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We’ve done a lot of rock arts and crafts in our home, but we have yet to make story stones.
I’ve seen story stones made with acrylic paint, fabric collage, magazine collage, Sharpie oil-based paint pens, and Sharpie permanent markers.
If you’re looking for ideas on how to use your story stones, check out these story stone task cards, written for use in a classroom, but great for home as well. By the way, if you like the idea of story stones, but don’t want to make your own, there are some amazing ones available on Etsy. This is how our community is using rocks…we are making them into Love Rocks and spreading Love in Joy. Not the same as picturesd above, but you can get a mesh bag of smooth black rocks from the dollarstore. I followed you here from Tinkerlab and realized that it was your book the Artful Parent that I recently purchased. This site contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from suggested companies.
Students at the University of Pittsburgh can embark on international adventures in the classroom and beyond through Pitta€™s University Center for International Studies (UCIS). The Asian Studies Center has been designated since 1988 as an undergraduate National Resource Center in East Asian Studies by the U.S.
Since 1964, Pitt has been committed to a Latin American studies program of unique depth and richness.
CLAS is designated as a comprehensive National Resource Center on Latin America by the U.S. The Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh (REES) is an interdisciplinary academic center focusing on central and eastern Europe and the successor states of the Soviet Union. In the fallout from civil unrest in Liberia, a child is stolen and forced into war camp in the thick, green arms of the jungle. The Global Studies Program promotes interdisciplinary and cross-cultural learning and research on critical world issues. The IBC was one of the initial five national resource Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), funded by the U.S. Maxima Visions Production Company - Production in Texas:MAXIMA VISIONS FILMS BELIEVESNew in 2012! We are seeking now those residents in Middle Tennessee, those individuals who have such experience. To celebrate a 70th birthday, a couple chose a Casablanca theme in an homage to their favorite movie.
Each table was different and had white tablecloths, wood bistro chairs, and a mixture of Moroccan lanterns and candles. Guests gambled at a roulette table and noshed on tray-passed Moroccan-influenced hors d’oeuvres such as mini crab cakes with harissa remoulade, smoked salmon on potato pancakes with cardamom cre?me fraiche, lamb meatballs with tomato and minted yogurt dipping sauce, and spanakopita. Samantha Sackler and Tammy Morgan Ratner's new social event production firm Social (a division of Samantha Sackler Productions) produced a destination 50th birthday party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that treated guests to a weekend filled with events. At the end of the evening at the 50th birthday party in Mexico, a fireworks display was coordinated to the honoree's favorite songs. Sackler and Ratner's Social also produced a winter-wonderland-theme child's birthday party that created a snowy look and feel in Los Angeles. The Washington area's Events In the City designed a Great Gatsby-theme 30th birthday party for an intimate 38 guests with a cake done in 1920's-inspired designs. Events In the City's design details included mini handmade gold sparkly swizzle sticks in champagne saucers. Maria Menounos recently celebrated her birthday with a luau theme at her home in Hollywood, sponsored by C.
A custom-designed ice sculpture positioned in the center of the entrance held champagne glasses in the round with a Krug jeroboam centered and elevated for all to see. During New York's annual citywide design celebration, the hummus brand partnered with an experiential artist for a unique food installation. These last ones aren’t technically story stones, but could easily be used for storytelling and for talking about feelings and expressions. I recommend products that I use and love myself or that I think would be a helpful resource for you. UCIS is a Universitywide organization that encompasses various specializations in international studiesa€”including the Asian Studies Center, Center for Latin American Studies, Russian and East European Studies Center, and the European Union Center of Excellence and European Studies Center. The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) has become internationally recognized for excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and professional education and outreach. Department of Education, and as such plays a vital role in fostering scholarship and teaching on this region. It highlights issues of applied public policy and the process of European political, economic, and legal integration.
The program develops global competence in students, educators, and members of the community at large. Katz Graduate School of Business and the University Center for International Studies, the International Business Center (IBC) is a unique resource that develops, operates, and supports programs designed to build international competence and expertise in business students, faculty, and practitioners and help businesses enhance their international competitiveness. Department of Education to bring global thinking to faculty and students at select institutions. Now, all of the production capabilities possible at our home office in Nashville Tennessee & Norfolk Virginia is possible in the great state of Texas. We are seeking not only actors who have done major speaking roles, but also full production crews, from producers, directors, script and screen writers, Dpa€™s, lighting personnel, electric, set decorators, hair and make-up artist, editors, to those with experience in marketing and distribution. Infusing the dining space with color, JOWY’s design included cobalt blue plates, colored tea glasses for wine, and Moroccan platters and salt and pepper dishes. Marissa Mayer recently celebrated her 38th birthday on the San Francisco Bay's Treasure Island with a beach boardwalk theme.
A custom-designed treat display offered sweets—and real snow allowed for sledding activities.
Pitt is one of fewer than 20 institutions nationwide to have four or more programs recognized as National Resource Centers by the U.S. This distinction identifies the center as being among the best and most comprehensive in the country in research, public service, and teaching about East Asia. It offers students multidisciplinary academic training programs of the highest quality that complement a degree in a discipline or profession. REES faculty are not only from the humanities and social sciences, the traditional academic homes of area studies scholarship, but also from the professional schools such as business, law, education, public health, and public and international affairs. Drawing on the resources of the centers, both undergraduate and graduate students at Pitt are able to learn about Europe from a linguistic, literary, artistic, historical, economic, political, sociological, legal, and public policy perspective.
GSP offers certificate programs, academic colloquia, seminars, events, and research and grant opportunities for students and faculty.More than 300 Pitt faculty members are affiliated with the program. Please see home page and services page to see services that are now also available in Texas.NOW SEEKING ANYONE WITH MAJOR PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE & PROFESSIONAL ACTORS AND ACTRESSES IN TEXAS!
We need to put together two complete production crews to enable us to always have at least one film in pre-production, one in production and one in post year round. JOWY turned the front yard into a Moroccan lounge decorated with seating groups, pillows, tables, glass lamps, and hookah pipes evocative of the North African locale. A huge tent housed a massive sand castle decked with beachy props and entertainment, according to Business Insider.

The weekend included activities like poolside cocktails and beachside volleyball tournaments.
The centera€™s mandate is to promote an enhanced understanding of the nations of East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands through exceptional undergraduate and graduate academic programs, strong interdisciplinary faculty development, and energetic community outreach.
Students who choose to combine multidisciplinary Latin American area and language training with a degree in a traditional discipline or profession strengthen the applicability of their CLAS education. REES provides support for faculty and student research in the region, including undergraduate research. Each academic year, they teach hundreds of courses on global themes in more than 75 departments and school. Over the years, IBC has used grants to fund faculty research, study abroad scholarship and programs, international business conferences, foreign language instruction, and other important international ventures. With these exceptional centers providing students with certificates and life-changing study abroad opportunities, Pitt is recognized as a leading institution in international scholarship and education worldwide.
The center is also home to Pitta€™s Confucius Institute, which is sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education's Office of Chinese Language Council International. The teaching expertise and research specializations within CLAS encompass all of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and many of the English-speaking countries. More recently, the IBC has developed programs for business and engineering students to study in Brazil, Chile, Germany, China, and India. One of the nationa€™s leading labs of its type, PEEL invites economists to test theories by using simple economic decision-making experiments. Randall Maxwell, who brings his 35 years experience in Hollywood and Wilmington NC in the film industry to Nashville to direct this Nashville Operation.
Pitta€™s Eduardo Lozano Latin American Library Collection is one of the top 10 Latin American collections in the United States. From designing new mechanisms to increasing charitable giving to testing auction theory, PEEL has 40 computer workstations and three servers allow for a broad range of instructional or research applications. A A If you are one of those individuals who already have the professional experience necessary to produce quality films and television productions, now is the time to get your working resumes to us to be considered working for our company. The prescription medications Kelli uses to relieve her insecurities change both twins lives forever.Over the course of several years, Kellis drug dependency grows. Kelli comes close to dying several times from overdoses -- accidental and intentional -- leading to many stays in psychiatric facilities. You may want to scrawl down past the next several paragraphs, as they pertain to our professional training. Darla struggles to convince the doctors her twins irrational behavior started only after they began pumping her full of powerful anti-psychotic drugs. The same applies to anyone interested in securing us for any of your professional production needs. Not that you must come to work for us, as after training you will be more than qualified with professional training, as you will have actually worked on at least four real feature films in your chosen discipline that you can put on your resume, that you can practically chose the production company you want to work for anywhere in the US or abroad. You may choose the discipline of acting, producing, directing, script & screen writing, editing, business of film making, basic film production, camera operator, director of photography, animation, any discipline within the collaborative art of film making. These are conservative figures and take no considerations for attaching a star to this film in making the film a success. This is a two year certificate program with the top 50% of our graduating class being offered a two year paid internship with our production company, giving you a working resume in your chosen discipline where you can continue working for Maxima Vision Films or choose practically any other production company within the US or abroad. However, we feel the very story is strong enough on its own merit to assure success of distribution of this film, especially considering the number of qualitydistribution outlets available to film makers today.
We feel certain with the budget of this film being so low, and the quality of story being so good, there is no reason we cannot at least double an investors return on their investment, but quite likely to earn a substantial return.We cannot guarantee the financial success of this venture.
These workshops also get you working immediately with our professionals who are making movies each and every day. These workshops can be either taken over weekends, camps, taken one day a week at 3 hour classes, or two days at 1 hour and half, both of which you will also be involved in a three hour workshop on the weekend at our production facilities. Frankly, the overriding qualification for prospective investors in this or similar projects is that they must be fully accredited, and able to lose all or part of their investment, incurring no significant financial damage as a result of loss. That said, we can guarantee thatMaxima Visions Films and Productions has developed and sold compelling stories with universal relevance, and has assembled a team of production professionals who are completely dedicated to, and competent in,delivery of a high quality product.As entertainment appetites and accessibility grows, the industry is begging for high quality product to fill the ever-increasing demands. Given current worldwide economic conditions, the entertainment industry stands virtually alone as a growth industry.
If you are an aspiring actor, you need to at the very least know how to prepare for a casting interview, as you only have one shot in this business to get it right!A Do you know how much work goes into the production of a film or television production?
This is an absolute in this business & like preparing you for a casting interview, these are all a part and included in any of our camps, workshops and classes.If you are an aspiring actor?
Maxwell is going to be spending so much time here, to do a large amount of productions here in Texas, as opposed to traveling to either the east or west coast.
Remember, a demo reel is just what the name implies, it is a demo of your acting abilities. At your own school or church, we can even make available a after school program for the cost of basically any other after school program, but you are learning what you are passionate about, making movies. Randall Maxwell will act as the Executive producer on any of these projects.This particular investment group has chosen to use the same success formula Dr.
Each of these programs will ultimately produce a short student film that you may use on your resume for your chosen discipline, entered into competition with other Christian schools and churches in our upcoming 2015 film festival. Maxwell used back in his secular film production days, which is basically, production by the numbers. What this means is simple; with the number of quality venues of distribution now available if one can keep a production fewer than 3 million dollars, one is practically assured to at least break even on a film, if the story has any merit what so ever. This means, they especially like projects where they spread their risk, that they simply match dollar for dollar of the projects budget. We are not interested in the number of times you have had an extra spot in a film, or even a speaking role in a student film at some film school. We do already have two projects which this investment group has expressed interest in producing in Texas. As mentioned, we are as committed to quality product, films that will help to shape our culture positively, as we are to hiring as much local talents as possible. We are absolutely committed to producing such quality that in the near future that anyone who has any interest in producing a redemptive story idea, there is only one logical solution as to what company one is to come to for producing such a product, and that is Maxima Vision Films.
We feel after viewing how serious we are about those talents we hire above, you will realize how serious we are in producing for you the most professional production money can buy. During this scen her demmons rebel, crying out to her, it is them who are her friends, it is this pastor who is trying to manipulate her and take advantage of her. URGENT NEEDSAs already mentioned, in order for Maxima Visions Films to go past pre-production and go into actual production of films here in Texas, we have need of finding the talents needed to have at least two feature films going at any particular time. A A Come now to get involved in our celebration of our opening up our home office in Nashville, Tennessee.
If one has read our home page, you will find we also have serious interest in developing a film school as well, and we might just find that Texas is the ideal place to have such a school. Get involved now with a company who is committed to harnessing the power of the mediums of film and television to help shape our culture positively verses negatively, as Hollywood has for decades. Please see below the talents we are seeking immediately, and as you read through, please also consider if you would also like teaching on a collegiate level in our film school.
You may also call our Executive Producer at (757) 636-8163 to discuss your experience and any ideas you may have with him.

At present, we are seriously seeking those who have a very similar look to the photos below, as we are seeking to do trailers for each of the above films immediately and need those who look like the photos below. For Sister Surrendered we need almost an identical match, as the actor who we are seeking is a twin sister to Darla above.
In Rachels Grace we need a close look alike for Rachel at present age, and her as a child, a teen, then a 20 something.
Maxwell is also available in Texas to work as either a producer or consultant on any feature film production. He is also available to do most any kind of crew work, from script writing, producing, directing, and assisting in any phase of a film or television production.Dr.
Maxwell is also available to assist in teaching any area of film making;Are you interested in getting into film or television productions? Maxwell is certified and qualified to teach or tutor in many areas, especially Script Writing for film and televisionand producing, and directing. We offer either group workshops or private lessons.Do you have a story idea that you think is hot for the time and need help in the development of the story into a feature film script or television script, and finally have it made into a feature film or television production? MaxwellI would sincerely love to help any young person aspiring to break into the entertainment industry in any way I can. Before being called to the ministry back in 1999, I had spent most all of my adult life, 20+ years in the secular film industry. I have witnessed firsthand what a corrupt industry it can be, so, I would love to be able to coach a young person in ways to avoid some of the costly mistakes I made when I was young.Back in 1999 when first called to ministry, I had actually thought I would never again be involved in the film industry, as I could not see how ministry and the film industry could co-exist, because of the very nature of the industry. Had it not been for my desire to return to school so that I could teach on a collegiate level what I had done all my life, I would have never come to the conclusion I have today, that we can actually use this medium to shape our culture positively.
I came to realize that Satan has certainly used this most powerful medium to shape our culture to fit his agenda, so why couldnt we.
I had wanted to teach, so I did not have to take funds out of this ministry I had been called to live on.While back in school seeking my degree I came to realize more and more, just how much power this medium has to impact. I began to realize what more powerful medium could there be to at least share Gods message, to at least plant a seed to get a viewer to at least begin to seek truth, in hopes that they may find the real love Christ my Lord has for a hurting world. I hope to lead young film makers down the right paths, many of which I missed along the road during my secular days in film making. I hope to make such an impression that will inspire young people to realize that if they truly have some talent within the entertainment industry, that they at least owe it to our Lord to do it with all their heart for His ultimate glory!Talent & Model Management CompanyUn-Like so many other agencies! First and foremost, because our Talent and Model Management Company is actually married to our own production company, we will always strive to use as much of our own talents in our own productions as is possible to still keep the integrity of the production its self. By using our own talent for our own productions, this gives our talents actual work, which they can add to their resume.
This of course makes an individual talent more marketable for us to sell to other production companies. It has a domino effect.We are now taking resumes, head shots, and portfolio shots from any aspiring actors or models that are aspiring to get involved in the entertainment industry. Maxwell is here on assignment with the ministry he has been called, we feel that the ideal would be to find a property that both Maxima Visions Films and Hope Retreats International, which is Dr. AS a part of the program for troubled youth, there is an element of a work program, thus making as many students as needed to help around the studios as far as assistant, general house- keeping and maintenance of the areas, keeping cost down. We are also looking into working with the manufacturers of log homes and module homes, so as to use our facilities as model homes to use to market other homes in the area, thus bring in another source of income for the joint project.
The ministry is of course a non-profit venture as well, thus this could be used as an advantage in a joint venture to be able to write off most all losses.We have particular interest in both the production company and film school working as one identity. Secondly; A student intern makes for less expensive labor cost while benefiting the student at the same time, as the student can then put this on their professional resume as real work done.
To steal some of the thunder from the school page to demonstrate here the advantages of a student coming to our school verses a tradition college, we will add some of those benefits here.The greatest danger most of us face is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low and we reach it.
Many universities and film schools do a very good job in training their students in the art of film making, but then it is completely up to you to go out into this competitive world of film making to find your own job. First words that come out of your prospective employers mouth is; What experience do you have? Well, if you are like most, you have never done any actual work on a real film set, other than the few simple student films you did with your class mates in college.
Upon fulfilling that agreement you may be given a new contract or you may choose to go elsewhere, but at least now you will be going with a very real, producer, director, screen writer, actor or editors resume, and not just a resume stating all the things you did in film school.Because of the very nature of our school, we are only seeking the serious minded film makers, those who are willing to pay the price for excellence. In fact, our tuition is less than practically any other film school, and if you are serious and you are in at least your top 50% of your graduating class and you do receive the two year contract, your education actually cost you nothing, as the amount of money you make on your contract for two years will pay you back your tuition and you will have actually earned money for getting educated.Unfortunately, many who go to college to receive a degree in film making spend so much more time in studying every other subject that is required to get a degree, so little time is ever available to truly learn the craft of film making. This is not a school for those who have hopes of teaching film and television.By combining the school to the production company has many advantages to the production company as well. Many production companies during times when they themselves are not doing a production, the cost is the same and continues even in down time. With the school attached, there is always production going on.Finally, the source of income coming from tuition is a continuous source of income, even in down time in productions.
The production company can also make these students available to other production companies who lease our facilities. Not necessarily because we feel this is the ideal place to produce feature films, but because there is a much needed service needed here is our main reason for being here.
That service is, what our Executive Producer is here to accomplish.This whole area is in much need for a Christ centered resident recovery program for troubled youth.
Though this program is a much needed service and a perfect way for the Christian community to get involved in sharing the real love Christ our Lord has for a hurting world in a very practical way, if their church does not have a desire to get involved, they do not either.
Unfortunately, so many of this Christian community are so involved in their own Churchs denominational agenda, and keeping their own Churchs mortgage paid, they do not have the time to devote to making this happen.In fact, all across America today, the average church spends 90% of their income in just paying their mortgage and administration cost, leaving very little for outside ministry. This is the ministry who will end up paying a large portion of the expenses to support this youth retreat.
The vision of our parent mission leads and guides everything that we do, both at Hope Retreats and Maxima Visions films.
Maxwell, Maxima Visions Films, and our investment group are so committed to making a success here in Texas.
Please readOur most pressing news as of September 2015, something I hope all readers might read before searching other pages on this site. Maxwell will be deciding upon and after this illness passed we will take a look at producing these scripts into feature films or television productions.
Maxwell is spending this time taking care of his wife, and not in production, he has plenty of time to read scripts.
Now, all the services offered at our other production facilities will be available to serve Tennessee.
At present we have two major investment groups, one of which has already committed funding four feature films or television productions every year over the next five years.
A Ask any professional in the film or television industry how difficult it is to obtain the funding for a feature film or television production. No one in Nashville is even producing a film per year, let alone cranking out four feature films or television productions each and every year, not until now.

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