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If you answered yes to either of these questions you are suffering from an ammonia buildup. Like I said before, I subscribe to the KISS method on most things, cloth diaper troubleshooting is no different. GroVia™ Mighty Bubbles – I have used this product on my own clothes and found it work quite well.
RLR – RLR is so awesome that they have not updated the packaging since what appears to be the late 70s. Beyond these three products there is very little that I would suggest using to strip your diapers. The above products, strip your diapers of mineral deposits, soap, oil, and ammonia build ups.

Either the diaper is not being washed quick enough, or the detergent being used is not being rinsed out well enough. Some of you  may still be wondering what to do when cloth diapering just isn’t all that simple? Unless it specifically says that it is designed for use with cloth diapers, most of the time it will only create more problems. Every time you wash something you are putting more wear on it, and stripping is even harder on them than that. However, I would follow the directions to the letter because I have gotten reports of leaving holes in natural fibers when left to soak too long. Basic use for RLR is to use it in place of laundry detergent or as a soak then rinse your diapers with clear water until no more bubbles form.

I have heard of people boiling their diapers in vinegar, using fish tank products, and even more hare-brained tips to keep their cloth diapers working. Additionally this is the only product that GroVia™ recommends to deep clean their diapers with.
So it is only logical that you would strip your diapers only when necessary, and not out of habit. Once you have removed the ammonia you need to work to prevent it with a wash routine that works for you.

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