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USA TODAY is now using Facebook Comments on our stories and blog posts to provide an enhanced user experience. Tweens are able to belt out their favorite Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez tunes on a Disney microphone that turns the tablet into a karaoke machine. Wolf Creek (2005)Fictional: The movie is about two British Tourist and their guide traveling in the Land Down Under until they met an Crocodile Dundee style man name Mick Taylor who offered them some help unknown to them that Mick is actually an Serial Killer who had killed many travelers in all the years. Real Life: This Australian Horror Film was inspired by real-life murders of tourists in Australia by Ivan Milat (Australia most dangerous serial killer in the Outback) in the 1990s and by Bradley Murdoch in 2001 and the latter body was never being found and is presumed dead.
Kids can draw and color using the iMarker, which has a soft tip so it doesn't scratch the tablet's glass screen."When you have a screaming toddler in a restaurant or any public area, you want to have something to calm him down with," says Fessler, 39. Smartphones and tablets — particularly Apple products — are more popular than ever with people of all ages. On September 26th, two officers on patrol saw what appeared to be a parachute float down from the sky.
They drove to the landing site to find what look like pink slime falling in the sky (it was also featured in an Unsolved Mysteries episode although it was in 1994 in Oakville, Washington).3.

In fact, the iPad and iPhone are among the most coveted electronics this holiday season among kids.
About 44 percent of 6- to 12-year-olds want the iPad this year, according to a survey by research firm Nielsen. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1983)Fictional: About a Serial Killer name Freddy Krueger who goes into his victims dream (many of them are teenagers due of Freddy being a Child Molester when he was alive) to murder with his iconic claw. 2 spot with 30 percent, followed by the iPhone at 27 percent.Not to mention, anyone who's a parent knows all too well that babies and older kids alike love to fiddle with or drool all over mommy's iPad. Nearly 40 percent of 2-to 4-year-olds have used a smartphone, iPad or video iPod, according to a survey by nonprofit group Common Sense Media.
They made it to the United States, but a young boy in the family still found himself haunted by terrible nightmares while he slept.5. And even 10 percent of infants have used one of the devices before their first birthday."It's mostly something for kids to use in the car or at the doctor's office," says Chris Baynes, a toy analyst. The case locks the iPhone into a colorful, easy to grab case that looks like a big round rattle.

The case stops babies from making unwanted calls and protects the iPhone from something else: drool. The company plans to release an iPad version of the case this spring.— Disney has three offerings.
Disney's $79.99 AppClix digital camera enables kids to upload their pictures to an iPad and a free app allows them add Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck into the photos.
And Disney teamed up with Canadian toy maker Spin Master to create "Appmates," a toy car based on the characters from the company's "Car's 2" animated movie.

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