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Just a quick email to thank you for the fast delivery, and we are thoroughly happy with the mattresses they are extremely soft and comfortable. It can often be frustrating for a parent when your child will not go to sleep yet manages to come up with a million and one different excuses as to why not. We have all at some point heard this one and it is more to do with the principle of recognition. Maybe your child simply is not tired, but some common signs to look for when they’re tired are indirect eye contact, poor feeding, moody behaviour and sudden outbursts. If a child is hungry before bed then a light meal should be provided, larger meals can result in them being too full and therefore they cannot get comfortable.
Another demand from your child, usually this one though will take place within the middle of the night rather than before bedtime.
Sometimes children can become disorientated due to say a holiday way, changes to their normal routine or even having a visitor round at your house. Make sure that you remain calm, if it is a family holiday which has knocked them out of sync then once they regain their familiar surroundings they shouldn’t experience this problem again.
The bed and mattress that a child sleeps on plays a vital role within how much sleep they actually get.
Involve your child in the choosing of their bed, if they pick it then it’s more than likely they will love it and therefore want to spend time in it! At the time when the child is awoken and distressed comfort them, settle them back down and then in the morning confront it.
A common occurrence in childhood, bed wetting is a concern for parents and often embarrassing for the child. One of the common mistakes with this one is to encourage children to frequently use the toilet however this can actually end up damaging them further, resulting in decreased bladder volume with “reflex” emptying. There is a lot of talk about what is the correct position for a baby to be put to sleep in so that SIDS can be prevented. With this in mind, researchers have decided that babies who are put to sleep on their stomachs are the ones who are likely to die from SIDS. Although older babies are more likely to roll about and shift position from their back to their front then what you need to do is when you notice this place them back onto their back and you can find baby sleep cushions which keep them on their back if it is something that worries you. Nobody quite knows why it is safer for your baby to sleep on its back rather than its tummy although there have been several theories there is no proven evidence.
In the case of babies with certain diseases, it's recommended that the baby should sleep on its stomach. One theory is that a baby who sleeps on their stomach may be lying with its face so close to the sheets and bedding that he or she ends up breathing in the same air and thus cannot get enough oxygen. Another point to bear in mind is that parents should never sleep with their baby in the bed. Take a look at the picture and some funny sleeping positions which never should occur as your baby needs to be placed in their own crib to sleep but we thought this was extremely funny- especially with the names of the various positions! If you are looking for a cot mattress which is safe for your baby then come to Children’s Mattresses Online. The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner. Children's mattressesFor years of sweet dreamsComfort isn’t the only quality that’s important in a mattress for small children. Mattress may be covered in a choice of pvc, tricot mesh, corovin (polyester)or any combination of these fabrics. All our mattresses comply with the rigorous requirements of BS 1877 Part 10 for safety and performance and BS 7177 for flammability. Fits Baby weavers Voyager, Cosatto On The Move, O'Baby, Baby Weavers Traveller, Graco Baby Einstein Pack n'Play, Baby Weavers Sleep n' Play, Graco Contour Electra Travel Cots& many more models. As a parent just think back to that time before you had the kids, everything was about one another, mum would treat dad and dad would treat mum. Now we know you would never change your kids, obviously we have all contemplated it when they are naughty but only jokingly!
Mums are forgetting about the dad and dads are forgetting about the mum simply because they are too busy working, raising the children, managing finances, managing the home and another ten million and one items on their to do list.
They seem like a brilliant idea at the time, but when it comes to the stage when this new novelty bed is a bit older and requires a new mattress where do you go to get one that will fit correctly and be comfortable? The answer is childrens mattresses online, we can custom make a mattress any size, any shape and at a competitive price so that expensive and crazy novelty bed doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all!

Quotes for custom made mattresses are dependent upon mattress type, mattress size and of course delivery charges. In 2006 Disney released their new film called Cars, an American film it was computer animated and a real action film.
After the premier for Cars on May 26th 2006 it was released on June 9th 2006 when it broke records for retail sales of merchandise based on a Disney Pixar film. However amongst the ?5 billion pounds worth of Cars merchandise were a number of Disney Cars Cot Beds with added storage.
After all why would they want to part with their Disney Cars bed when the sequel to Cars, Cars 2 has just recently been released on June 24th 2011? Cars 2 now released for 2011 tells the story of a race car known as Lightning McQueen and tow truck Mater as they head off to Japan and Europe in order to compete in the World Grand Prix. Remember that Children’s Mattresses Online can custom make any size or shaped mattress so whether it is a Disney Cars Cot bed mattress or simply a non-standard sized bed then buying a new mattress has never been so easy just use our custom made mattress form to tell us what you require. If you are shopping for a new bed or covers, let him get involved and excited about the event, by asking him to come with you to the shop. Invest in a night light so the room looks less spooky or try fitting luminous stars and moons on to the ceiling.
Your child may settle far easier if he has the same type of mattress cover on his new bed as he did on his cot mattress.
If your child insists on getting into your bed, firmly take him back without any fuss or cuddles. Always set up a bedguard to prevent your child from rolling over and falling out of the new bed. We also have a huge array of mattress coverings - everything from basic polyester right up to cashmere, organic cotton and angora. We are very impressed with the quality and will recommend you to everyone in our surroundings.
At children’s mattresses online we have come up with the top 7 deadly sins that they try and baffle us with in order to keep themselves off that mattress and tucked up in bed! Young children cannot recognise when they are tired and this can lead to them becoming overtired extremely easily. The light meal can include maybe a piece of fruit or a milky drink but stay away from sugary snacks and heavy meals. This means that they no longer need to ask and become distracted by other things all they have to do is sip some water and then settle back down to bed. This is a temporary issue and can be resolved once a familiar surrounding and routine has been established. However, if the reason is more serious as to why their sleep is disrupted such as a traumatic event then it is advised you seek out professional help.
If a child is not comfortable on their mattress or does not like their bed then why on earth would they want to sleep on it? In regards to a mattress then involve your child with this too; look at our full range of mattresses including foam mattresses, spring mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses, natural fibre mattresses there really is something for everyone. Usually children grow out of this and in the meantime we have the aquasolari mattress and bed pad which can be washed and reused offers a night of dryness.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the leading causes of deaths in infants between one month and one year of age! Many experts therefore suggest that your baby is never put on their front to sleep and instead is placed on their back. If the baby suffers from any of these diseases, the doctor will advise parents which position the baby should sleep in. Another theory said that a baby can suffocate because they are lying so close to the mattress and the bedding that if it is too soft they can actually be unable to breathe. As nice as it is to have a cuddle in your sleep you could roll over and suffocate your baby as well as crush them. None of our mattresses contain any nasty chemicals and if you are not sure which type will be best for your baby then give us a call and our expert team will guide you through each option as well as offer you advice. To one another their relationship had understanding it was important and each knew their role. But since the birth of many children research has shown that parents are losing their identity. This can prove to be frustrating and as parents desperately try various methods to get them to stop crying, waking up and ultimately to make bedtime a more pleasurable experience novelty beds in crazy designs and costing loads of money are used to compensate.

Produced by Pixar the film is set in a world which is populated by anthropomorphic cars and other vehicles entirely. It was estimated to have sold in the region of ?5 billion pounds worth of Cars merchandise.
Instead mentally prepare him for this change, by frequently talking to him about it for a good week or two in advance. Put the bed in the same place as the cot was and allow your child to continue to sleep with his old cot blanket, even if it is too small.
Leaving the door open a little or playing soothing lullabyes can help ease your little one as he goes to sleep. If moving from cot to bed was done prematurely and your child’s putting a resistance OR your don’t feel ready as yet to move him from cot to bed, use the cot again for a little while and try again later.Most toddler beds have rails or sides which help to stop your child from falling out of the bed.
There is a huge choice of children's mattresses available: budget foam mattresses, spring mattresses, natural wool mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses, coconut fibre filled mattresses etc. This is often demonstrated by bad tempers, tantrums, clingy and highly emotional outbursts. Metabolism rates in children, especially boys can vary greatly and it is possible that their sleep pattern may become broken because they have become dehydrated during the night. By identifying the event which caused the disruption then you can find the correct approach.
Children grow and develop when they sleep and a supportive mattress is always advised as without one it could result in the child experiencing aches and pains when they enter their early adult life. Although some may seem farfetched and comical for the child who is suffering it is all very real! No one knows what causes it but it has been branded as crib death as it claims the lives of newborns and infants as they sleep.
Finally another theory states that with the baby being so close to the mattress and bedding he or she could breathe in microbes which interfere with their breathing causing them to die. Most interestingly it is the second Disney Pixar film following “A Bug’s Life” to have a cast which is entirely non-human! Maybe your child has outgrown his cot or maybe your child has learnt to climb out of the cot, which then makes it necessary to move out from the cot to bed at the earliest opportunity. Pay attention to how he feels about it, especially if he has any questions or fears and reassure him accordingly. You can also put a pillow on the floor in case he does make his way out of the bed and at least has a soft landing! As the child gets older though they learn to recognise and therefore when they are tired all they want is time on their mattress! They struggle to try and explain these fears, an older child may wake up and be able to relay information whereas a younger child can awake and have no memory of what has occurred. A night free of bed-wetting means that the child’s bladder has to be able to store large amounts of urine.
Also, if you have another baby on the way, it could be a reason for having to make your child move on to the next step of sleeping arrangements. Reassure your child that you are just in the next room and always leave a hall light on so if they do get up in the night they know how to find your room (whether you like it or not).
To help make the transition easier, below are some useful hints for tucking your toddler into his new bed on his new mattress. It may also be wise to fit a safety gate over the top of any stairs so that if your child is prone to wandering around during night he won't fall down the stairs. Six to eight weeks before the new baby’s arrival, start getting your child used to the new bed. If you’ve not been able to do so then it is advisable to wait until your newborn is three or four months old. The newborn may spend those months sleeping in a Moses basket until then and your older child has a chance to gradually become used to the new situation.Finally, if you are potty-training your child, sleeping in a bed of his own will help him climb out of it easily when he needs to get to the toilet.

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