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Well, my opinion with most of these is that they are trolling, hence the tongue in cheek presentation.
Some of these questions make no damn sense and others… pretty legit, especially the one with the woman that she suspects could be a potential molester. Good for her for being proactive and getting assistance to deal with the issue (not via Yahoo, but she mentioned agency involvement). Telling a kid from a young age that he’s a molester is a great way to raise a kid who turns into a molester.
Ken is concerned that his promiscuous behaviors earlier in life may have affected the health of his sperm and, consequently, the health of his future child(ren).
Ugh, I hate people who have children just so they have someone to take care of them when they’re old.
I had a boyfriend who was convinced the only reason his mother had him and his siblings was so that they could take care of the house. You might wonder the flavor of a Hello Kitty pop tart might be, it is Meow-Berry of course. For the stripper who has everything, there are the Hello Kitty pasties which you can pick up a pair from Etsy for $55.
For a little sexy Hello Kitty undie action, there is the Hello Kitty G-string thong available from Etsy for just $7.99. Don't use just a normal boring lawnmower to trim your lawn, instead you totally need the Hello Kitty pretty pink lawnmower.

So what makes the Hello Kitty Electronics Cleaning Wipes different than other electronic cleaning wipes? Does food taste better or does it taste just cuter when it is cooker in the Hello Kitty Slow Cooker.
For those who want safe sex via Hello Kitty, there is the collection of Hello Kitty condoms. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. There were plenty of more serious questions, or questions that were obviously asked by someone genuinely looking for help who might not be great at English, that I left out. I hope she gets real help for her son so she won’t have to rely on yahoo for resources. My shock with questions like that is why the hell are they on Yahoo Answers and not talking to the authorities or a professional! My mom worked at a nursing home full of hundreds of people with children who didn’t give a damn about them and never visited.
So seriously, even if you have kids for love, don’t even JOKE about having them to take care of the house or you when you get old, it will turn into a huge deal of resentment when they get older.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There’s something seriously wrong if a child has a history of touching other children inappropriately.

And even with the one person who mentions an agency, the way they go about asking I find disturbing.
And now she wants to know how to not get a baby without a pill OE (Which I think could be Oy, so she’s either Jewish or an anarchist punk) condom. Or any of those other million and one items of clothing in existence that can’t be pulled down. Answers has something that no other similar site has: the most dim-witted, douche-tastic members every born. And yeah, some of these sound like they were written by someone young or maybe without the firmest grasp of the English language, but not everyone out there is as articulate and with it as you know, Mommyish contributors and commentors. But these are people who, for the most part, are dealing with serious problems and clearly lack the supports or resources to get the help they need. But there is a whole plethora of far more wacky, crazy and bizarre Hello Kitty branded goodies out there, I’m talking about Hello Kitty lawnmowers, Hello Kitty sanitary napkins to even a Hello Kitty pop tarts.

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