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Environmentally friendly baby and kids furniture, eco-friendly toys, organic clothing and other green design ideas. This Children’s Outdoor Miniature Furniture is a small version of the Glenham Bench and is sure to provide countless hours of fun for your children.

Childrens Furniture can have a personal touch with the child's name carved on the piece of furniture. This Childrens Rocking Chair is a great additon to any children's bedroom, playroom or family room. Provides a great place for your children to sit, while they watch TV, read, color or any other activity.
The outdoor set can not only be used for playtime, but is perfect for dining the little ones when you’re having barbeque’s or gatherings. The Children’s Outdoor Miniature Furniture can be purchased in a complete set and is suitable for residential or commercial use. Everybody who has kids older than a couple of weeks will know that this is by way not enough.

When will designers finally realize the 'real' storage needs and size needs for a working table for kids.
On the table there is just enough space for paper, but where will you put the crayons whithout them being knocked over! This design will satisfy adults but does not offer enough space for kids old enough to hold a pencil!
My kids are 13 and 9 years old now and I learned a lot about space needs of kids over the last decade (we also bought a cute little table as soon as our oldest son could sit).

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