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Development: When will your child be ready?The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends a child-oriented approach to toilet training.
Involve your child in tossing out unused diapers (much like we throw out junk food when we decide to eat healthfully).
Stay close by and monitor his expressions and remind him of the potty’s existence and purpose.

Most children develop bowel and bladder control somewhere between 24 and 48 months, but the muscles surrounding the opening of the bladder and bowel begin to mature around 18 months.
Reading potty training books geared toward little ones will help your tyke understand what they are about to embark upon.- Bring your child to help pick out his or her potty to build excitement. They key message to get across is that she needs to try her best to stay dry.Download PDF of Thomas potty training chart.

Colourful ones with their favourite cartoon character will make them excited to shed the diaper.- Set up a reward system.

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