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They are also great for decreasing symptoms, such as talking out of turn or refusing to follow directions.
You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open a chart. Do you find yourself yelling, threatening your child with punishment and not following through, or giving her the silent treatment? Tweak your technique: Instead of giving in to the empty-threat reflex, give yourself a time out.
Whether it’s an actual mat, a chair or a corner somewhere in your house, using a “naughty spot” can have mixed results. A swat on the bottom shows your child who’s boss: He’s scared straight thinking if he messes up, he’ll get hit again. Sometimes stepping back – for example, when your kids are fighting over a toy–is a good discipline move because it pushes children to solve the situation on their own.
Tweak your technique: During the day, use a one-to-10 scale to measure your patience level with your children (one being extremely patient, 10 meaning you’re about to lose it).
Through it all, keep in mind that no one is the perfect parent, and no one chooses the best discipline technique every time.
Glad to have found this article, as grandparents raising grand daughters I have seen myself making some of these scenarios, and to have insights as to how to help avoid them is appreciated. When used in combination with other ADHD treatments, these can be helpful in eliminating bad behavior.
Point out that your child has broken house rules, but explain that you’re angry, so you are not going to discipline him right now. You explode: “I can’t take it anymore!”– then go silent, not talking to your children at all. If you tend to use silence to point out that your child isn’t following a necessary rule, such as putting on his seat belt, Lynn suggests the “book trick.” Stash a novel in your purse for those times you ask your child to buckle his seat belt, and he refuses. However, Kolari says, “Sometimes we get into parental numbness; we’ve yelled and it doesn’t work, and we’re sitting there ignoring the issue. Check it regularly, and when it starts climbing, take a mini break to get yourself back together.

They’re tricks our parents (and their parents before) may have used to ensure we sat still in church or were “good” in front of company.
Stress that they’ve chosen the consequence you laid out, and be sure to follow through with it.
You just have to say, ‘every time you do that, you’re going to sit and think.’” That’ll pause your child’s unwanted behaviour and give her a chance to settle down. Many provinces and municipalities offer parenting education resources, including the Manitoba Positive Parenting Program and Saskatchewan’s free Healthy Parenting Home Study Program.
While the sudden stoppage of communication may cease the bickering, the silent treatment makes kids uncomfortable.
It’s damaging because it shows your kids there’s no structure or anyone actually doing anything.” Not to mention, it doesn’t actually discourage unwanted behaviour, such as whining. My Mom was always pretty busy with cleaning, cooking, and her desires being fulfilled as a mother, home maker, etc. The more modern approach is to help your child develop a moral compass and the emotional intelligence she needs to decide for herself what constitutes good behaviour in a variety of different situations, and without you hovering over her (or yelling reminders).
Next thing you know, you’re saying, “That’s it–no more TV for the rest of the month.” And you’re confident it’ll work, because your little monkey always uses his A+ behaviour in desperate hopes you won’t really take that TV away. She doesn’t have to be banished to another room; if you prefer, the spot could be on your lap or next to you. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. Then, a goal is set for a certain number of points to be earned in order to obtain a reward. For your child, “the naughty spot is like serving a sentence: You’ve been found guilty and you’re going to jail,” says Lynn. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email.
Behaviors can be worth more points than others depending on their severity, but be sure to note how much each behavior is worth in the box it is listed.Although these can be used with all children regardless of whether they have signs of ADHD, be careful using them with children with a child behavior problem that may escalate into severe aggressive behavior when losing points.
In addition, putting your child in a naughty spot can evolve into power struggles between the two of you, with you focusing more on making sure she’s staying put than the lesson you hope she’ll learn.

You may have better luck downloading a printable reward chart focused only on positive behaviors.You will need adobe reader to download the ADHD behavior charts. If you’re angry and are shutting out your child to “get back” at him, Lynn says you need to find a different approach. Perhaps I was just imagining it but I don’t really remember her asking what I wanted for dinner or for dessert.
When she made this one particular thing I hated, she got mad when I asked her what I could eat instead because I didn’t like it. But, the great thing was, was that she cared enough to make beautiful meals and always have our cloths done and folded in our drawers. When I think about this questions, I’m realizing that yes, indeed she was doing that. Even though the attention seemed negative and I felt shame in time out, it was still attention that I guess I must have needed. Another way to love your children is to establish morals about how you expect them to treat others in the family and in school. Tell their teacher that you would like to know if your child is teasing or making fun of other children in school and you can tell the bus driver as well. Let your children know that their moral behavior is very important to you as well as their grades in school. There is so much I learned from my mistakes and through how I perceived things as a child and I want to pass them on to you. Grace in troubles and temptation, which is sufficient in our weaknesses and his divine promises to help give us peace and escape the corruption in the world through lusts.

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