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I currently have an 8 year old child with autism in my class who has not peed or poohed in the toilet before. When we take him to the toilet, we refer him to the visual schedule, so he must look at the symbol and then follow through that action. It has been 1 month since I wrote this post and 2 months since we started toilet training and I am happy to say that the child is now urinating in the toilet and also requesting to use the toilet through symbol or sign! The consistency of undergoing the same process of using the visual symbols and waiting for the child to do each step as well as modelling key signs and language have been a great help. In my class we try to time when the student goes after drinking or eating (say 20 minutes) and then attempt to get the student to the toilet prior to that time (go at 15) in hopes of catching them. Toilet training seat is made of easy-to-clean polypropylene, with a removable basin for quick clean-up. Potty seat is stable and safe, with skid-proof step, non-slip handles, extra-wide floor grippers, and non-slip rubber insert. It’s a self-standing floor potty, an on-the-toilet seat with built-in step stool, and a non-slip, child-size toilet seat. He is a bright, non verbal child who definitely has an understanding of when we is doing a pee or poo and so, this made me eager to help him get him out of nappies as soon as possible.
In fact, he is holding it in all day and over the last 4 weeks he has urinated in his pants only about 3 times.

There are many common mistakes which a child can do, so it is necessary that you can give proper training to your children.
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To start with, I made him the following visual schedule, which I made using free symbols from the website Visual Aids for Learning (see my post on free symbol resource websites here). The physical prompts were then gradually reduced to verbal and gestural prompts as the child began doing more himself. This is most likely because he has been so used to doing a wee and poo in his nappy and now that the nappy has gone, he is holding it in. We are 4 weeks in and he is doing these steps with mostly no physical prompts and just a simple verbal or gestural prompt for each step. My next plan of action is to show him some more visuals of using the toilet and hopefully catching a wee in the toilet soon.
We have been taking him to the toilet at very regular intervals throughout the day (on his visual timetable) and he has access at all times to a toilet symbol to request to use the toilet.
If your children did not know how to use the toilet, then trained them so that you will not face any embarrassing moment when you go outside your home.

This same routine is happening at home and he has the exact same visual schedule which is being used at home.
Good communication and consistency between home and school is very important for toilet training. The reward can either be the star which is pasted on the behavior chart or a treat which the child receives when enough stars are earned. Charts with only 10 steps usually work best with kids age 3 to 5 while older kids usually need around 20 steps. We offer a variety of free behavior charts which can easily be downloaded and printed.Why do behavior charts work?Positive reinforcement is the best way to encourage and maintain good behavior. Make sure that they understand how you would like them to behave and what kind of behavior will be rewarded with a star of sticker. The number of stars that the child needs to earn should be determined by the age of the child.

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