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If you visit our free stories from visitors page, you'll see many examples of imperfectly structured stories. I could be wrong, but I think you'll find them less satisfying than the books you buy in stores or online.
Antagonist, definition: the person (or animal or object or situation) that is operating in most direct opposition to the protagonist.
When writers talk story structure, you'll hear some speak about three act structure while others insist a story should have a beginning, middle, and an end. If we're talking about The Cat in the Hat's story structure, the cat is now in the house and doing damage.
Once something has happened, and now that something has to be done, you are into the second act (or middle) of a story. This second act of a story consists of the protagonist trying to get his or her life back in order.
In The Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two are introduced after the cat has already made his own mess.
The third act, or end, reflects a new stasis, or life as it will be from this time forward.

Stasis, then something happens, resulting inCrisis and craziness, leading toClimax and new stasis (resolution).Got all that?
Bugs in My Hair by Michelle Mullins May 14, 16 04:04 PMMichelle Mullins' free kids story is called Bugs in My Hair, about a child who gets lice! October 22, 2012 by Daphne Dangerlove Leave a Comment I am an avid listener of the Writing Excuses Podcast (features Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler & Mary Robinette Kowal) and last week they focused on something called the Seven Point Story Structure.
Once you know where you are ending, you can just put your character in the opposite place for the beginning…so now you have your beginning and your end.
Pinches are where you put pressure on your hero from your antagonist to force your hero into action.
Storyboards - Complete Narrative StructureNarrative structure is the plot or grammar for a story. Well, when the awfulness of everything that's happened reaches a climax and the protagonist takes his or her most dramatic and heroic action. You set up your character’s world and set their stakes (what they have to lose) in this part. Plot Turn 2 is where you character receives the final piece of information that he needs to make it to the resolution.

In The Cat in the Hat, this happens when the boy manages to catch the Things in a net and tells the cat to get out. So before you do another thing, write down where you want your characters to be at the end of your story. In the downloadable worksheets for this section, you’ll find examples for this structure. I happened to watch the first episode (two-part) of DS9 last night, so I broke them down with the 7 point story structure as an example.
Wells has a presentation of the Seven Point Story Structure on YouTube, so I’ve included the videos in this post.
It’s actually fun to see how movies, tv shows and books make compelling use of this structure.
These smaller stickers fit perfectly on a paint stick and can be carried in a notebook or tote.

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