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But it seems Toddlers & Tiaras may have finally crossed the line, thanks in part to a pint-sized prostitute. Later on in the performance Paisley donned a demure brown dress similar to one the character wears later on in the film. I absolutely hate this show and all that it stands for these kids should be focused on having fun and being children rather than the fact they feel they must win or look the best at all times. I think the whole pageant culture is gross, and this is not any grosser than the make up, hairspray, fake tans, etc.
It is not the shows fault, the producers are not the ones dressing these girls it is their PARENTS!
I try my hardest to be a supportive person to other moms…even if I do not agree with their methods…but this angers me to no end! Well, their mothers are attention whores living their pageant dreams through their kids, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they dress their daughters like hookers. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just put the kids’ hair in a ponytail and send them out in little jeans? The first time I saw an ad for this show, it was of a mother having her baby girl in the kitchen sink, shaving her daughter’s legs!
So, it’s a crime to give your child a little spanking, but it’s ok to pluck her, shave her, wax her, sqeeze her into lingerie, air brush her, tan her, and display her for sickos at home who watch the show with their hands in their pants?! I mean, would Miss Angola have won the Miss Universe pageant if she had been wearing what was obviously a wig?
When I first saw this show being advertised I thought about Jon Bonet and what happened with her, If I had daughters this would be one of my biggest fears, is this just not a concern for TLC or the parents involved? I have no problems with these pageants as long as the outfits are appropriate for these little girls. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all of us you really recognize what you’re speaking about! ACE’s Multi-Axis Shaker Table – or MAST, for short – rigorously shook the phones in a transparent box, which was filled with nuts, bolts and even a hammer and other tools.
A couple of days ago, we reported about an apparent case of violence against children in which a British couple were accused of putting their 14-month-old daughter's safety in danger after they allegedly threw the baby into a hotel swimming pool during a holiday in Portugal.
James Moreland and Lee-Ann O’Donoghue have been accused of being too drunk to look after their little girl and acting disorderly during their stay at the four-star Hotel Paraiso in Albufeira.
The couple told the Daily Mail they were on their first family holiday together since the baby's birth when the infant was taken into emergency care by Portuguese police. The discovery of the Higgs boson is so fresh that the exhibit in Cern's museum has not yet been updated.
On 15 October, a group of theologians, philosophers and physicists came together for two days in Geneva to talk about the Big Bang.
Cern's co-organiser of this unusual meeting of minds was Wilton Park - a global forum set up by Winston Churchill. Charles Darwin, who could be said to have sparked the religion v science debate, struggled with his own faith.
Andrew Pinsent is research director at the University of Oxford's Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion. Despite the barrier of opposing world views and incompatible lexicons, Dr Pinsent believes that engaging with philosophy could help science to better address the very big questions. A major inquiry is under way after an EgyptAir passenger jet suddenly vanished from radar screens over the southern Mediterranean. Amazon is opening the doors to its first real book store in Seattle at 9.30AM tomorrow morning.
LIKECOOL is a web based gadget magazine, we are looking for coolest gadgets, design, tech and more. Their not twisting the parents arms and their not the ones dressing up the little girls and im sure they had to get permission to film the little girl and put her on tv.

I understand the mothers intention at the fact that this movie made Julia Roberts who she is but at the same time no one has a problem in teen girls older than this girl struting herself in a bikini. Personally I found the little girl (I think that one was 4?) with a stuffed chest playing Dolly Parton was just a uncouth if not more than this one. Bad judgement on the mom for even choosing this character, bad judgement on TLC for even airing it. I could not care less, and to be honest the mother probably dress her child in that outfit to get attention, and by giving them this attention, your just encouraging other pageant moms to dress their daughters in hooker outfits.
This child that has had ZERO choices or options in her life is now being paraded around as a sex object (a HOOKER for goodness sake). She did this for SHOCK value and to get attention, because she is a sick person (same reason she forces her kid to do these awful pageants).
Hopefully by that point I will have instilled that properness in them…AAARRRGGHHHH SO FRUSTRATED BY THIS WOMAN!!! I wonder what these pageant kids think about all this when they look back on it as teens or as adults?
Seems to me you should be judging kids natural hair and natural skin and natural smiles and natural clothes. Beauty pageant mom’s are completely responsible for letting their daughters strut around like this and act as much as an adult as possible.
I can see all these angry mom’s out there but the ones yelling the most are the ones watching this show.
After the news about the baby being seized by police spread across media, her parents decided to come forward and tell their side of the story.
However, the couple firmly denied the allegations made by hotel staff and other holidaymakers, who told authorities the mother was seen staggering around with the baby on an eighth-floor hotel balcony. The police told us they had acted like they did, that they had been heavy-handed, because of the Madeleine McCann effect.
Moreland was beaten by police and say that money was stolen from them during the apparently unjustified assault. O’Donoghue staggering around and bumping into walls with the little girl in her arms on the balcony, but the couple explained that their room does not overlook the hotel pool but a car park, so the woman could not possibly have been seen. In the exhibit - a short film that projects images of the birth of the Universe onto a huge screen - the narrator poses the question: "Will we find the Higgs boson"?Now that the Higgs has finally been spotted - a scientific discovery that takes us closer than ever to the first moments after the Big Bang - Cern has opened its doors to scholars that take a very different approach to the question of how the Universe came to exist. So what happened when people of such different - very different - views of the Universe came together to discuss how it all began? It is an organisation usually associated with high-level discussions about global policy and even confidential exchanges on matters of international security, which perhaps emphasises how seriously Cern is taking this exchange.
Georges Lemaitre was also professor of physics at the Catholic University of Louvain when, in 1931, he proposed in an academic paper that the expanding universe must have originated at a finite point in time. Darwin trained as an Anglican parson and, in his diaries from explorations on his ship, the Beagle, even referred to himself as "quite orthodox". I got this story from TV.During the baby's first days out of the hospital, Patten and Steadman spent their time caring for the baby and playing Saints Row II.
The media wants us to look down on this mother because they can’t find any other news to report and are trying to make a controversy out of nothing. That girl you have posted above the article looks like an overly done up 40 year old woman, in the not attractive sense. I never thought about the inappropriateness of it then or thought of girls being sexualized.
Apparently this woman doesn’t realize there are millions of sick pedophiles doing god knows what to these pictures of her innocent baby girl. Do any of them get sick of it and resent mom dressing them up like dolls rather than treating them like people? Putting wigs and tons of makeup and crazy costumes doesn’t make the kid cute, the kid still looks the same.

I agree these girls need to be girls and play and if they want to be competitive there is sports, dance or other hobbies they can pursue to give them other perspective in life.
If it offends you so much quite watching the show the ratings will drop and the show will get cancelled. And im pretty sure Julia Roberts would be appalled at such a costume for a little girl such as herself. They said the case had been very bad for them and that they had to be very careful when it came to the welfare of British children on holiday,” Mrs. After having spent three nights in hospital, the child was finally returned to her parents on Tuesday.
His religious interests were as important to him as his science, and he served as president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences from 1960 until his death in 1966. He says this is partly because science in isolation "is very good for producing stuff" but not so good for producing ideas.
I’ve yet to actually see one child that doesnt have an all out hissy fit b4 the show is over. This poor child is going to grow up someday and be ticked off that all the adults in this situations (mom and network) allowed it to happen. Do they go along with the mother’s glamour dreams and hope to live up to it or are they allowed at some point to choose their own lives? As parents we are supposed to be protecting our children, teaching them and loving and taking care of them.
I found that picture disgusting and I do agree that you would have to be pretty blind not to see how short some girls are starting to wear their skirts or how they want to grow up so fast instead of just being what they are, a kid. John Lennox, professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford, is also a self-declared Christian.
For example, he explains, "philosophers have been discussing the meaning of [the word] truth for centuries".But for many physicists, it is uncomfortable territory to use that word when talking about what we know about the Universe and the Big Bang. I'll have to work extra hard at school." Chantelle looked up from 18-rated action game Saints Row II to admit her first night out of hospital since having 7lb 3oz daughter Maisie had been tough and had left her "in a daze". Who in their right mind would dress their child up in a costume where the character is a prostitute.
That’s a reality that those parents are ignoring in order to make money off their children. I know I don’t like losing, but to literally throw a tantrum and take it out on the kids is aweful.
I seen this mom put her kid in daisy duke shorts and tied yellow shirt just under her breast and cowboy boots.
Prof Krauss says that the word is at the heart of "one of the fundamental differences between science and religion". Yes i watch this show and I saw this episode and i agreed with the mom that did not like it at all. I would never put fake tan, flippers, or make-up on my daughter yet she is still entered in pageants and wins. It is the character in the movie that everyone is mad about or the fact that she dressed her like a hooker. Well, that little girl in that skimpy cowgirl outfit was just as bad nobody is complaining about that. Prof Heuer said he wanted the participants to "develop a common understanding" of one another's viewpoints.
But even exchanging ideas was, at times, tricky; scientists and philosophers often speak a very different language.

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