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Celebrity Sightings: Check out our Magazine Sightings this week with Fleurville, Mabels Labels and Bloomers Baby in OK! Hello again from IGN Movies' new "Featured" series, where we take a director, screenwriter, actor or other cinematic player who's got a new movie coming out and we jump in our IGN time machine for a look back at his or her career with a quick overview and summary of how the person in question got from there to here -- including hits, misses, and everything in between. If you've bought Leggies or a Swaddling Blanket from me and wish to be pictured here, please PM me a link to your photograph!
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Yesterday was Michelle Rodriguez's turn, and today we're talking about the guy who your girlfriend or wife would dump you for in an instant -- Paul Walker.
Depending on the blanket, you will either receive an insert in the matching flannel or matching cotton gauze. His dad was a sewer contractor, he was raised a Mormon and graduated from a Christian high school, and once in community college he aspired to be a marine biologist. His mom had been a model before she married, and his dad was a two-time Golden Gloves boxer prior to settling down.
Walker explained to IGN how that role came about during an interview back when the original Fast and the Furious came out. With the tagline "To protect and surf," the film starred Walker and the where-is-he-now Steve Van Wormer as the brothers of the title, a couple of pot-impaired surfers.

The film was panned upon release, but it helped Walker gain enough recognition that a variety of choice feature supporting roles soon followed. There wasn't really a time where all of a sudden [smacks his hands together for emphasis] I took it seriously.

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