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The Designer accepts total responsibility for this product, its use and any copyright issues that arise. Designing a wreath to capture the spirit and mood of a specific season doesn’t have to be challenging, there are simple yet fascinating ideas that you can take advantage of for a more appealing design. One simple way to capture the lovely aesthetic of autumn in your home is with a beautiful fall wreath. Tired of the rustic and woodsy designs that abound each autumn, the creative team at the popular blog Craftaholics Anonymous generated a fall wreath that oozes with elegance. If you’re anything like most people, one of your favorite things about fall is probably the smell of roasted nuts and spices, which seems to linger in the air everywhere you go. Before you toss your children’s broken crayons into the trash, consider using them as a tool to create a striking fall wreath. If you’re the type who loves crafty creations but doesn’t enjoy the work involved, this is the perfect fall wreath for you! While this warm-hued floral wreath is available for sale on Etsy, it would also be relatively easy to create yourself by mounting artificial hydrangeas in alternating fall colors upon a wreath form. This gorgeous wreath is the true definition of “natural beauty.” Wrap a Styrofoam wreath form with linen cord and attach a bouquet made of dried rye and field grasses for a simplistic look. Sure, your mom may have told you not to play with your food, but we’re convinced she would be okay with you breaking that rule just this once! The sight of this handmade wreath will elicit nostalgic fall memories of sipping apple cider and baking pumpkin pie!
This is the ideal craft for you if you’re on a tight budget but still want to add some fall charm to your home this season. While we should undoubtedly count our blessings every day of the year, fall is a season that places a spotlight on giving thanks and recognizing what really matters in life.
It seems like every garage is filled with discarded pool toys once summer comes to a close.
While Laura of the website Finding Home Online sliced a log herself to garner the thin wood pieces needed for this wreath, we would advise you to take the lazy route and pick a stack of them up at your local craft store!
The perfect activity for those who may struggle with crafting, this wreath is one of the most stunning you’ll see this fall, yet it’s also one of the easiest to make! Amidst wreaths made of twine, twigs, and other natural elements, an autumn-hued ribbon wreath will certainly stand out!
Your local pumpkin patch is filled with little gourds like these ones that are so adorable that you want to buy them in bulk; now you have a reason to do so! While this gorgeous wreath looks like a million bucks, the only expenses you should have to spare to create it are about ten bucks and fifteen minutes of your time!
This wreath may require patience and time, but we can assure you that the end result is certainly worth the investment.

We have a black and white template for the kids to color or you could print the colored one out so they don't have to worry about coloring.
As the summer season fades and autumn sets in all you need is a makeover in the home that creates a shift and captures the spirit of the present season.
Whether you prefer rustic elements or pieces with a more modern appeal, we have found the perfect wreath for you to welcome fall into your home this season. To get the look, use hot glue to attach plastic pearls to a wreath form and use an autumn-hued ribbon to hang your creation! Infuse your love for roasted chestnuts and walnuts into your decor with this nutty wreath, created by attaching real nuts to a basic wreath form made of twigs and branches.
Tally of the crafting blog Tally’s Treasury brilliantly created leaf-shaped molds out of toilet paper tubes and melted old crayon chunks in them using her microwave (Simply heat until melted!). Attach faux leaves and burlap bows in an arrangement of your choosing to a wreath form made of twigs and branches.
To achieve the look, wrap a wreath form with gold yarn and use generous amounts of hot glue to attach felt flowers and artificial berries to its surface. Simply gather twigs from the backyard, trim, and tie them together with twine to create a square wreath like this one from the blog Unoriginal Mom. While this wreath is a fun one to craft with kids, any adult will enjoy making it, especially when surrounded by loved ones. Cut the handles off basic paper grocery bags, cut the bags into thin strips, and twist them. To create this fall wreath that puts family first, paint thin wood circles from a craft store with a symbol that represents each member of your family. Simple to both execute and admire, this look is achieved by using generous amounts of hot glue to mount real pinecones upon a wreath form. Just wrap a foam wreath form with yarn in various fall shades, and tie a ribbon at the top. Gather a wide variety of ribbons in fall-themed patterns and solids; attach them to a foam wreath form with straight pins to create a colorful wreath that’s one-of-a-kind. To create this beautiful pumpkin wreath inspired by the blog On Sutton Place, use crafting wire to attach mini pumpkins to a garland wreath. Just tie a knot of burlap around a wire wreath form and push it through to create several loops.
The process is quite simple; just select an abundance of acrylic beads in fall colors and use hot glue to attach them to a foam wreath form in a creative arrangement! I’m excited about the ease and low cost of these cute and clever toilet paper roll art projects. However if you are using this in children's church it would be better to use the black and white one because it will use a lot of ink.

It can be used as is, with gold star stickers or similar, or if you want it to last week after week, you could laminate it, and use a white board marker, so that it can be wiped clean. To complete the look, use faux leaves from a craft store to create a warm backdrop for the design.
After allowing her “leaves” to cool and harden, she used craft glue to attach them to a thick cardboard wreath form and threaded a ribbon through a punched hole in the form to hang. Then attach Granny Smith apples to the outer area of the base in a circular form, surrounding the apples with dried leaves and branches.
Get in touch with your creative side regarding a welcome message printed on burlap squares, and attach the wreath to your door with a strip of burlap.
Beth of the blog Home Stories A to Z created a wreath form by using clear packing tape to seal a pool noodle into a circle. Attach the twisted strips to a foam wreath form and add your choice of autumn-themed flowers, leaves, or twigs from your local craft store to create a look that’s truly your own. Then glue an assortment of burlap pieces, dried flowers, and twigs in an arrangement of your choosing atop the wood pieces to create a piece that’s aesthetically simple, yet stunning.
Make sure to purchase enough pumpkins to fill the perimeter of the wreath to create a unified look. Embellish your wreath with your choice of fall-themed flair, such as the artificial flowers and leaves that the crafting geniuses at Craftaholics Anonymous used in their version.
A fabulous design for parents and little girls who will love seeing how well they are doing in their potty training. Because fresh produce has a rather short life span, make sure not to create this wreath too far in advance if you’re inviting guests to your home. Then use a permanent marker to write a different blessing for which you are thankful on each pin. Then she wrapped it with burlap to create a rustic look and attached flowers she created with scrap material to add a touch of shabby chic! It gives the child a fantastic sense of achievement, and encourages good habits right from the start! Clip the pins onto a wire wreath frame and add the finishing touch by including a cardboard or wood heart featuring the words “I am thankful for…” at the center of your wreath. The words say, "Me And Jesus Are Nutty Buddies".This is a cute fall craft that your kids can do for Autumn time.

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