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Not sure if anyone has been following the story on the Pa State police manhunt the last 18 day's for Eric Frien, aka the Diaper Sniper, accused of shooting two PSP officers in a ambush. Today the PSP anounced they have found two pipe bombs in the wood he's left behind an claim to have spotted him in the last 24 hrs. At the moment the search is centered in the Canadensis area, off Route 390, it shifts a bit depending on sighting's.
When he was captured last night the PSP used slain Corporal Bryon Dickson handcuffs on him an used Dickson's cruiser to take him to the Blooming Grove state police barracks in Pike County. I had the opportunity to hunt elk with Skyler Koury, AKA "The Diaper Sniper" and his dad Shane Koury, owner of Koury Guide Service, this last weekend on a limited opportunity elk hunt. Eric Frein is the subject of a 1,000 man search, in response to the killing of one law enforcement officer and the attempted killing of another.
Frein has been evading the searchers, including resorting to wearing adult diapers in order to remain vigilant.  His dirty didies have been found in the woods by the searchers along with his AK47. As we are approaching a second week of this manhunt, social media suggests that either Eric Matthew Frein is part of the Sovereign Citizen movement, or at least is receiving social media support and encouragement from it.  His beliefs seem consistent with those domestic terrorists and extremists, including their gun obsession and their desire to shoot their fellow citizens. Pure speculation on my part, but given that bunkers filled with weapons and ammunition are characteristic of the right wing nuttery, and given the ability of Frein to avoid capture during this period while people look for him around the clock, he probably has some sort of longer-term hiding place that he is using, something on the order of an underground bunker.

As Frein continues to be spotted, and as the searchers continue to close in, the order has been given to shoot Frein on sight if he does not surrender, which is consistent with reasonable force by law enforcement under the circumstances.
One more example of why we should have stricter gun control; people like Eric Frein should never have weapons, much less military fire power. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. At today's press conference they were implying they wanted the PGC to reverse their decision and close the area down.
Apparently the US Marshall's were searching a abandoned resort and found him hiding in aabandoned airport hangar , he had some firearms but surrendered peacefully.
12, when he allegedly killed one Pennsylvania state trooper and injured another during an ambush of the Blooming Grove police barracks. After locating a couple of shooters during several scouting trips, the elk had lady luck on their side for the first few days. PGC had decided to allow hunter's to hunt in the search area provided they wear florescent orange so as not to be mistaken for the killer they are looking for. I personally was hoping they would dispose of this trash rather than go to the time & expense of a trial!

Sorry to be so harsh but my father was in law enforcement for 40 years so this hits a little closer to home for me!
With so few elk, especially "shooters", the hunt seemed to be turning into mission impossible!
Late in the morning we cut some fresh tracks and began the three and a half hour tracking job. While the soft sand provided a good trail, the dense cover offered very few shot opportunities.
Finally, after a few close calls, Skyler was able to touch off a round and put down his bull with just one well placed shot.

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