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Remove the rabbit once it begins to get tired from running or if you see the puppy being aggressive.
If you take your pup out with other good hunting dogs as it's growing you can miss steps 1 through 6. If unable to get a tame rabbit, rabbit fur or bottled rabbit scent could be used to train your pup to track scents. I'd reccomend getting into a small, quiet training class if he'll tolorate it :) It'd be a great bonding experiance for you both and maybe it'll give him some more confidence!
Sorry I don't know much about the Mountain Cur side but as a hunting dog, I'd assume they act similar to hounds in the prey-drive.
Common eye diseases of dogs, including Cherry Eye, Eyelash Problems, Entropion, Ectropion, Conjunctivitis and more. I love this photo of you Beamer, you are absolutely gorgeous and I adore your beautiful ears!

Puppies at this age have a short attention span so remember to keep training between 10-15 minutes for 2 or 3 times a day. Puppies, especially hound breeds, are very curious and will very easily follow another trail and get lost.
May you have a long, healthy and happy life snuggling with your family and best stuffed friend! I would have thought having Husky in him would have made him a bit bigger, but he is adorbale all the same, and he looks very happy! It also helps to take a piece of meat and drag it a few feet so the puppy can learn to follow a scent trail. Do this until your puppy is tracking and baying at rabbits without the need of praise or encouragement.
So I am wondering does anyone know what training someone could do to a dog to make him a hunting dog that would also create behavioral problems?

I love the way he puts his paws when he sits, so cute =) Kisses & hugs from me & my puppy Zoey!
It's probably because of my floppy ears and droopy eyes and the fact that I always look so sad, but looks can be deceiving--I'm an extremely happy dog! Beamer you are the best and my gang of Wally, Tula, Buford and Lolly wish you a long healthy and happy life. B will remain a part of the hearts and minds of our family for generations to come as the mischievous, rascally hound that he is!

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