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There might be slight difference (no impact on the functions and usage) between the product and the images due to different batches. The item is a novelty and practical kids toddler potty pee trainer urinal, which is made of durable non-toxic and tasteless plastic material, and specially designed to help and guide little boys get used to pissing in simple and relaxing way. This economical family unit is a traditional favorite for those who want the walk-through convenience of a motorhome. With 4 built-in suction cups on the back, the pee trainer can be firmly installed on smooth glass or tile walls.

There is a power cord supplied with the vehicle, when plugged into an external power point at a camp site it will power the Air con, microwave and 110 volt outlets.
Campervans RV2 and motorhomes RV4, RV6, and fully equipped station wagons Car rentals Canada Travel Motorhome hire. With the help of 4 built-in suction cups, you can install the pee trainer urinal firmly on smooth tile wall, and also choose the height according your needs. Each year new vehicles are being purchased by operators from different manufacturers and we cannot guarantee exact specifications and layouts for the vehicle chosen when booked.

Or, unlimited usage may be prepaid or purchased at departure at a rate of $7 per rental day.

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