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By the time your child is of toddler age, they will be ready for a more structured schedule.
Parents of children in the toddler room also receive daily activity reports (the "toddler tattler"). Friday, April 4th, 2014: "Frozen" movie night at the Bluffton Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.
The good news is that my pediatrician feels like my two year old is showing signs of readiness now. Yes, please send me e-Family newsfor weekly parenting tips, strategies and resources from early education experts.
We will be in contact with you within the next 2 business days to set up a time for you to visit our program and see our teachers and curriculum in action. Get informative and expert childhood development tips, research, and fun home activities from Bright Horizons. Also read our tips for potty training success here!  Read about the latest resouces for supporting potty training here! Have child wear a short T-shirt that will not interfere with lowering and raising training pants. As in the infant room, we always try to have an extra staff member over the ratio guidelines. Children in the toddler room sit at a small, child size table as a group for meals and snack time.

We encourage hands on activities, which teach other important lessons such as helping others, sharing and cleaning up. Well, the biggest sign came when he started reaching his hands in his diaper after having a BM because he didn’t like the way it felt. Assess bladder control, physical development and ability to follow instructions to see if child has developed sufficiently to acquire toilet training skills. Teach child to grasp pants in the middle of the back, palm facing backward, and mid-front for easier lowering and raising. Manually guide child through the proper actions, then let the child guide the doll through the process.When the doll urinates in the potty, teach the child to remove the pot, empty it into the toilet, flush and return the pot to the chair. Schedules are important for toddlers and are closely followed in order to give the children consistency. The toddler room is a place where children can do these things in safe and acceptable ways. I’m not used to having to remind him to go before we leave the house, once we get where we’re going, then again before we head back home.
Once this is learned, begin training child.Teach the child to check and identify dry pants from wet pants. I like that extra 5 minutes of lounging in bed right when he wakes up, but before we head downstairs and don’t like the thought of having to jump out of bed and race to the toilet. Pre-training experiences Teach the child to assist in own dressing and undressing, especially raising and lowering pants.

I dread having to clean up poop from clothing…and floors…and chairs…and little plastic toilets.
We created a sticker chart, deemed a small Peppermint Patty as the reward for poop on the potty, and started in.
Creativity is encouraged with artistic activities such as painting (brush and finger), coloring with crayons, markers and chalk, as well as using glue and scissors.
Use as a positive reinforcement.Instruct child to walk to the potty, lower pants, sit down quietly for several minutes, stand up, and raise pants. In two more weeks, once preschool is over and he’s full time in child care, we’re going cold turkey during the day.
Once child goes potty after a general question, only comment on dry pants.As child acquires skills and performs actions correctly, give approval only at the end of an action rather than during it. If there is an accident, reprimand the child, have the child change by him or herself, and perform more practice sessions.

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