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3rd book from the left is "50 Games To Play With Your Dog" and gives your pooch some variety and good exercise too. Hypothyroidisma€”An underactive thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone which reduces the English Pointer's metabolism level. Cataracts - Hazy or cloudy vision and if not treated can eventually lead to total blindness in the dog.

Pannusa€”A disorder of the cornea of the eye affecting certain breeds in the 4 to 7 year range with an increase in Pointers living at higher elevations. Deafnessa€”Hereditary or caused by: Excessive loud noise, Intolerance to anesthesia, drug toxicity, and Otitis (middle ear infection), In some cases, one ear can have no hearing from birth and the other ear can be losing the ability to hear over time, undetected, then suddenly one morning the hearing is totally gone in the Pointer.

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