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Although I’m exhausted and swollen from the organizing mayhem of this weekend, I did have a moment where I visualized myself (yes, as a bird), sitting on my newly constructed nest and letting out a big “ahhhhhh”, because I knew that my baby (bird, in this example) would have a clean, comfortable and organized space to come home to. So as I enter my final weeks of being exhausted, mean, cranky, and borderline miserable pregnant, my main goal has been to get the house and all of Dylan’s stuff uber organized, so that when we bring him home, we can 100% focus on him and all his baby goodness (I’m jaded, I know) vs. Nursery Closet – Originally this closet only had one rack across the top and although I think we’re cookin’ a pretty large fella, baby stuff is small, so that just wasn’t going to cut it.
Ok, ok… sure you could just peek in the bins to see what they’re packing, but to make life easier, and ensure Jer knows where everything is, I added a few labels. Again, not yet “baby tested, mama approved”, but I think these clothing size organizers are going to be super helpful, especially since whoever determines the size of baby clothes these days is definitely huffing something a little stronger than Dreft.
Also, since I’ve become the dooms day prepper of burp clothes, I thought these guys should have their own little labeled home as well. Aside from a super organized closet, I also thought it would be helpful to have organized “stations”. And so we’re not constantly running up the stairs like crazy people, with poop and pee on us (although I might pay to see Jer like this once), I also decided to setup a changing station downstairs. I actually think this one might be more useful than the built-ins, because we can actually see when supplies is low and it has several compartments for his stuff that Bo can’t jump up and steal.
Finally and probably the most difficult to make room for, was a kitchen cabinet for Dylan’s bottles & bottle cleaning kit, eating utensils and eventually food. I just checked out your blog and love that the first thing I read was about your love for God I definitely share that love and will be reading! I never thought my kid would wear those newborn clothes either, but even though he came out at 8lb 3oz, he still wore them for quite a while! Is there ever a reason to clean my oven, refrigerator and completely organize everything “baby” in one afternoon… all while 37 weeks pregnant?
I’ve gotta give my man Jesus a big shout out for this boost of energy and nesting instinct that hits us pregnant women during the final weeks. So we installed a pretty simple closet system that I got from Wal-Mart and added some cute bins. For the changing area in Dylan’s room, I made the top drawer of his dresser the diaper station and used some nifty drawer organizers from Wal-Mart to sort all of his baby butt and grooming stuff.

Since we bought the one pack-n-play that doesn’t come with a built in storage system (DOH!), we got this diaper attachment from Amazon that clips right to the side.
Although we’re going into this thing with our breastfeeding flag flying, we’ve been given several tins and bottles of formula, so they got their own bin too. We are going into this parenting thing so very blind, so would love any tips you have for surviving the first few weeks – which I hear are the hardest. For $30 you get 2 large bins, 3 small bins, really nice huggable hangers, a shoe organizer and the sizing organizers.
My husband and I were just talking about the book and both said we wished he had visuals with it to explain how to do each step.
It was quicker than open up the drawer every time, and I store the extra’s in the top drawer and refill the basket from there. I am pretty sure the only way to survive the 1st year (or 18) is to be organized and consistant with where you put things.
I think I’ll also pack a newborn homecoming outfit in our bag, just in case he can actually fit in it.
It is so nice to have my pantry organized and my garage cleaned and organized and we even made a lot of freezer meals for those nights someone doesn’t bring us food or we have no energy for cooking.
He’s four weeks old (8lbs11oz at birth) and still only wearing the smallest newborn clothes and newborn diapers. Im expecting my second baby this december and my Oldest daughter is only 9 months old this month so I will be turbo cleaning and organizing a shared bedroom for them and I will definatly be using your tips. Brown bottles, we started useing them with our daughter but sadly the newer soft kind of opaque plastic bottles ( that you have pictured) developed a strange ordor after about a month of use. And since I washed everything in this closet with Dreft, I can frequently be found sitting in front of it, just a huffin’ in that sweet baby smell. And… que the “that baby is not gonna be wearing newborn clothes” comments that I keep getting. They look a little harder to clean than other bottles but a nurse in one of the baby classes we took, said these were the best for preventing gas. Although I think that’s a pretty good deal, I’ve also seen some bloggers make them out of cardboard and scrapbook paper!

The whole concept about the 4th trimester makes a lot of sense, so I’m excited to try out the soothing tactics with baby Dylan! I currently just have a lamp and frame at the end of the dresser but if opening the drawer gets annoying, I will definitely be trying out a basket. It really helps, but I find that every few weeks I end up going through baby stuff again because they change so quickly. We were also super cleaning them because of all the parts, even after a soak in bleach water to sanitize they still retained this smell. I even logged in to see if it was still in my order history but it’s no longer there.
These were great, as I had trouble finding bins narrow enough to fit long-way in our cabinets. Everything looks terrific, and I LOVE the labeling of the items that have a tendency to end up lost and in a jumble with baby socks. Provide this essential convenience while enhancing the decor of your baby's nursery with our beautiful diaper stackers.
I’m suppose to be sitting on the couch, eating bon-bons and enjoying this peace and quiet that everyone and their mama has told me that I’ll never experience again. We had some that were older that were a clear very hard plastic that never ended up having this issue, but unfortunatly we only like 2 of these.
We’re still about a week out from having Dylan, so I’ll test ours out very soon! I am trying to find the drawer storage dividers on walmarts website and can’t seem to find the fabric ones you have. The look perfect for inserts and I don’t want to buy the hard plastic ones I am finding.
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