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Every Friday for babies & toddlers - simple reading, rhymes, music & movement with your baby followed by playtime. Something new and different each Friday: play games, do crafts, taste food, learn from a special guest, etc. Ruby is a 9 month old Maltese Pug mix and the sweetest thing you could ever lay your eyes on.
We would to breed our beautiful little Malti-pug, Ruby, in the fall when she goes into her 3rd heat.
Happy is a very affectionate Pug Maltese cross and loves to be in company of people, also loves to play with other dogs, he is my daughter's best friend & rarely leaves her side best dog I've ever owned!! Tanner is a gorgeous fawn-colored dachshund who is super sweet with lots of dachshund personality!!

She sounds like a very nice girl, please share her, and see her other lovely pic by clicking under her above picture. Women of faith from Alpine and surrounding communities are gathering to pray and worship together:).
The first day I brought him home he was potty trained, but I eventually had to get him to poop on the pad. He is neutered, current on vaccinations, potty trained good with dogs but prefers to be the only dog in the house.
The goal is to encourage unity among many ladies who may be attending one of the various fellowships in Alpine. LELU is great with other dogs, horses, cats (although she will chase them if they run,) and children, but she will do best with older children (10+).

But he is 3 months old now and he is the most loving, playful, he doesnt bother me If I want to sleep in he just plays by himself until I'm awake before he starts to bark and enjoy himself. When I have bad days he knows how to consider them and loves me to pieces at the same time he is growling at any one else that comes near me. In the afternoon Miley and I go outside to the football place then we play football (soccer) together. He also gets along fantastic with my grandmother's puppy Maggie, a beautiful 4.5 lbs Maltese x Yorkshire.

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