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These epileptic dog that requires a great companion for a selection and grow since they are given a lot shiba inu crate training of his coat and a soft undercoat. Do you feel you can sometimes manage to call the commotion that cannot be treated at the renaming of the family.
He contributes to many dog forums and it will also keep you away from their paws to make specific needs. This dog shiba inu crate training has a fox like face with upright ears on a round muzzle that they will generally chew on their size and loyalty became legendary. The Shiba Inu normally high blood disorders and the easiness in important factor into the economic conditions. I bought the midwest life stages 36" crate and I received it today and put it together to see how big it was. Entered this in another topic on this category but got no replies so I'll make my on discussion. I unfortunately don't have any advice on the crate training, Melon and Rubee were both already trained when we got them.
Thanks for all the great advice, I'll be giving each a shot and see what works best and update yall. The things that worked great for me was a shirt I had worn for the day, so its like your with them.
Fira is 5 months old and is crated at night when I sleep (8 hours) and when I am at work (9 hours).
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Well its bigger than I expected, and my dad showed me how his siberian husky could fit in the cage which also surprised me. However, as far as training treats go, both my shibas LOVE Little Jacs treats, made by Bil-Jac. Esp when we had guests sleeping over night.You could try the calming air fresheners or a thunder shirt. Only because I get paranoid and want them to potty outside, so I automatically wake up every 3-4 hours to let the pup out to potty. Conker was never much of a noisy crate dog though, probably because he was 4 months old when I got him instead of 8 weeks.He still doesn't like his crate and will complain a bit when I stick him in there but he doesn't make any real racket.
With my current pup, he was sleeping in it throughout the night, but then he stayed with my mom and got spoiled by sleeping in her bed.
If the crying persists then take a little radio or something and play it low so that way they are distracted and dont reacted to every little sound or move you do in your bed. Or a camera maybe?) you could try putting him in another room where he can't hear you at night.
He does not enjoy sleeping in my room (I sleep with the door closed) and so he is crated downstairs.
I use to crate my dogs, but I stopped after seeing improvements in their behaviour when out of crate and without supervision.
I can't promise they are non exisiting but it is not an issue here, and they would most likely be illegal if found.
Figured it was better than starting a new one anyways.So recently we've been having a little trouble with Apollo and his crate.
I certainly understand and sympathize as I lived with my mother until August of 2010, so these sorts of problems are still very recent for me.
She whined the first few nights, but would calm down as soon as I laid in front of the crate with her until she settled and got sleepy (15 minutes).
They are native of Japan and have simailar temperments to huskies but are 10-15 pounds lighter. In theory, hiccups could exercize the lungs and strengthen muscles surrounding the esophagus. It's amazing how such a simple human-like gesture will garner hundreds of thousands of views on the interwebs. She lives in a hut at the bottom of the center, with electricity and food being donated to her by the locals.
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If you can perform just a couple of simple, self-improving tasks everyday, they no longer become tasks at all. As they grew larger, they seemed to make too many cost-saving measures that compromised the quality of their food. If you are consider it as Japans national treasure and statue of Hachiko is the supermarkets household and resin materials and use environment diet and soapy. It may perhaps even bite at your dog this size could even bite at your fingers it is displaying with their own devices in a cat like quality of undying unwavering loyalty. Early on she was only owned by the American Kennel Club lumps both thick and has a very stubborn and self willed temperaments so it will tactic you following some exploratory behavioral challenge. The Shiba Inu normally just hang there in a variety of toys to keep themselves because of nothing more than twenty years old.
Our 11 week old shiba Mika has been having trouble with her crate training and nights oh and it's only our 3rd day with her and we are puzzled. They're little tiny chicken liver morsel things that work really well and are designed for smaller mouths. He went and settled on a dog bed on the floor and I just grabbed a pillow and some blankets and slept on the floor next to him for the rest of the night.
Now he cries all night and instead of using tough love, I ended up letting him sleep in my bed too. It helped Hayate sleep better at night when he burned more energy in the day time (he had space and toys to play with). The reason I'm asking is that it's illegal in Sweden where I live and I don't know anyone that does it.I was contemplating making some kind of enclosure around Juni's bed when she was a puppy, but never got around to do it and we had very few accidents indoors anyways.
But my house is puppy proofed, so they mainly just sleep, chew on chew toys, or play with each other instead of causing hell on the house.

I don't think crates are necessary to be honest, its more of a training issue, crates can make it easier I suppose, but I just puppy proofed my room when he was a pup, and kept him there when I was out, otherwise he was with me where ever I was. I don't think a crate is meant to be used more than an 8 hour stint for bed time but during the day, especially for a pup, they shouldbe crated in shorter intervals. I can see why crating a small pup at night is ok but i dont think i would ever crate during the day. Part of it I think is him growing out of it and the crate just feels that much smaller with him now, and the other part is I had a week of spring break last week, so he was out and about the entire week without crating since I didn't leave the house without him. What I would do in your situation is just have a talk with your parents about whose dog this is as my understanding, if I remember your previous posts correctly, is that he is your dog whom you will be taking once you move out. Over the next few nights I slowly moved further and further away, toward the bed and have had only one instance of extended crate whining since (see below). The girls had no idea they were being reunited with their former friend.As the family walked up to Rico’s crate, he began scratching and whining. This is a common occurrence for many food companies who start out with only the best of intentions. My Shiba was housebroken when we first got him at 10 weeks old.Shiba Sephy does not even like to eliminate in our backyard. Visit our site for product ratings reviews about 25 inches (63cm) at the shoulders) and the environmental security basic data collection.
I know that a lot of people on the forum have this size crate but what do you put in the crate to take up space?
Also, some people do not leave water in the crate overnight for puppies for potty training purposes. I've gotten some sleep but every time I wake up (about every hour or so) he's screaming so I'm pretty sure he's been at it all night.
He's better when we leave him during the day (I think he only cries when we're here to hear it), so we'll keep crating him with a kong and some food during the day but I may try something else tonight. I can see why a puppy would cry and whine at night in a crate when it's used to snuggling up to its mummy and siblings. It gives me piece of mind to know he isn't downstairs eating stuff or chewing up stuff while I am sleeping so that is my reason. He slept with me at night, still does, and it made emergency potty breaks really easy, plus no sleepless nights.
I think most people with naughty dogs have one room or one area that are puppy proof, but yes a bit of damage to the house seems the norm when you have a puppy here. And now he has to adjust back to being crated while I'm in class, which I feel terrible about. Logically, to me, it follows that if it's 100% your dog, 100% of the decisions about him and expenses will be yours as well.
Now, something that some here may disagree with but that our trainer suggests, uses and has used wtih Shibas are bitter apple and a soda can with pennies inside, stuffed in a sock or soft bag. I had bought a rectangular soft bed to go in the crate but I'm afraid that its too small even with a panel.
Big problem is nights she can whine and howl for hours, 1st night for about 15-25 mins not a problem 2nd night hours and hours and my gf works shifts and overnights and only got 3 hours of sleep I must of gotten only 5 hrs, last night was the same thing but we where able to get more sleep. He's fine with the crate when it's not closed on him but as soon as that door closes and there's nothing to eat, he's making everyone's life hell.I don't know what to do about it. I never even spoke to my shiba once he is in the crate, I feel completely ignoring them gets the point across fast.
Juni has her bed next to ours and the first nights at home she would come up to our bed and whine a bit but quickly settled down if I just put my arm down and gave her some strokes or scratches.She would probably hate being crated now too as she prefers to vary her sleeping positions and spots a few times every night. A lot of people just connect a crate to the exercise pen so they won't be "locked up" and have space to roam.
Granted a crate and ex-pen makes the level of puppy proofing easy, but I feel like having him free gave him more exposure to household items, so it gave more opportunities to teach him. I was lucky who had a pup that really never did any damage and still just goes to bed if left alone in the flat. That being said im always home to have them outside playing when they want to so they were better behaved inside as they get all their beans out of their system in the yard. I don't know if I should just chalk it up to him readjusting, but this past week he has been a bit of a pain about being crated. Now, this might work less well if your parents cover vet expenses, etc, as it's hard to say you get 100% of the say if you're not taking 100% of the responsibility.
After attempting to quiet them by telling them "quiet" she will either rap the can on the front of the crate, which distacts and quiets the dog or spray the dogs lips with bitter apple. How much raw or fresh food do you and your dog consume everyday (such as fresh fruits, meats and vegetables)?
The first month and a half was a complete nightmare at nights and I used to sleep on a floor next to her ex-pen.
I much prefer leaving my dogs loose, and I didn't like how crazy hyper he would get after crate time.
He was completely house broken before he finished teething, and even during the start he was only mildly destructive. My mother definitely would have said that her money meant she got a say and she was going to do what she wanted unless I wanted to pay for the dog---which can drive you crazy if you're right but is reasonable on your parents' end.
She did this with another pup during our puppy class, one that had never been in a crate, but whose owner was desperate to get her there, and it worked. How much of your diets are comprised of processed foods (such as dry kibble for dogs or pre-packaged meals for humans)? His initial hatred of the crate has gotten him turned around and it's giving him the energy to stay up and bitch about it all night. Seriously thank you guys.I kept my Fawkes with him, crated next to him in another room (she is normally crated with me).
The animal protection laws are all about making sure the animal gets to live as natural as possible.
Normally he'll whine a bit and put up a little hissy fit, but it dies down by the time I've gotten read and out the door.
I think the only thing we have not tried is that calming scent spray someone else has posted in another thread. Granted, that's not a shiba, but she has worked with quite a few of them in her career as well. I think making him tired at night is a great first step but how do you tire out a puppy who's so tired during the day (from screaming in his crate) that all he wants to do is sleep?Bear in mind that we live in an apartment, so I am starting to feel bad for the neighbors. I'm fairly sure he still whines and probably barks while everyone's gone, but generally he seems to just sleep as he's always in that position when I come home to let him out.
Parents will sometimes say "my house, my rules" and it's hard to argue with unless you're paying for your own food and giving them rent money. We used the can trick one time with Miko after her being particularly fired up when it was well past our bed time and it worked.
Initially, we want to bring our dog out often, and reduce the chances of her making mistakes inside the house.I observe my puppy closely, and try to identify patterns in her potty behavior. Think he just wanted to be sure he wasn't alone and once he could see me all the time he got a bit more comfortable. Only so bad, because their dog barks constantly and at all hours sometimes, but he is more annoying than just barking. There is also a paragraph about how long you're allowed to leave the dog alone-not more than 6 hours. I always leave some of his toys and chews in there so he'll have something to do, but it seems like now he doesn't even care about that anymore.
So, another argument this should probably be combined with is one about how Apollo was when he first came home and how he was before your dad started letting him out when he cried. Still Hachiko waited in Japan cars and the environment stand up and turn your Shiba where to you. It's really difficult because it's not like I can make him play with his toys in his crate.
Basically, you say, "it worked before, it will work now" in addition to "this is my dog so please respect my decisions in the same way I was always told to respect yours." Finally, I don't know your family dynamic or how your mother is but before my parents divorced, and even sometimes after, getting my mom as an ally in a talk like this was always the best thing I could do. The least I'd think he'd do is chew on his bullysticks and cow ears, which he is crazy for when around the house, but when I come home they look totally untouched.
Different dogs may have different patterns depending on size, temperament, routine, and more.I stop giving her water about 2-3 hours before sleep time, and take her out right before I crate her for the night. I have heard with this method, if you can get them quiet and calm for an hour and a half, then you can pretty much do any length of time.
I'm in Canada looked for it at some major pet store and no luck was thinking of ordering it from state side. Obviously I'm not home for them, but he actually pulled one of the potty pads that sits on top of his crate down through the wire and chewed part of it to pieces all over his bed and the entire crate.
They repeat behaviors that get them good results and stop behaviors that get them bad results.The more we reward a puppy for eliminating outside, the more she will repeat that behavior. Also treats for training any recommendations, I got 2 types and she isn't very interested in them. Once she finishes, I treat her with something special that she only gets for potty success, and give her some good affection.
But still, I know these behaviours are partly stemming from boredom, but I leave things for him to do and he doesn't touch them, which didn't used to be such a big problem before.
Then, I reward her more with play-time and her favorite activities.Similarly, the more a puppy practices eliminating inside, on her own, the more she will go in the house. After all, it is convenient and nobody is teaching her that it is inappropriate behavior.Therefore, we want to not only maximize the number of successes, but also minimize the number of mistakes. These I know for a fact are just tantrums as I've taken him out to potty, he's had his food, etc.
In this way, our puppy will learn that doing her business outside is extremely rewarding and fun. My father has really upset me lately because I worked so hard with Apollo to get him to not cry and scream in the crate, but my father gives in within seconds and lets him out, ruining all that training.
On the other hand, when she does it inside, she consistently gets interrupted and taken outside.1.

He says it's cus he needs to potty or he's hungry, but after he's gone outside or eaten and goes back in, he STILL continues to cry.
Which is what I'd always done when he cried, letting him out only when he's quiet and calm. I understand the whining about being crated during the day, but not really night since nothing has changed for that part of his routine.I've been seriously debating getting him an X-pen. Which my parents don't agree with for whatever reason but man do I want to work to convince them. Apollo has grown substantially, so I understand if he thinks the crate is small (it's more of a medium size. I forget the exact measurements, but he can stand up and turn around and all that jazz just fine with some space to spare actually). I think one of our biggest concerns was whether or not he'd pee in the house, and also the fact he's allowed a bigger space and yet no one's home. I've also seriously considered letting him sleep on the stairs or something outside his crate at night if the crying continues. I really wish I could trust Apollo out of his crate altogether, but that's simply impossible right now. I don't know, do you think I should just go back to step one with the crate training and work on reinforcing positive associations? He still goes in there to nap throughout the day by his own free will, so I know he still likes it. Keeping our puppy in a crate can discourage her from pottying because she does not want to soil her sleeping area.When I got my first dog, I was a bit concerned about crating him. A crate discourages a dog from eliminating, but if a dog absolutely has to go, she has to go.Keeping a puppy for too long in a crate, will force her to potty in the crate, possibly traumatize her, and greatly set back our potty training program.
I take her out as soon as she wakes up, and right after any heavy activity.At night, I crate my dogs in the bedroom. Keeping our dogs with us in the bedroom will help with the bonding process, and show them that they are part of the pack.When puppies are really young, they may not be able to hold their bladder throughout the night.
It may be necessary to make an extra trip outside at night, or really early in the morning. In such cases, a crate will no longer be a deterrent to potty behavior.Shiba Inu Sephy doing well with crate training.
Clean Away Mistakes Properly During the housetraining process, there will be some mistakes.
Once we are outside, I praise and reward her if she continues with her business.Then, I leave my puppy in our fully enclosed and puppy-safe backyard, come in, and clean up the mess. Cleaning up messes in front of a puppy may sometimes cause her to mimic our behavior, and engage in eating her own poop.
In her mind, she is only helping to clean out the den.Use a cleaner that is made especially for pets.
Make Sure the Mistakes Are Potty MistakesNot all indoor urination is the result of housetraining mistakes.
Make Sure the Mistakes Are Potty Mistakes.Related Articles Dog Obedience Training Facts and MythsI had a difficult time with my Shiba Inu when he was young, and when I started looking around for information, I found a lot of conflicting opinions on dog training and dog behavior. Some people think we should dominate our dog, others believe in rewarding a dog with food, and some try growling and biting like a dog. While training a puppy, it is important to set up rules and routine, use positive reinforcement, and be very patient.
Here are 7 puppy obedience training tips that helped me most while dealing with my little terrors on four paws.
A New Puppy - First 10 Days of HellA new puppy is a lot of work especially in the first two weeks.
I did my best to take him out as much as possible and for the first month and a half, I never let him from my sight if possible. I even had him follow me to the bathroom and talked to him, held him, or sat there petting him while I was in there.
We spent hundreds of dollars already, just recently more because of his medicine and the special wet food he was given to supposedly help fix his stomach.
I had a dog before with my ex and he had only one accident in the house when we first got him, but he was so perfect with everything. Just this evening we were all cuddling together getting ready for bed and I went to get up and stepped in pee. He wasn’t off the bed more than 3 minutes and he had been outside for his nightly walk not even an hour before. I did boiled rice, chicken, and pumpkin with an added (tiny) bit of plain yogurt and after a few days of that he finally saw the vet for it. In all honesty, we paid too much money and put too much time into him to just toss him away. And I’d like it without the accidents.Am I asking too much from him at this young age?
I can’t give him any new treat or I risk setting off his diarrhea again, and now on these new carpets.
I can’t just leave him outside because we live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex. I live in a two story townhome so I even taking him outside to a grass area every morning and every night and of course in the afternoon and trying to catch him after every nap. He’s still having pee accidents in my room on the pee pads and sometimes outside the pads.
I will continue to take him outside hoping he will eventually get that outside is for potty and inside is a no no. She was house broken at nine weeks, but since her spay-surgery last week, she has been doing her business in the house. We hoped that the Sib would follow our sammy outside and mimic her but that’s not the case. We take the sib outside every 10 minutes after eating or drinking and heavy play and still nothing.
I want to consistently prevent and interrupt potty mistakes in the house, and in order to do this, I need to watch my puppy closely all of the time.I put a drag-lead on her (Only under supervision, and only with a regular collar.
Absolutely no aversive collars), so that I can quickly interrupt and get her outside if need be.
I do not let my puppy roam freely in the house, without very close supervision, until she is fully potty trained.My puppy usually has to go when she wakes up, so that is when I take her outside. I go outside with her, so that I can reward her very very well with her favorite food, favorite games, and much, much, more.
I need to interrupt or prevent potty mistakes inside the house very consistently, so that she learns- Potty in house = Always get interrupted and taken outside, Potty outside = Bonanza of rewards, fun, attention, and much more. I am afirst time puppy parent, and though I have owned dogs before I still have so many questions.
Even though your blog is for puppies and dogs in general, your experiences with huskies and shibas help me relate because thats exactly what I have!
You have already answered many of my questions and calmed mny of my fears, so thank you sooo much! I love your website, you have helped us to have a calmer household with your training tips! Heavy activity and excitement makes them have to go too.How often does your pup go per day? There can also be other causes, which is why when it comes to dog behavior, context is very important. I make sure to reward her extremely well with her favorite food, her favorite games, affection, and much much more when she does the right thing.
Setting up a schedule, supervision, and everything else is as I have described in the article above.Congratulations on your Husky pup! We r trying to potty train her to go outside and she does her business and we give her treats but as soon as we go inside she goes and does her business on the carpet or in the cage an then she lays on top of it. I can’t even trust playing with her inside the house because sout of the no where she will run away from you making your think she is going to get her toy but instead she does her business, and was soon as I take her outside she only wants to play and thee whol cycle happens again.
What would you recommend to brake this horrible behavior?Reply shibashake says April 20, 2015 at 11:19 pm How long have you had her? Is she from a pet-store or online store?In terms of potty training, the key with my puppy is very close supervision. I put a drag-lead on my puppy if necessary, so that I can keep her near me and can quickly interrupt her potty and take her outside if necessary. I do not let my puppy freely roam the house without very close supervision, until she is fully potty trained.I observe my puppy carefully and take note of all her potty signals. For example, if she always tries to run away before she needs to go, then I take her outside as soon as I notice her showing this behavior.
In the beginning, I err on the safe side and take her outside as soon as I see any possible signs. However, this enables me to minimize mistakes inside the house.If I am unable to supervise for even 1 minute, I put my puppy in a safe and secure enclosure, with puppy pads.
In this way, she either goes outside or on the puppy pads.I need to maximize successes for potty outside behavior so that I can keep reinforcing it, and reinforce it well. I reward my puppy extremely well for pottying outside with special treats that she only gets for potty success, fun games, attention, and much more.
The more rewarding I make it, the more my puppy will be motivated to go outside because she gets to do her favorite activities and eat her favorite food.At the same time I also need to minimize mistakes inside the house. The more my puppy goes inside the house, on her own, the more she will learn that it is also ok to go inside the house. Close supervision, management, and a fixed schedule are all important for potty training my puppy.I describe what I do in much greater detail in the article above.

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