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I will never take a pup out of a crate when he is fussing, as that only teaches if he fusses enough, then he can come out. The real reason for crate training, besides preventing problems, is to help you predict when the pup will need to eliminate, so you can take him to the correct spot. Then take him back in and play with him, or if he likes it outside, play with him outside, or take him for a walk (after third set of shots). The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. Many dog training websites will tell you that only one way is the proper way to potty train your dog.
Puppy PadsBecause we are the bestselling brand of puppy pads in America, with over 2 billion sold, we know how effective puppy pads can be. As you start the house training process it’s important to understand what exactly your new puppy needs and doesn’t need. Current trends in puppy training and puppy house training teach positive methods in house training your new puppy leaving the old training methods of verbal and physical punishment behind in the dust where they belong. Crate training puppies has long been known to be a great way to accelerate the house training process because puppies don’t like to soil in their den. Puppies often take up a favorite spot under a desk or table where they can feel safe away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. Your Dog Training Questions: My Dog Digs, Digs, Digs Your Dog Training Questions: Where Should I Socialize My Puppy? It becomes a familiar and secure place, whether in the car, at a motel or a dog show, visiting, or just at home. Place the crate in an area so he is with you, and part of family activities, even as an observer.
Not only does this provide comfort to the puppy, but your own sleeping patterns will encourage the pup to slumber on and form instinct. Hopefully he has already been paper trained by the breeder, and knows not to soil his living quarters. If he REALLY likes it outside, and you continually take him inside after eliminating, he will learn to HOLD it to extend his outside time. At MEDNET Direct, we know that there is not one specific way to train your pet, however there are 2 products that will help you do so more effectively: Puppy Pads & Pet Crates.

Puppy Pads offer a great way to protect your home furnishings while your pet learns to potty outdoors. Be consistent with taking your puppy out for much needed potty breaks throughout the day as needed. However, some new puppy owners think this is cruel and that their puppy will think it’s being punished.
In addition to greatly assisting in the house training process, crating your puppy also helps to protect your stuff from becoming chew toys and it helps to build puppy confidence in being alone.
They will take up refuge there with their back to the wall so they can keep an eye out on all things going on.
Otherwise, you will create issues where the dog feels confined and trapped, seeing the crate as negative. I wait till he stops fussing for about five minutes, and then take him out without a big welcome.
If you plan to take him for a walk, then he should do his eliminating at home, before you go.
Both of these dog training tools are effective means of training your pet, and can be more effective when used together.
These Puppy Pads also work great for people living in condos, town homes or apartments where going outside is not a permanent option.
It's helpful to utilize a dog crate when your pet is new to your home, to ensure they do not chew or destroy anything while you are not home, until they learn their boundaries.
Many people punish a dog like mad for messing in the house, and then virtually ignore the good behavior when they eliminate outside. Many people take their pups for a walk, and as soon as they eliminate, they bring the dog home, thus sending the message that they are going home because the dog eliminated. Some dogs can be quiet, and stand at the door and look at it, some will let out a little yip, but others rely on you to see them standing at the door. Below you will find a breakdown of each dog training tool, and how it works with the opposite tool to produce maximum results. MEDNET Direct is delighted to offer a variety of dog crates for all your dog training needs. While this can seem to be confusing, it’s really not because both terms refer to the same thing: Teaching your new puppy when and where to go to the bathroom.

Your undivided attention to where your puppy is and what he’s doing, while in the house will allow you to catch mistakes before they happen. While our little fluffy domesticated puppies don’t have to worry about predators, the instincts are still there.
If you want to start your walk right away, do not turn around and head home as soon as he poops.
Using Puppy Pads to train your pet is simple, just place the pad on the floor where you would like your pet to eliminate. When selecting a dog crate you will need to select a dog crate that will accommodate the size of your pet, ensuring they have ample space to move, sleep and play in their crate when you are away.
I prefer using the term house training because it puts a kinder, softer description to the process – and more importantly, nothing gets broken – there is no breakage. Perhaps let the dog eat in the crate or give it a bone or toy to play with inside the crate with the door open. Protect your pet's crate with our puppy pads by lining them on the bottom of the crate in case of an accident.
Close the puppy in the crate at regular one-to-two-hour intervals, and whenever he must be left alone, for up to three or four hours. Once your pet is accustomed to using the puppy pads, gradually move them toward the door and outside where you would like your pet to go. Using puppy pads in this fashion will keep your pet's environment clean and dry while they are training.
This is a general crate rule that applies to both puppies and adult dogs, not just when in training, but every single time you put a dog in a crate.
When your pet is learning, our puppy pads will protect all of your carpet, flooring and furniture from messy pet stains and odors. Our puppy pads absorb up to one full cup of liquid and offer a plastic backing to prevent leaks!

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