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Over 40 child labourers, many of them trafficked from States like Bihar and West Bengal, were rescued by authorities during raids in Delhi and Jalandhar.
Thirty-four child workers were rescued from Samaipur Badli and Alipur police station areas in the national capital. The operation was conducted by the labour department, Delhi Police and the activists of child rights NGO Bachpan Bachao Andolan, a BBA official said on Tuesday.
The children were working in different units such as steel polish, sweet shops, roadside restaurants and oil factories and they were trafficked from the States of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. In another rescue operation carried out in Jalandhar, Punjab, eight children working in a vegetable market were rescued. R S Chaurasia, Chairperson of BBA, said June 12 is going to be celebrated throughout the world as World Day against Child Labour.

Prior to 1885, American manufacturers would advertise in European newspapers as well as send agents to across the Atlantic to recruit foreigners. Picture taken in 2009 on the eve of World Day against Child Labour, in New Delhi A file photo: Sushil Kumar Verma. Most of them were brought by middleman who lured them with a better life in Delhi but when they reached here, they were forced into a life of labour. American agents would cleverly offer them to pay for their journey to Ellis Island, while others offered jobs and land under contract. They had to work for more than 10-12 hours without proper food and rest,” the official said. These children used to carry heavy vegetable sacks on their backs, having no time to sleep and take rest,” he said.

12 million immigrants had passed through the gates at Ellis Island nestled in the New York Harbor between 1842 and 1954. In 1885, Congress passed the Alien Contract Labor Law, putting an end to contractual labor of immigrants which left many Americans jobless. Old immigrants who had entered the country prior to the late 1800s often stereotyped the new immigrants and their lack of the English language. Immigrants replaced African-Americans and Native Americans, thus creating tension and a more profitable deal for manufacturers.

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