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Just wondering if you have a list of agents that are really good and are taking new clients. We are all super-excited in the office as Lauren Kate’s latest novel in the Fallen series, PASSION has hit the top spot in the Sunday Times Children’s Books Bestseller List, hooray! But, it's important to distinguish between submitting to an imprint at a publishing house and submitting to the whole house. My writing goal for the rest of the summer is lining up which houses I want to submit my various manuscripts with. When I was a new mom, I barely got out of my pajamas at times (and we are not talking Victoria's Secret pajamas here) Thank you so much! I'm not good about doing that kind of work, which limits the information at my fingertips & decreases the likelihood I'll get around to submitting.

One more question though; When submitting children's picture books what format is customary?
Getting an agent is just as hard as getting an editor at a publishing house to acquire your book. It is one of those decisions that we have to each make for ourselves - a "follow your gut thing", I guess.
If, for example, you submit a ms directly to Dutton and it gets rejected, and then you get an agent, your agent can still submit to other imprints at Penguin. Saves us from paging through the Marketplace book, which is discouraging since there are so many closed houses. Some would say (it's even harder.) This may leave new writers wondering, what should I do?

Also, just because an imprint publishes 50% un-agented authors, doesn't mean they're open to unsolicited un-agented submissions.
Mandy has as an MFA in creative writing from Spalding University and has been published multiple times in Highlights Magazine. Put all my efforts into finding an agent since so many publishing houses are closed to unsolicited submissions? But 2014 Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market says they publish 50% from unagented writers.

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