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We decorated the wall with a new map of the United States that we will be learning about throughout the year.
The children love learning where they live and it is an easy visual way to introduce them to geography. The 50 states song is a song we will be singing each day at school time on the  alphabet rug.
The children were so excited to find their own spot around the school table with their name on it.
At the end of the unit each of the children will place their own letter worksheets together to make an alphabet book from A-Z. We will also be learning little by little the 50 states song in Alphabetical order too.  This week we practiced the beginning of the song with Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and Arkansas. Every week as we progress through the alphabet the children will practice writing that week’s letter. We will add the letter papers together each week and at the end of the unit they will have their own alphabet train book full of all their handwriting practice.
At Music Time this week we sang along with Leah’s Farm and practiced new animal signs and sounds.  Ask your child to show you the sign for squirrel. Our sunflower house is finished blooming but we will save all the sunflower seeds to plant it again next year. They were surprised to hear that apples have names too.  Granny Smith and Pippin are the names of 2 tart apples while Fuji, and Gala are the names of 2 sweet apples.

You need a combination of sweet and tart apples to make a delicious applesauce which is why we are asking for one of each. The children are also going to use their sense of taste in an apple taste test to see if they can tell a sweet apple from a tart apple. Please remember to bring your apples by Monday of next week so your child can participate in making their own applesauce. Please help reinforce this concept at home by having your child identify the letter, say the phonics sound it makes, and think up a word that begins with that letter. The more phonemic awareness a young child gains now the easier it is for them to learn to read. On corn harvesting day Ralphie pulled and pulled at the corn growing on the stalk but his corn would not come off. Irie and Cole snapped their corn right off, Mason picked a tiny baby corn, and Victoria jumped up and down with excitement as she looked for the perfect corn. Dylan and Catalina were simply amazed at the silk growing atop the corn, and when Asher pulled his corn off it was hard not to laugh when he landed right on his bottom.  The children helped the little ones pick their corn and everyone learned how to prepare the corn for eating by taking the husk off and washing it in the sink.
The corn they grew was so delicious we had to stop Harper, Victoria, and Asher from eating the corn cob too!
Don’t forget to share the website address with Grandma, Grandpa and family so they can share in all the fun and learning. Thank you to Dylan’s Mom for the Movie Friday snack, yummy donuts. September 23-27, 2013 We welcomed in the fall season this week with the start of our program, Cooking 101.

In the Cooking 101 program we will promote healthy eating habits by involving the children in parts of the preparing and cooking process. The “Food Lady”, as the children call her surprises us periodically during the year to monitor the children’s lunches, breakfasts, and snacks.
We look forward to her coming as she always  gives us new information and training on the federal government's healthy eating guidelines for children. They watched in wonder as we placed the apples in our apple cutter that spiral cuts, cores, and peels the apples all at once. They thought it was like magic when they pulled the apple up and it was in one long spiral. Using their senses of taste and smell they explored the different tastes and smells of apples. They did way more tasting than cooking!  Thank you to everyone for bringing in so many different delicious apples. A special thank you to Victoria’s Grandma Pansy for bringing the Tupperware to put all their special applesauce in and thanks to Jonathan’s Daddy for picking up the ink refill for our newsletters and worksheets. We look forward to her coming as she always  gives us new information and training on the federal government's healthy eating guidelines for children.

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