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Step 1: Misinterpret 1 year old repeating words like “poopy” and “pee-pee” as cues you should start potty training early. Step 2: Buy overpriced, musical potty featuring rave-style flashing lights, in the hopes your darling will be dazzled into ditching diapers.
In my opinion the child should be introduced to the potty at 18-20 months and if done consistently child will be potty trained around 2. Surprisingly both of my girls who are now 13 and 9, we’re going to the bathroom and wearing panties (during the day) at 18 months.
With my oldest I planned on starting when he was 2 and a half as day care was going to be closed so we would home together for a full week, but a 2 I started to put him on the potty the moment he woke in the morning to get him used to it and by the 4th morning he asked to use it.
My first 2 (boy and girl) didn’t potty train till they were a little over 3 years old. I have 7 kids and I can assure you that moms who are potty training their babies are in fact, training themselves. When we only had our first (she was maybe 8 months) I babysat my hubby ‘ s cousins daughter for a week. We try to be vigilant when picking up after our dog but sometimes you just miss one – and it could have disastrous consequences.
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The former governor of Alaska, 50, posted a trio of photos to her Facebook page Thursday, which featured her 6-year-old son, Trig, who has Down Syndrome, standing atop the black pooch in an attempt to reach the sink so he could help wash the dishes. Despite the inspirational spirit of the post, the images earned the ire of certain members of the animal-rights community.
However, the onetime vice-presidential nominee also had her supporters – who cheered her son and blasted the critics. In reality, the child has probably just overheard these oh-so-darling designations from older siblings. Make loud “ooh” and “ahhh” sounds in an effort to convince child that sitting on this foreign object is totally awesome!
I believe this is a more reasonable stage at which to expect a child to understand when, and how to use a toilet properly. While he was a lot easier than some of the other stories I have heard he was tougher than his sister.

My my son who will be 3 in January sometimes pees in the toilet, sometimes pees in the yard, but mostly pees in his pull-up. Got a small potty for $7.00 and put them on every 20 min after feedings and whenever they looked like they were pushing to go. My second 2 (also a boy and girl) essentially potty trained themselves shortly after they turned 2. Not how to teach children to respect animals," wrote one of more than 13,000 people who commented on her post. Ask yourself: Is it really logical to think someone who tries to eat mulch, can be potty trained?
She was an easy baby and potty trained no issue and less than 5 accidents that first year none of which were poop accidents.
It took about 2 weeks of peeing on the floor about half the time, but we just stuck with it and eventually he figured it out. But I think some 18 month-olds could get it, and certainly by age 2.5, unless we make them nervous.
My eldest was completely dry in the morning from about 14 months and in underwear by 18 months. Stop holding your kiddo over a potty and get down on the floor and PLAY, sing, read books…Children are all different. But we began the process of learning how to use the toilet this week, and I cannot wait to share our experience with you. We had some regression a few months later where he was too busy to pee in the potty, but we got over that quickly. I was thinking they were right, but now on day 3 with no pee or poo accidents at all and dry nights I’m so glad I waited.
I accepted the fact that I’d have to pull him out of line during his highschool graduation to stretch out the back of his diaper and look for poo.
In my case I blame myself for my 2yr old not being fully trained because I also have a 6month old baby girl and it’s hard to focus on the baby, house duties and potty training all at the same time. He had a fantastic Cars themed potty, and a plain ordinary one when he seemed too scared of the Cars one. My oldest two boys were 3, my daughter was poop trained before she was 2 but pee was closer to 3.

That’s why we can all relate, even if only a little, to the mental turmoil the child in the video above is experiencing.
So, with no further ado, I would like to offer these easy-to-follow instructions for how to potty train your 1 year old, in just 15 degrading steps.
He told me monday morning he wanted undies (freaked in the past when even suggest) and has not wanted a diaper since!
The most of an attempt I made after that was taking it reeeeallly slooowww when changing him, making him aware of the fact that if he had just gone on the toilet he’d be done and playing again by now. By the time he was three he was too big to sit on either one, so we got a small seat to put on our big toilet. I have another daughter who kept taking her diaper off herself and going potty before she was 2. Well I have learned after potty training 8 children if they don’t get it the first week they are not ready. You just have to ditch the diapers and pull ups, cancel plans for a couple days, and be really vigilant. A one-year-old goes potty when he wakes up, before he eats, after he eats, before you go outside, on the playground, when you come home and so on… This routine is not for lazy or busy people. Engage with your babies and toddlers where it matters and you will be fully aware of when they are ready to be toilet trained. Just key them go buck naked from bottom down and run them ti the potty when they start to go. We’ve had a few accidents with pee here and there, but other than that, smooth sailing. Putting underwear on him only meant that I was doing a ton of extra laundry and cleaning up way more messes for a whole year.
Use undies with favorite characters as a reward (big kids who go in potty get to wear Minnie undies!

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