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The photo above shows Florence Hamilton of Columbus busily folding 1,000 diapers per hour at General Diaper Service, which was located at 691 Bank Road in Columbus.
Cloth diapers offered through a weekly subscribed service takes the stink out of caring for baby!
When you are interested in weekly diaper service or washing at home, connect with Andria through phone, e-mail, or the Contact page.
For our full terms of use and service policies, please visit here to familiarize yourself with how our service operates.
Our service includes the use of our cotton prefold diapers and the laundering of these items.
On your delivery day all you need to do is put the used batch of cotton diapers from the previous week out for pickup in the hospital grade liner provided in the pre-designated area (front porch for houses, in front of doors for apartments, etc.) agreed on.
We ask that all new sign ups register with Nature's Premiere at least 4 weeks before their delivery date.
Diaper InventoryWhen you start service, we will supply you with a full "master count" of diapers to fit your needs.
We service all of Suffolk (from South Hampton west, we do not service Montauk) and Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan. If I live in an apartment building, do I need to provide a key? TOPWe will work with you to find the most secure way to deliver and pick up your diapers.How do I use cloth diapers? A diaper cover goes over the prefold diapers that  Nature's Premiere Diaper Service provides. Regardless of what kind of diaper you use, you should change your baby at least every two hours.

We recommend purchasing your own small stash of cloth diapers for vacations and service holds. The liners we provide as part of the weekly service are generous enough in size to contain a large amount of diapers. Below is an overview of how the service works and what you can expect when using cloth diapers. We do the dirty work so you dont have to! Please shake out any big solids into toilet and flush to help prevent stains and limit diaper pail odor.
We will help you become confident in using your new chosen diaper by providing a free Skype consultation when you order service. We are a professional laundering service that follows the strictest guidelines on sanitation in our facility.
TOPWhen you sign up for service part of the rental package we provide include two hospital grade liners, rotated bi weekly. Using them will hold the diaper on your baby more snugly and will minimize or prevent waste from staining the cover. Current customers will receive 1 free week of service when they refer a friend to our service as our way of saying thank you. Should you request more than the one liner we provide you per week, there is an extra $5 charge per week to cover the laundering and rental of the liner. Each week, on your scheduled delivery night, NPDS will wisk away your used diapers for a batch of clean, fresh, pH balanced cotton diapers for the week ahead. We aim to schedule your first drop off 2 weeks before your due date, so you have the diapers on hand and ready for when baby comes.

We will go over folding techniques, diaper area care and what to do with the dirty diapers that need to be picked up. You would store your diapers inside of this liner during the week, then on your delivery night you would tighten the bag up and leave out for your weekly diaper swap.
You can also spot wash them with your baby's normal detergent in the bathroom sink and hang them in the tub to dry. Bacteria begins to form as soon as a child wets or soils, and leaving a diaper on a baby for prolonged periods can not only produce irritation but compromise the skin to the point of serious infection. When out and about, we highly recommend using a wet bag which comes in several sizes to fit your needs.
Nature's Premiere provides 1 Snappi with start up kit additional Snappi's can be purchased from Nature's Premiere Diaper Service for $4.25 each.
The chemical dryness of disposables has produced a great lowering of standards in baby care because parents are led to believe that as long as the diaper feels dry, it's all right to leave on. If you still need more diapers added to your delivery then there is a fee of $2.50 per week added to your service account. Please do not try to wash diapers at home as home laundering generally causes detergent buildup and can stain diapers. Dry does not mean clean, and the urine absorbed by the chemicals used in disposables stays right next to a baby's skin.

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