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Registered with the Department of Business Development, The Ministry of Commerce and E-commerce for inboud tour opeator in Thailand.
Trek on the back of the elephant through the dense tropical jungle up to the mountain view point to see amazing panoramic views of Phuket and the surrounding islands, an exciting, enjoyable & unforgettable experience. See "ISLAND SAFARI" amazing elephant show you can even try our special baby elephant massage! Meet our monkeys & gibbons and watch how they are trained to pick coconuts from the tree.

Meet the local farmer at his traditional Thai style home and watch a demonstration on how rice is grown & harvested by the help of a water buffalo. Visit the local rubber plantation & see how the rubber trees are cut to produce natural rubber latex. Enjoy a traditional Thai Boxing dance and then .Watch the Boxers kick & punch in this world famous style fighting! Thai people believe elephant is the Animals of lucky So if you ride on elephant back or walk under elephant stomach will become the lucky and far away from the suffers of life.

The elephant is one of the Thai symbols about 100 years ago Thai nation flag use to have elephant picture in the middle of the flag as this picture below.
If you not try to take some activity with Thai elephant it seem to be you still not arrive yet to Thailand.

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