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As Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith's sex tape makes the rounds on the Internet, I knew it was only a matter of time before the policing began. The excerpt of his little speech that I heard begins with him explaining that the Internet is forever, and how what gets put online stays online forever. Steve Harvey-types view women and sex through the lens that misogyny has provided for centuries: The lens that renders men invisible when there is an instance of shame being doled out. In the radio recording, Steve Harvey goes on to rail against the Internet: "The Internet has become a playground for evildoers.
If women "aren't here for sex," yet it's the thing that "every man wants," then does that mean that men are here for sex? Orders must be placed in the Chelsea, Manhattan, NY Cost Plus World Market store on an associatea€™s tablet. Sure enough, yesterday, a friend posted a recording of Steve Harvey on the radio, in which he earnestly advised "young women" against the making of sex tapes, etc. Instead of "Think of the horrible things people will say about you," people who are truly interested in empowering women and girls say, "Don't worry about what people say.

Is anybody else extremely uncomfortable about the fact that Steve Harvey is telling girls that they should treat their vaginas like a means of currency, because men will "pay dearly for it"?
Our minds, our souls, our personalities, are far more precious and will do more for us in our lives than the so-called gold mine between our legs.
His critique looks no further: It stops at the young women who are held prisoner by this ideology.
Instead, he joins the likes of Tyler Perry, Tyrese and Chey B, who sit on their towering soap boxes making money off policing the lives and bodies of women. Maximum shipping charge of $100 includes standard ground shipping fees and any applicable delivery surcharges. You are autonomous." Instead of, "You weren't put here for sex," people who are truly interested in empowering women and girls say, "Sex is one of many beautiful parts of life when it is consensual. In fact, for vaginas to be gold mines, they don't bring us much gold just sitting down there being vaginas. Their value is based on artificial scarcity, a system created by tycoons who seek to propagate the belief of their rarity to increase their worth. Because with all your jabbering about gold mines and diamonds and precious jewels, you're doing the teaching. When it comes to wagging a finger or calling someone a whore for premarital sexual activity, the man involved somehow dematerializes into a puff of smoke, leaving the woman to bear the brunt of society's scorn alone. But more importantly, how did this conversation go from talking about sex tapes to sex in general?

Harvey, if you want to impress me; write a book about rape culture and the way we teach young men that women's bodies are trophies, objects, status symbols, commodities.
According to Harvey, women's lives should be dictated by the expectations and presumptions of others. The kind of shaming tactics Steve Harvey employs are not only tired, patriarchal regurgitations, but they fly in the face of actual women's empowerment and turn "sex" and "women" into painful opposites that should have nothing to do with another.
Our bodies are not our own: We exist at the will of laws perpetuated by people like Steve Harvey, who would have us covering our ankles in the name of modesty. Harvey isn't interested in empowering us; he only wants to lay red tape in tight boxes around us in his effort to corral us into his idea of the ideal woman. But that's not enough for Harvey, and for some reason, he seems incapable of addressing boys. A little too much autonomy, mixed with too little care for "what people say behind her back." Have a seat, Mr. Rather than using the Mimi and Nikko sex tape as a teachable moment about privacy, permanence and the longevity of Internet decisions, Harvey can't resist transforming that moment into a diatribe about shame and God's plan for women's bodies. Just make sure you choose a sturdy chair, because times are changing: Women see through your crap and we're not here for it.

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