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In each case, cartoon strips provide opportunities to acquire and practice social interactions that meet them where they are at.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Smaranika Tripathy, consulting clinical and rehabilitation psychologist at Columbia Asia hospital and counsellor at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, suggests ways to bring up a happy and disciplined child. And when guests come, never discuss only his negative points — that he is bad in studies, or gets punished in school or takes ages to eat. Another child coming home spells trouble as there is no way your child will play with him and let him touch his playthings. If a child is refusing to share things, it shows either his insecurity of losing things or his ignorance of the concept of sharing. As the child’s cognition of his own emotions is limited, he may be sad, irritated or anxious, but it will all come out through bouts of aggression. It takes hours and an infinite amount of patience to chase him around the house and make him eat. The child throws a tantrum at the time of going to school and on being dragged there, howls so much in class that teachers complain. The solution: Many schools have introduced the practice of a parent accompanying the kid to school for the first week. This is differentiation at its best.Using Cartoon Strip InteractionsNot everyone can draw, so I have created resources for you to use. It could be that the child feels that this is the only way to catch the attention of the parent. If the child is engrossed in watching TV, parents should be careful that he does not end up over-eating. To get a child used to leaving a familiar environment and spending time with strangers, take him to school a few days before classes begin.

For children who have difficulty with Acquisition, The cartoon strip offers very explicit, visual, step by step information on how to interact. The cartoon strips have four to six boxes, and have pictures of the people participating in the interactions. If he is produced before guests and asked to answer routine questions or sing or recite, he is not being given time to adjust to the situation. It will branch out from parents to grandparents, to friends and neighbours and even include the milkman and newspaper vendor with their roles clearly defined. A mother needs to understand a child’s emotional control pattern just as she understands his food or sleep pattern.
For a child with difficulty with Performance, writing the interaction phrases in the bubbles creates practice that will enhance performance. I am offering a range of interactions: requests, greetings, initiating social interactions, and negotiations. In imposing our wish on him, we are not evaluating his wish whether he wants to speak or not.
You can even record on a video recorder as he practises singing and get yourself recorded doing so too. If the child is trying to hit you, don’t hit back as the child will learn to hit back as well. Many parents complain that when they try to feed a child after the prescribed gap of three hours, he refuses to look at the food. Show him the school bag, water bottle and tiffin box and tell him he would use all these when he starts going to school. Finally, for children who have not attained Fluency, the Cartoon strip will give them opportunities to build fluency and mentor children who are still acquiring the skills.
I also offer these across milieux: many children do not understand that we interact differently with an adult, especially an unfamiliar adult or an adult in authority, than we do with a peer in an informal social situation.

The role of the parents is crucial as they are the ones who have to teach a child how to socialise.
These nuances need to be pointed out and students need to learn criteria to figure out the unwritten social conventions.Introduce the concepts: What is a request, or an initiation? If you admire the way he looks while reciting or singing, the confidence will be an encouragement for him to open up before others.
If your daughter is playing with dolls, the mother can enter the game, introducing the concept of there being two or more children among whom the mock-food has to be shared.
Such a reward for indisciplined behaviour would send the message that this is what is needed to be done to get his way.
If a child comes back from school faking a stomach ache, do not let him watch TV or give him his favourite food.
Generate a number of different ideas, and write them on chart paper where you can refer to them again, later. Do that count to 5 or 6, or do they stare?Proximity: Did they stand a good distance for a friend, a stranger, or an adult?Voice and pitch: Was their voice loud enough?
Were their shoulders turned to the person they were addressing?Teach Feedback Skills: Typical kids have trouble with this, since in general, teachers are not very good at giving or receiving constructive criticism.
Acquire new skills at making requests, initiation conversations and interaction, engage students in conversations, and become more social creatures in their own setting.

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