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2014 Cloth Diaper products imported from china good adult baby diaper stories, View good adult baby diaper stories, ohbabyka Product Details from Jinhua Ohbaby Infant And Child Products Co., Ltd.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. When the turn of the century started turning around, they went from the bulky crinkly plastic diapers to the cloth-like breathable kind (all except for Luvs, that decided to keep their plastic-like diaper)This is something I would have found in the early turn of the century.
Some of the diapers still kept the plastic "landing *****" but for the most part, you can see the transition between the plastic-esk diapers and moving to a more cloth -like diaper.

Which was a shame because I kinda did like those diapers.I had a hard time finding some pictures of the pull ups my step sister used to wear. I stole so many it wasn't even funny.I see these diapers now days and I just don't get them at all I guess. I keep asking myself, how do they expect that thin diaper to hold? Especially when the national average age for potty trained kids keeps rising. I buy packs of diapers so I can change my stuffed animals (Because we're all babies at my house!), and maybe because I've never had anyone use them, I can't tell.They just seem like cheap material to me.

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