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October 22, 2012 by Suzi 5 Comments A simple white diaper is a very versatile thing in your baby’s wardrobe. When I was first interested in using cloth diapers, I was drawn by all of the pretty colors and patterns.  After all, isn’t the cute factor kind of part of the whole point of using cloth diapers in the first place? With a colored diaper, I have to be a little more selective in what I grab so that I don’t dress kids in anything that looks gross.

With my first, we pretty much used exclusively one-size motherease diapers… so all white! I don’t own any white cloth simply because the house i used to live in had super hard well water and white anything always ended up dingy. I like white diapers for a couple of other reasons, too – they are gender neutral and they just look SO clean and fresh!

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