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Fantastic fun ride, all of the cars fly into the air as they circle around, great decoration and lighting add up to a fabulous ride.
The mini ferris wheel, a gaurenteed eye catching childrens ride caperble of providing plently of laughter and thrills for kids.
An amusement facility containing various devices designed to surprise, challenge, and amuse children from the ages of 5 to 12. Water Balls are the best fun in aquatic entertainment where children and adults of all ages can walk, run and play inside a large inflatable ball on water. We have a selection of cartoon themed inflatables available for you to choose from for your event or private party. Our newly built play centre consists  of four trampolines incorporated inside a childrens activity centre. A 30 seater steam train ride incoporating 3 colourful themed carridges being driven steadly by a blue decorated train around a circular track.
We were extremely happy with the tea cup ride and inflatable's at our school fete on 27th June 2014. We have a wide range of children's Rides available to accommodate your entertainment needs.

We also have a great selection of used rides which are just as loved by kids as our brand new collection!
All of our used rides are fully refurbished to a high standard by our expert in-house repair shop and have been thoroughly tested to ensure safety and durability of your product. We have tried to display some of the most asked-for rides & attractions, but we can secure all types of attractions given enough notice.
As well as fairground attractions, we are also able to provide novelty attractions like rodeo bulls, bungee runs and sumo wrestling, plus catering, fencing, security and much more through our extensive list of contacts. These are only are very small amount of the attractions we can supply and are just to give you an idea of our high standards.
We have many to choose from, with our Formula convoy and Cups & Saucers being the most popular combination. The decoration of this ride is superb with fabulous air brushed themed artwork on each cup and the centrepiece decoration. A 10 seat sit in crocodile meander's around a twisting track to give a leisurely paced ride unlike anything else you may have seen.
Over the years this has proven to be a great choice of entertainment for children of all ages.

It contains a giant ball pool, slide, Burma rope bridge, punch bags and other soft play activities.
They are excellent for balance, exercise, strength, endurance acrobatic sport or simply for fun.
The Children loved them and had a wonderful time and we were impressed by the professionalism and levels of health and safety that were taken into consideration.
These used ride ons are a brilliant introduction to the world of kiddy rides and a really cost-effective way to start earning revenue. All of our used coin operated machines also come with a 3 month return base warranty and 12 months ADIPS Health & Safety certification. The vehicles are fitted with sound effects, and the paint work and lighting systems finish the rides off perfectly. It is a great entertainment attraction for  toddlers aged from 2 years up to children aged 9 years.

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