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FALLING Letters by Swedish filmmaker Erik Rosenlund reveals the heart-breaking struggles and misunderstandings faced by children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Young People Speak is a remarkable short film which captures the emotions and bravery of a diverse group of young people who all face their fear of public speaking.
Interspersed between their often poignant stories is Colin Firth's masterclass in public speaking. Matthew, Mark and Michael are friends from Glasgow; with their local parks, playgrounds and community centres closed down or demolished, these boys feel passionately that the youth of their area have been forgotten.
Ataulla came to the UK from Aghanistan aged 11 and struggled at school until he was offered the chance to be mentored by a business professional. Up and coming rapper from Southend, Sonny, is a true believer in the power of the spoken word and raps about the issues faced by his generation. Ray Of Hope is a parent led support group based in the North of Sheffield, supporting families of children with additional needs.A  As parents, we can truly empathize with problems that affect the whole family.
Our children have a variety of special needs including Autistic spectrum disorders, epilepsy, genetic disorders, sensory difficulties, ADHD, tourette syndrome, OCD and learning difficulties. We are a friendly group who are passionate about supporting families through our regular meetings and informal coffee mornings, where we have had demonstrations from, pampered chef, partylite and temple spa .

The meetings provide parents with an opportunity to socialise and share common experiences. The new improved culture in the business, and methodologies now used in our student support services are rarely practised in today’s vocational education services. Gold Coast Institute of Technology now provides short courses and nationally recognised qualifications in Child Care and Hospitality. We specialise in transforming Disadvantaged and Disengaged Youth into confident, empowered, motivated, engaged and improved young leaders ready to face the world of tomorrows.
He is clearly a fervent believer in  the crucial role of public speaking as a force for change and empowerment and is passionate and inspiring on art of public speaking. She desperately wants to go into politics but suffers from crippling social anxiety.  Inspired by her late mother, she struggles to overcome her fears as she prepares a speech for the East End Women's Institute.
They manage to secure an audience with the Scottish Minister for Children and Young People. She recounts her heartbreaking story as part of a Refugee Council podcast project to raise awareness of the problems faced by young refugees when they turn 18 and face deportation.
Now 19, he is desperate to impress a group of potential employers by making his first-ever public speech before an eminent audience of royalty, MP’s and business leaders at a private equity firm in London.
Performing his music on his local streets, he encourages young people to use their voice to bring about positive change.

Public speaking is part of the curriculum and despite their apprehension of facing an audience, they are keen to raise awareness of deaf issues and overcome their fears. The group has been running for 10 years as of March 2013, now supporting over 50 families.A  The group was originally set up by a home school link worker and four parents, due historically, to lack of support in the north Sheffield area. We boast highly qualified, award winning, industry experienced, passionate trainers and administration staff who all believe in the vision of STUDENT FIRST FOCUS! Despite her anxiety at the prospect of speaking in public, Safi wants to communicate the complexities of her condition to her new class to help them understand the extraordinary effect it has had on her life. We recognise our children’s individual abilities and unique personalities and encourage them to be proud of who they are. No child will be excluded because of their differences and strong friendships have been made within the group.

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