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My child just turned two and everyone is asking me when I plan to toilet train but I just don’t know whether my child is ready or where to start.
Rosemond does not write from the perspective of a psychologist, but with the common sense and authority derived from 30 years of counseling parents, and from his two children and seven grandchildren, some of whom he helped toilet train. With his trademark parents-take-control style, Rosemond covers everything from the basic how-to and troubleshooting issues to successful testimonies and proper encouragement.
John Rosemond is a family psychologist who has directed mental-health programs and been in full-time private practice working with families and children. Call Today for a FREE 10 minute consultation and find out if I'm the right fit for your family! As home life is important in the development of a child, disruption to family life may inevitably lead to anxieties in the child. Typical disruptions are the arrival of a new baby, the work patterns of the mother, a father working or living away from home, death of a close family member, family discord, and relationship difficulties between the parents, possibly separation or divorce. Those anxieties in the child may result in nightmares, sleeping disorders, underachievement at school, regression, withdrawn behaviour or forms of aggressive behaviour.

Dr Rundle sees many children where one or more of these factors may be contributing to the child’s behaviour or development issue. Expert Advice and Support Available When You Need ItProblems with children and with babies may arise unexpectedly and at inconvenient times. He advises an old-fashioned approach to toilet training that would have earned Grandma's stamp of approval.
Through counselling, suitable ways of addressing these issues can be found resulting in some improvement.
You need to speak to someone who can help as soon as possible.Dr Rundle is available on the phone to give immediate support.
My role is to help parents be informed, well prepared and confident, enabling them to be their child’s greatest teacher, coach and ally. As with all new skills some children will require assistance to become masters of their own bowel and bladder functions.
The problem can be addressed there and then to the relief of your child or baby and yourself.

With knowledge and understanding stress and anxiety for parent and child will reduce and toilet mastery is achievable. It helps parents avoid common toilet-training mistakes, and leads the way to a diaper-free household. And he is one of the busiest and most popular speakers in the field, giving more than 200 talks a year to parent and professional groups nationwide.
He and his wife of 39 years, Willie, have two grown children and six well-behaved grandchildren.

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