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From the outhouse to the White House, the best toilet brushes never bristle when it comes to cleaning the latrine. The Ballo Toilet Brush was designed for Normann Copenhagen by Jozeph Forakis, an alumnus of Domus Academy in Milan and the Rhode Island School of Design.
You don’t have to be One-Eyed Willie to own the Skull Head Toilet Brush Set but no Goonie geek worth his doubloons would be caught without one. Anthropomorphic products are appealing to some, off-putting to others and the Pinocchio Toilet Brush is definitely one of those love-it-or-hate-it items.
The KaKaK Toilet Brush comes in your choice of black, white, blue, pink and brown (of course). Does your toilet’s criminally encrusted condition call for a special kind of cleaning agent? It takes a pair of big brass ones to dub your new toilet brush “Toilet Brush,” as if any and all other such devices are suddenly, hopelessly irrelevant, and Japanese housewares company Marna seems to have ’em. How does Marna know their brand new Toilet Brush will please their target market of finicky Japanese housewives? Suggestions ranged from incising grooves on the handle to help secure the grip, using both hard and soft bristles on the brush, and engineering a floating holder design that keeps the brush head high & dry between uses. Like a giant-sized Swiss Army knife, this narrow column unfolds to reveal everything your bathroom could need - a NASA-worthy, space-age modular design idea.
Add liquor, chocolates, hangover remedies and summaries of business card etiquette to your stable of survival supplies with these 12 designer emergency kits. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
With the Biobot consuming just 10% of the energy used by conventional dryers and offering a huge 98.5% saving over using paper towels there are significant cost savings. By teaching children the benefits of using energy saving products they can help to reduce their carbon footprint from an early age.

Combining carefully engineered ergonomics and sometimes surprising style to produce spotless results where it counts the most, these 15 concept designer toilet brushes won’t drop the ball when you drop a deuce. As the latter was where the members of Talking Heads first met, it’s really no surprise Ballo (which means “dancing” in Italian) merrily wobbles around the bathroom thanks to its atypically rounded base.
The set includes a “life sized skull” and the matching handle (topped with a voodoo-mini-skull) detaches so replacing a worn-out toilet brush is as easy as plundering an unarmed merchant frigate. Modeled after a songbird sitting prettily on a tree branch, the design employs a second faux branch to act as a hanger for the handle thus suspending the toilet brush and keeping the brush head high & dry. His FRAGILE Toilette Brush cleverly masks a functional toilet brush within a plastic shell modeled after an upside-down wine glass.
Designed by London-based industrial designer Ross Lovegrove for the Turkish brand VITRA, the WC Brush Holder exhibits a smooth, rounded shape that works well with today’s organic inspired appliances. Then again, one might say the design speaks for itself and any description would be redundant… not to mention repugnant. Made from molded polypropylene, the in-your-face design makes sure you make no mistake when fumbling for your toothbrush after not getting enough sleep the previous night. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni in 1993, Merdolino turns the humble toilet brush from a utilitarian object to a decorative accessory. Let ’em rip, ’cause the $525 Rock Star Toilet Brush Holder has entered the building! Then there are the dogs who see “toilet brush” and think “big white bone!” German designer Peter Praktisch has a solution, one that will be very familiar to anyone who’s tried to remove a child-proof cap off a bottle of pills.
Then call on WC7, the electric toilet brush whose orders are “shoot to clean.” Designed by Francesco Castiglione Morelli with Annamaria Carelli, this is one polishing potty pistol that will leave even the most evilly stained commode shaken AND stirred. Once installed, take careful aim and pull the trigger… the spinning brush head will eradicate those stains faster than Don Corleone erases his competition.
They asked them, of course: the company brought in 200 average housewives and asked them how the humble toilet brush could be improved.

Now if only they could re-design the toilet itself so toilet brushes aren’t necessary, suggested one Marna employee just before he was, er, canned.
Ideal for those social media addicts (and you know who you are) who can’t resist “tweeting” anywhere and anytime. Of course, should you overindulge on the bubbly and find yourself driving the porcelain bus, a wine glass is probably the LAST thing you want to see. Named and designed after Skittles, the old European sport ancestral to bowling, this sleek and slender organically curved toilet brush allows you to strike and stains, sparing no messes. Designer Windisch Nameek plated an otherwise unremarkable toilet brush handle and cylindrical holder in 24-karat gold for the very commonsensical reason that pure gold won’t corrode, pit or tarnish. The clever lads at MAKE Projects combined a classic barbershop glass Barbasol container with a standard toilet brush to create this awesome self-disinfecting toilet brush & holder that ends up being much more than just the sum of its parts. It was a smart move and besides, who’s gonna tell 200 housewives they’re wrong? Er, you might not want to store your combs in there once it’s been re-purposed and used, though.
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