face?
This is possible because many public bathrooms in China lack doors, and sometimes even stalls, and most locals observed in action face the other direction: back towards the wall. So I held on to the tank for balance, pulling the tank off the wall and further flooding the stall. However, you guys made the children look about 7 or so we need someone in between the newborns and the 7 year old's, please change that. Your Sims would get to experience new game play such as pillow fights, scary storytelling, kneeling on the floor, watching movies while in sleeping bags, playing truth or dare, and especially pulling all- nighters.
Another thing that would improve this action, is planning parties earlier than that vary day. Next up, when you hopefully add in pets please keep Sims 3 pets while adding in pets like bunnies or snakes.
You could consist sports along the lines of gymnastics, softball, baseball, basketball, track, volleyball, soccer, football, dance, cheer, and many others. We might want a place to go to celebrate a promotion or a big win in the soccer or game or even to go just because. It would be a great pleasure to look inside the child's tree house and customize as their own. There would be swings, slides, sea saws, jungle gyms, and many modernized playground things.
We have all heard and probably bought Sims 4 get to work, however what if there was a sims 4 get to school? You could sit with the mean kids, the popular kids, with a friend(s), or simply by yourself. You than would decide whether to read a book, talk, listen to the radio, or (if needed) finish homework. Each cubicle comes in the shape of a large rectangle with a shelf at the top and a hook for their coats. Each child would get two classes (Science and Math with one teacher, Language Arts and Social Studies with the other) and switch after lunch.
You have one free choice elective ( Art, Music, Choir, Drama, Orchestra, Band, Or creative Music with guitar) and one service elective ( Working in Cafeteria, Working in Library, Working in Janitorial Services, Working in the nurses office, and many others.) After this you would continue your day until you get to another major topic, Physical Education. During Physical Education you can choose to run laps, play doge ball, play lists of sports, hide out behind the bleachers, or fake an injury.
After that throughout your day you will come across you study hall during this you can study in the library or in other locations. At the end of school you can chose to stay behind and join a school club, tutor, be tutored, watch a spots team practice, or you can go home. School clubs consist of Chess Club, Art Club, Garden Club, Drama Club, Safety Patrol crosswalk personal, Or joining the news team for the announcements for the next day.

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