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There is an extra layer of fabric sandwiched down the middle of the diaper, and Mother-ease sells inserts that snap onto the inside snaps for added absorbency. According to the videos on the Mother-ease website, to size this diaper for newborns (small), fold the rise down and snap the waist to fit. Nobody remembers how much my mother-in-law paid for them back in 2005, but Mother-ease One Size Fitted Diapers with the stay dry lining are currently listed at $15.75 on the Mother-ease website. My sister-in-law used her Mother-ease One Size fitteds on her daughter from about six months through to potty training at age three. Because there’s no PUL, these can be washed in hot water and put in the dryer as needed. As I mentioned before, these diapers don’t seem to fit smaller babies all that well, though they fit my niece and oldest daughter comfortably until age three. The only sign of wear I can see is the terry material has worn bare on a few small areas that get rubbed against the most. This entry was posted in Cloth Diaper Reviews, Cloth Diapering, Long-Term Cloth Diaper Reviews, Reviews and tagged Canadian, cloth diaper reviews, cloth diapers, fitted diapers, long-term diaper reviews, Mother-ease, one size. These will be sent back to my sister-in-law when her new baby gets bigger, and that will make it 4 babies then! All my covers are boring white with tiny pictures (I have the Asia, Wetlands, whales, and pawprints). I’m also looking at ME for night time solutions once the twins stop popping at night. This is one of the styles that we used for our children and I agree that it is a well-made diaper. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We appreciated their professional assistance, they were very helpful and prompt; they also made suggestions to assist us with all decisions as requested.
Currently they come in four fabrics: cotton terry, organic cotton terry, bamboo terry, and stay dry (stay dry lining over cotton terry).
I used these for overnights on my oldest for about the same age range, and I’m currently using these on my youngest, again for overnights.

They are sturdy enough to survive repeated washings and even occasional bleaching, a blessing with overnight diapers which can develop ammonia problems over time. The edges around the leg holes and the corners of the sewn in soaker region show the most wear.
I have no relationship with Mother-ease or its retailers, and I did not receive any compensation financially or in kind.
I have been looking for a new overnight diaper scine i wasn’t too impressed by the Sloomb OBF, what everyone seems to believe is the BEST overnight diaper. They fit my tiny daughter until she potty trained at 25 lbs and are just as great of a diaper. If I’m going to shell out $for diapers, nice to know the Laster several children and possibly even have some resell value in the future .
I'm a social worker, wife, and mom to two little girls living on the beautiful West Coast of Canada.
Parents take such a long time to find the right name for the new baby -why not pick the diaper cake that recognizes the new lad by name. When my sister-in-law had a baby in 2005, my mother-in-law bought eight Mother-ease One Size diapers for her. Keep in mind that these do require a cover to make them waterproof and you’ll need to factor that into your start-up cost.
When paired with a matching Mother-ease Air Flow cover, I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a leak with one of these. The elastics around the waist and legs are encased in rib-knit binding and are very gentle on chubby baby thighs – no red marks here!
And at the end of the day (like at bedtime – LOL), isn’t that the most important thing? I found it stiff, ill fitting and for some reason it is my only diaper that has a smell to it after washing.
These Mother-ease One Size work really well for us though (as do Mother-Ease Sandy’s – check those out too). I have always been wondering how long diapers will last given they are washed so frequently, and I have been wanting to try Motherease!

My daughter is TINY (17 lbs at 16 months) and it looks like my little boy (due in December) won’t be much different!
Join me as I blog about family life, natural parenting, paleo recipes, and living life a little greener. You can reuse covers until they get too stinky or get poop on them, so think roughly one cover for every 4 diapers. Keep in mind I found it difficult to fit these diapers properly on my babies when they were smaller, so I wouldn’t recommend these for the first few months.
In the last eight years, they’ve been worn by three babies and gone through several years in storage as well. The fold down rise gets quite bulky, and I found it difficult to get a proper fit around Kay’s thighs until she was a bit bigger. Their full cut makes them kind of the granny panties of diapers, and they really do need to be paired with Mother-ease Air Flow covers. On the plus side, these will most likely last you right through to potty training, unlike some other one size diapers. So really, the extent of this diaper’s adjustability is whether the front is folded down or left up. In a pinch, I can use Bummis Whisper Wraps a size up, but I have to be very careful to make sure all of the diaper is tucked in or it’ll leak. Bottom line, if you’re having trouble with leaks at night, these are definitely worth a try. It would be nice if I could use some of my other covers or wraps with these diapers, but they just can’t cover all that diaper.

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