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Note: To fully understand this post, it is mandatory that you watch the video pasted above.
However, the post-laughter response to this video has usually been a lament about the state of education in Pakistan. The question is: are the learning issues this child faces a consequence of his poor aptitude for studies? There is barely a hiccup in the fluency of his narrative – as he reads, he replaces any Urdu vocabulary that is unfamiliar with Pashto words that he knows well. Once we get past the initial amusement and consider the struggle this child is up against, we are struck by the educational deprivation he suffers. However, have we done enough to ensure that the new, ‘better’ language we impose upon these kids is taught properly, with all pertinent resources widely and easily accessible? The answer is clear in this video.
It is not impossible to teach a child from any background a more widely understood language, be it Pashto speaking children learning Urdu, or Urdu speaking children learning English.
In a report titled Language and Education: The Missing Link, the authors prove that dropout rates are much higher in linguistically diverse societies that impose a single national or international language for schooling. There of course is merit with the concern that mastery of commercially spoken languages like Urdu and English is necessary.
According to ASER research, several Pakistani parents wish their children to be taught in their native language instead of a mainstream language. In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), the northern Pashtun districts have a stronger preference for Pashto when compared with the southern Pashtun districts. While progress towards giving local district languages a better status in the education system remains slow, K-P has seen some growth in the past few years.
I hope that the newly elected government can learn from the evidence supporting the merit of education in our local district languages.
The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.
Getting it right on education is so important, so vital in nation building that our leaders have over the last 66 odd years deliberately ignored it or maliciously misused it. I think this is a good suggestion , the students in punjab should be required to give a compulsary exam of punjabi in the matriculation exam, this will at least give them some understanding of their mother language and will also preserve it.
I used to like Urdu until i visited Karachi for the first and meet many people who claimed to have Urdu as the Mother tongue. I agree with the idea of education in mother tongue but we shouldn’t ignore the importance of learning English language as well. Either we should change the mindset of the whole nation or equip the whole nation with adequate knowledge of English language so that they’re provided with a level playing field in their professional careers. English can act as a common language for the whole country as well, so there isn’t actually any need of burdening the children with learning Urdu unnecessarily. Learning English will also enable our students to fully utilize the information available on the internet as I can hardly find any quality material written in Urdu.
It is time we declare all the regional languages as national language (only for ceremonial purposes) and use English as a common language. If Pakistanis are planning to break up, then they should concentrate on regional languages. I am quite appalled to read this article, simply because I feel that it is a manipulation of facts to present a particular political agenda. Teach these children languages now, when they are young, so that they can be fluent and comfortable in them when they actually have to use them.
Exactly that is also my point, why should our children waste their time learning Urdu when it is not going to have any importance for their future career.
Mr Jinnah, Mr Iqbal, Ch rehmat ali, Khan, waderay and one thing always struck me then why they choose Urdu as a national and englsih official languages its funny and questionable ????
Who can imagine the French dumping their language and adopted German or Italians adopting Russian.
The thing is, Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, but it should not be forced on students.
The paper mentioned in the article is also a good read, take some time out and go through it. Urdu was promoted by the British (search on Fort William College, Calcutta for more details).
No wonder people mix English and Urdu in conversation, as the latter is totally inadequate to express the vast range of thought that English is able to.
I fully agree with you, here in Kansas we have some Latino children who has difficulty understanding English so the school districts has hired Latino teachers to make sure that the children’s base for understanding and learning process is solid in their early learning so they could excel in future. Perhaps you meant that the language of instruction in an area should be the one spoken by the majority of residents. But if you meant that the language of instruction should be a native language, then only Sindhi, Balochi, etc. Pakistani kid only get master in speaking in number of languages but fail to perform in technical subjects, this is the reason, people in wapda speaks fluent english but unable to provide electricity.
Ahmad Khan Looni hit the nail on the head when he said what sets Pashto apart is that it is very distinct. Instead of urdu, arabic should have adopted as it is the language of the forefathers of Pakistan and will also lead to a better Quran understanding country. Now why this guy is mocking other Pakistanis that they speak bad Indian language is also pretty weird. So, in one quick stroke of a pen, Jinnah, the follower of 2 Nation Theory, has doomed generations of Pakistanis to watch Indian movies, to listen to their songs, watch their TV..
My friend, the whole of Indian loves Punjabi and adore the beautiful sounds of the language and its expressions. Do not fret that some Punjabis are not speaking their own language, you have the whole of India to make up for it. Punjabi will survive its worst moments even in west Punjab because not everyone has access to television and study in a beacon house school.
I am an urdu speaking Karachiite and many relatives live in Hyderabad and mirpurkhas – urdu dominated cities, but I totally disagree with you that urdu speakers hate other provincial and local languages. There should be no compulsion on any linguistic community to adopt any particular language. In India, each state has its own language, people study hindi when they want to serve in a public office at the centre.
Local languages should be encouraged and the subject of whether to have English or Urdu as the official language should be delegated to the provinces. As an overseas Pakistani, I am always somewhat amused by the huge debate incited when learning in Urdu vs. Working in a multicultural multinational environment, the importance of having a variety of languages at one’s command cannot be overstated.
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There were many who were genuinely saddened by the unfulfilled potential of this boy to learn. Not only has he learned to read an alien language, but while he reads, he is creative enough to weave a story around the few words that he cannot comprehend in Urdu, but which sound similar to words in his own native language, Pashto.
Consider the fact that this weakness in comprehension is not only something he confronts in his Urdu lessons – he has to learn science and mathematics in Urdu as well, a language he regularly falls short of understanding.
However, while private schools like Beaconhouse School System or Karachi Grammar School may have the resources for thorough linguistic education, our government schools, especially in rural areas, remain underpaid. According to the report 72% of the world’s out-of-school children were from the linguistically fractionalised countries. However, it might be a better idea to introduce these later in the child’s schooling years, and conduct his initial learning in his own language.
However, there is divergence within provinces at district level where these opinions are concerned. While Sindh is overwhelmingly in favour of local languages, Punjab is the exact opposite.
An appreciable move by the previous government of K-P was to make a switch to local languages as mediums of instruction. When this country;s national laungauge is urdu so whats the harm of teaching everyone in urdu?
I asked my pakistani Punjabi friend to learn Punjabi in shahmukhi but he refused it and called it paindu.
They were of the view that Pushto, Punjabi, Balochi and Sindhi are the most uncivilized languages and that is why they must be removed from courses and from daily life and i was shocked to hear that.
The problem in Pakistan is that no matter how good you are at your job, communication skills (read English speaking ability) often proves to be a major criteria in your careers.
However, if they want to integrate into a nation, then primary education should be in mother tongue and secondary in Urdu. It also make learning and education a restrictive zone for the child, making it difficult for him or her to grow up and deal with the world. But, when it comes to Pashto it comes from an all together different language family, with almost no links with Urdu or Punjabi or Sindhi. Why not just their own mother language at primary school and English for secondary and higher education.
I personally feel it should not be the medium of teaching but rather only a subject in the school curriculum. Punjab province having schools teach students in Punjabi and have subjects like Punjabi, Urdu, Science, and the rest. However, it might be a better idea to introduce these later in the child’s schooling years, and conduct his initial learning in his own language.
Persian was the lingua franca of Indian muslims for over half a millennium before British rule. I am a product of an Urdu school from Mardan and believe me it was difficult to comprehend math taught in Urdu and then later on in English.
Any person with a knowledge of history that goes beyond 65 years will realize that Urdu is not in any way native to any region of Sindh. In all cities of Sindh such as Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Larkano, Sukkur, with the exception of Karachi, the majority ethnic group is Sindhi.
In that case, throughout the cities of Sindh, the language of instruction should be Sindhi, followed by Punjabi, Pashto, & then Urdu (the latter 3 taking eminence in Karachi). You cannot be reliant on an alien language like Urdu-Hindi for all the time to educate your generations.
The languages closest to it in form and structure are mostly extinct and those that are similar are too few and scattered along the Pamir and Central Asia ending with the Ossetians in Russia. I bet this writer’s offsprings or their offsprings will never speak the language of their grandparents. India can pepper Pakistan with its Hindi culture and being a cultural juggernaut, India’s influence cannot be contained that easily(In fact, even during the days of censorship and pre-digital age, Indian movies were easily available in Pakistani bazaars. The man who wanted to get away from India and its Hindu influences has made sure Pakistanis speak and understand a widely spoken Indian, Hindu language.. Punjabi is very near to urdu and every urdu speaker can understand punjabi, that is why in wedding and other ceremonies punjabi songs are widely listened.
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As the hours tick by, she realizes that the greatest threat might be from the very children she's trying to protect.
Instead of limiting him it gave him superhuman senses that enabled him to see the world in a unique and powerful way. Many deficiencies in the education system of Pakistan can be attributed to the meager amount we set aside for our education budget every year.
Pakistan, with 75 languages, has an estimated 92% of its population devoid of education in their mother language.
The situation in Balochistan is more complicated with the highest variance among districts. I am the only Punjabi he talks to in Punjabi because we are good friends for the last 13 years and he knows I get angry if he refuses to talk to me in Punjabi irrespective of the fact that I am an indian punjabi. The primary education should be in the mother language of the children, secondary and higher education in all subjects should be exclusively in english.
Why have we left our mother language at the mercy of the mirasis and bhands on lahore punjabi stage dramas. Even they were of the view that there should be penalties for those who dont speak Urdu and I was totally shocked.
I see many people with great ideas who aren’t taken seriously, even laughed at because he made a grammatical error while speaking English. It is wonderful to post this video, laugh about it, and talk about what this child did NOT learn. This repeated notion that urdu binds people of different ethnicities in pakistan is totally absurd, we used to hear in our childhood that it was being muslim and geographical neighbors, seems like they have changed it to urdu now. Here in India, Hindi(which is basically same as Urdu) is widely spoken and understood in whole country of India, and compared to Pakistan, India is certainly a very big country.
The leadership in Pakistan has failed the public education system deliberately so people won’t stand up to them in the future or they could not care less because their children went to an elite schools. It is a language foreign to Sindh as a whole, in that it is not the mother tongue of any native.

Until you make your own mother tongue language of education and art, there isn’t going to be any creative output in your language and any enrichment of it. Dari (Afghan Persian) and Farsi are different in that Dari has been influenced by Pashto and it evolved directly from middle Persian, which means it retains many characters and articles that have been dropped in contemporary Persian.
I think through this article some anti-pakistan elements are manipulating to incite hatered against urdu language and urdu speakers which is condemnable. In KPK only pashto language is not spoken, similarly in punjab, sindh, baluchistan there are many languages spoken within the province. If Sindhi is being taught in Sindh and Sindhis are proud Pakistanis, why learning Punjabi, Pushto or Baluchi will lead to disintegration. It is not true that Karachiites do not like or hate punjabi, rather in urdu families during weddings and other celeberations punjabi songs are listened side by side urdu songs.
Now the pakistan enemies are playing the same game in the existing pakistan, they want urdu to go and local languages instead. You can’t apprecaite what a complete advantage having fluency in multiple languages gives to an individual. When a master computer program, Echelon, takes over America's entire online system, our country is threatened to be brought to its knees.
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Due to a policy decision, we are not making use of the biggest educational advantage that our children have: their comfort level with their native languages. Comparatively, India with 401 languages has only 25% of its population without education in their mother language. Education in urdu medium schools is a good tool for the elites of this country to produce slaves, they just do not want us the common people to be well versed in english and to have access to quality world class knowledge through it. A child who only speaks Pushto will learn the language at home, maybe even learn fast in school for a few years, and then, that is it.
In Pakistan, if you teach a child Urdu, he or she learns to make do in most parts of the country (for Urdu is widely spoken and understood).
Children’s brains adapt to multiple languages more comfortably, more easily when they are younger. English can very well serve as lingua franca and could easily replace urdu within one generation. BUT, Hindi is not the teaching medium of schools around the country (except for schools in states where majority have Hindi as their native language). Imposition of certain thoughts, forcing certain values on people, not caring for what the people want, distortion of facts lead to the formation of Bangladesh, and might well lead to formation of a separate Balochistan. I’m convinced that the British gave us Urdu to stunt our intellectual development, and what a success it has been in that regard!
In fact, the undocumented number of Pakhtun residents in Karachi is estimated to be 8-10 million, out of a population of over 20 million. Moreover, second language learning is an entirely different issue and if one is to learn a second language why not it should be English or any other global language ? People who are suggesting to remove Urdu, are actually those who want to break pakistan into 4-5 countries like bangladesh.
Can I ask what would be the common language amonsts punjabis, sindhis, pashtuns, balouchis, saraikis, hazaras etc. Secondly, it is exactly this sort of thinking that resulted in the alienation of Bengalis where we enforced a language which they resented. The message this sends is that the people of Pakistan have grand plans of progress and they have tremendous amount of tolerance and respect for each other. As Muslims, our duty is to gain knowledge – all knowledge, as opposed to knowledge of a certain sort or in a certain language. But when a seductive stranger (Yvonne Strahovski) asks him to dig into the unsolved murder of her filmmaker husband Simon (Campbell Scott), he can't resist. When some hired thugs show up Jack's life is stirred up and the question of his existence comes to light. Unfortunately, that means working with Nick Wilde, a wily fox who makes her job even harder.
The child in this video is able to achieve a higher level of comprehension when he thinks in Pashto. However, this lingual capability remains untapped. He had no clue, Punjabi is taught in gurmukhi script here but I asked him to learn to read and write in shahmukhi. If you revert to other languages at a secondary stage, not only will they not be able to learn, they will not be able to perform. It’s because of the same family language that it is a lot easier for them to learn Persian. Also, education and intellectual development is an entirely different not dependent on the choice of second language rather is dependent on the standard of education.
If you hate gurmukhi, take shahmukhi because shahmukhi was the language of kings, shah- king mukhi-script.
Think if in karachi, lahore, faisalabad, peshawar cities some punjabi, sindhi, baluchis, sariki, pashtun, hazara peoples are gathered then in which language they will communicate. We are urdu and in our relatives there are many inter linguistic marraige between urdu and punjabi families.
In future they may demand to go back to 1947, unit pakistan and india, send back muhajirins to India and call back sikhs and hindus who had migrated to India from pakistan.
There is absolutely no doubt in anybody’s mind about the utility of English in the modern world today.
Our education system demands that teaching should not occur in the native language of students but instead in a more widely spoken language, in this case, Urdu. Urdu is supreme in west Punjab but Punjabi literature and bulley shah, heer ranjha, Baba shakarganj, dataganj pir and guru Nanak are thriving here.
The children of the elites are being given top class education in english right from their childhood. And frankly, we need people who are able to communicate and express themselves across multi-cultural boundaries and borders.
The concept of having a lingua franca was not to malign others which is exactly what is happening in pakistan. I look at it just like the way certain dresses have become common place across all cutures – jeans, t-shirts, polos. Even my 6 years old son knows how to speak and write in Punjabi because I want him to feel at home in punjab and be at ease with his culture.
We ordinary people are unable to compete them due to the deliberate urduization of poor masses by the political and military elites.
The child will not understand Urdu for a year, not understand English for two, but once he does, his learning will expand and continue to expand. The disconnection between Pashto and Urdu has been taking its toll on the young Pashtun students who have to learn an altogether different language and get educated in the same language which they don’t understand during the first few years in schools. Add English to that equation and one cannot help but feel that urudus role as a national language rendered moot.
I like Urdu and English and French but not at the expense of culture irrespective of religions followed there or here. Swiss schools teach students in their native language of instruction, be it French, German, or Italian. The best thing in my humble opinion would be to promote the usage of each regional language as the medium of instruction in their respective territories and forming a consensus on the need for a new lingua franca other than urudu, namely English considering its importance in the world. Ask him a few years down the lane, and he will be better off than kids who have a singular language background.

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