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To use this pack simply play a different story for your child each night or during the day when they have some quiet time. This story about 2 lion cubs will teach your child why school is important and how to have fun learning new things. Confidence is absolutely essential for effective learning patterns and for establishing a solid foundation for the rest of the child's life. This story will promote your child to always choose to be proactive, happy and positive about everything they do. Sign up below to INSTANTLY access a free full length hypnosis MP3 by Rick and a copy of Giovanni's eBook The ToolBox 4 Life.
This pack is effective to help the transition if they are just starting school or if you want to help them listen, learn & remember better.

It contains 3 special sleep stories available on CD or MP3 to help your child do better at school.
Continue this for 8 weeks and the program will help transform their actions and patterns to a new and more positive level. It promotes a more positive approach to learning and introduces new ways to help them listen, learn & remember things they are taught more effectively. This story will help your child enhance their self confidence and provide a platform for implementing positive change in all other areas.
It contains a metaphorical story to help them choose activity over inactivity & motivate them to enjoy getting out, having fun and getting things done.
The 3 titles work on a holistic level to improve learning abilities, self confidence, attitude and to overcome any fears of starting school.

If you purchase the MP3 download version of this pack, your child may listen to the audio through headphones at a low volume or you can burn it on to a CD and play through a stereo.
The files are NOT zipped, so you can download straight to your IPhone, IPad, computer or any mobile device.
Each recording contains deep relaxation techniques and a metaphorical story that helps the child put into place all the new and beneficial suggestions.

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