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Stealing of fruits: I was very fond of stealing mangoes, liches, black berries and other fruits in the company of friends in summer.
Activities during holidays: During holidays when my mother went to sleep at noon, We went to the railway line.
Education: My father got appointment in a town school and he moved to the town immediately with all the members of the family.
World Childhood Foundation funds local projects and works globally for children’s right to a safe and happy childhood.
World Childhood Foundation was founded in 1999 by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, who felt a compelling need to address the social and emotional poverty of children around the world. All projects supported by Childhood are helping children at risk for abuse and exploitation. Childhood identifies, evaluates, and supports existing organizations and efforts that are aligned with our mission. Our target groups are children who are victims of abuse, families at risk, children in alternative care and street children. Childhood supports over 100 projects in 16 countries, working with children who are victims of abuse, families at risk, children in alternative care and street children. Childhood has developed a donor model that builds on long-term cooperation with companies and sponsors.

14 Co-Founders – family foundations, private individuals and companies – contributed to the Childhood’s initial capital. Childhood supports around 100 projects in 16 countries, focusing on prevention, intervention and education efforts. Corporate PartnershipsCorporations play an important role in helping Childhood in promoting children’s rights and giving children a happy childhood. Fresh off wrapping up her world tour, Taylor Swift has been keeping busy baking cookies, decorating her Christmas tree, and revisiting Christmas memories of yesteryear. In the clip, Swift doesn't seem particularly pleased to be receiving a phone call from her friend, whom she asks in a demanding tone, "What?
Meanwhile, Swift revealed she also gets into the holiday spirit by listening to some of her favorite Christmas tunes. When I entered the compound with my father, the children were enjoying themselves here and there. The mission of Childhood is to defend the rights of the child and to promote better living conditions for vulnerable and exploited children at risk all over the world.
The aim is to support projects more effectively by funding local organizations that work towards established goals and directly with children in need. The return of this capital has covered the administrative costs, meaning that more than 90 percent of all donations received are fully used for the projects supported by Childhood.

23), the 24-year-old shared a piece of her childhood on the Internet, posting a video of her four-year-old self chatting on the phone on Christmas day. Childhood wants to give all children the opportunity to develop into strong, secure and responsible human beings.
Childhood also works actively to raise public awareness about how vulnerable and exploited children are suffering in various parts of the world. Therefore, Childhood supports projects that identify children who are at risk of becoming exploited, abused or neglected.
Corporate partnerships are organized into categories where different levels of financial commitments offer certain rights and opportunities corresponding to the investment made in Childhood.
The best interests of the child are always a primary consideration, where the objective of all project services must be the well-being of the child. On one occasion when we were playing on its bank, suddenly patches of clouds made their appearance in the sky and a strong wind began to blow.

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