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Extensive research into competitive diapering products and odor control from other product categories was conducted. Once the most effective methods were identified the team worked to apply them to a diaper pail concept.
The simple operation, readily-available refills and outstanding odor control make the Clean Air Diaper Disposal System a favorite among parents, and the product has gained placement at many major retailers. This is the perfect thing to chill for my little guy when he needs a little somthing something for his teething.
Sign up for our newsletters to getthe latest product reviews, recallnews, and coupons fromyour favorite brands. Is there a separate area for diaper changing – away from food and meal preparation areas? Are changing tables leak proof, kept in good repair, and cleaned and sanitized after each use?
Are changing tables equipped with railings or barriers that extend at least 6 inches above the change surface (to prevent falls from rolling)? In child care centers, are handwashing sinks within arm’s reach of the caregiver to diaper changing tables and toilets?
In family homes, are handwashing sinks within 10 feet of the changing table if the diapering area cannot be set up so the sink is next to the changing table?
Are soiled cloth diapers and soiled clothing individually bagged to be sent home with a parent at the end of the day? Janibell announces the all new M400D Commercial Diaper Disposal System for child care market.
Odor control is essential to maintaining a clean and hygienic image and a pleasant workplace.

I sincerely hope the JANIBELL name is accepted well by our existing customers and does not create undue confusion.
Once again, thank you for your support as we renew our promise to better serve you now and in the future. Janibell attended at 2008 California Green School Summit at Anaheim Convention Center, CA between Dec. Many diaper pails and disposal systems promise that they are odor-free, easy to use and cost little to operate. The team stepped away from the idea of a “diaper pail” and rather explored odor control in general, creating several breadboards of ideas and testing their effectiveness at controlling the “worst” smells. The final design allows the user to deposit a diaper by opening the lid, placing the diaper into a bag opening area and pressing down on the lid.
The camera is small and wall mountable, and the monitor clips onto your pants for easy traveling around the house. This large 15 gallon model is specifically designed to meet the concerns of child care centers.  Once soiled diapers are dropped into this container, users never see, smell, or touch the contents again. The M400D contains an ingenious continuous flow liner system that eliminates the often messy job of removing and replacing traditional trash liners. To better serve our customers, we must continue to add to and improve upon our past products. But research showed that the majority of parents were dissatisfied with the offerings currently on the market. The soiled diaper is pushed into the main chamber, which is designed to be lined with a readily-available tall kitchen bag.
To remove trash, simply open the door in front, pull the liner down, cut the disposal bag to the right size using the built-in safety cutter, and tie off new liner above.

Accordingly, we have decided to refresh our image, to mark a new beginning with a new name. I have told my friends and relatives about this can because you can’t keep something this good to yourself. The First Years® asked PI to work with them in developing a diaper disposal system that truly met the end users’ needs with regards to odor, operation, convenience and cost. Use of this bag allows for cost-savings for the parent as no special or expensive refills need to be purchased.
The M400D liner cartridge, with over 100 feet of material, is able to dispose of up to 1,000 soiled diapers over several weeks between refills.  This system saves your staff several hours per month by not having to locate, open, and install replacement trash bags every day. Plastic crimper arms were engineered to pinch the top of the bag together to trap odors and open only to allow a diaper to pass into the main chamber.
The bag is removed for disposal while the contents at all times remain safely sealed inside the Janibell liner. The lid is equipped with a charcoal filter and a battery-operated fan utilizing 4 D-cell batteries. The fan circulates fresh air each time a diaper is inserted and can also be activated at any time by pushing a button.
The entire system can be operated with one hand, a major concern of parents who often put their diapers into a pail while still holding one hand on their baby on a changing table.

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