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Practical and stylish, fun and elegant baby diaper cake makes a perfect baby shower centerpiece, a gorgeous hospital gift, or a charming decoration for baby's nursery. You can see that we have probably one of the biggest collection of baby diaper cakes available online. Go ahead purchase one of our undecorated diaper cakes and wow everybody at the diaper shower with your unique design.
Our mission is to give you an opportunity to surprise mother-to-be with one of the most unique ideas for baby shower - Diaper Cake. Diaper cakes are made from diapers and items that are necessary during first months of baby arrival for great baby care.
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to making your experience us as enjoyable as possible. All baby diaper cakes that you can see in store are freshly made and ready to ship next business day.
Our team strives to bring you the most unique and high quality diaper cakes at the lowest possible prices. Our diaper cakes are carefully packed and shipped next business day after the order is placed . We are ready to receive custom orders and follow additional instructions for all diaper cakes. It is a celebration of life, life that has been going on within mom's body for several months and is ready to come out to this wonderful world. To celebrate that fact we want you to have an ability to create your own unique diaper cake that is going to reflect the spirit of mother-to-be and her baby.
Please, plan ahead and allow some time for diaper cake to be delivered to make sure you have it at least 3 days before your planned baby shower.

We offer a flat rate $5 for UPS Ground shipping service within the 48 contiguous states only. Please visit our baby shower resources page to get ideas about organizing an unforgettable event.
I like to rewind my getting to bed routine back to coming-home-having-dinner because it happens so fast you could miss it. We designed this theme to help moms blogging about family and everyday mom experiences look a little bit better and stand out from other blogs. It is also celebration of pregnancy, pregnancy that is filled with all kinds of emotions and changes and that comes to a great end.
If you don't have experience in making diaper cakes or not sure how to make a diaper cake, it doesn't mean that you can't give a great and unique handmade gift to an expecting mother.
It is always nice to have all natural ingredients and no chemicals in your everyday skin products, especially for babies. We specialize on hand made unique designs, which are going to make your baby shower special and unique just as the baby whose life is being celebrated.
We never try to skimp on materials used or techniques that can lower quality of our baby shower cakes.
We return home from our various jobs, after-school programs, and daycare between 5pm and 6pm. We create the solid base for your unique baby shower centerpiece and you use your own creativity to add decorations that will reflect your style and add multiple baby products that mother-to be is certainly going to appreciate and love.
Everything is hand made with great care and dedication by people who take pride in their work and really love doing what they do.
We absolutely love babies and every cake that leaves our production line is a special creation that feels our hearts with love.

We take great care in making sure our diaper cakes are sturdy and can withhold shipping and arrive in the best condition that is possible.
Depending on time available, level of dirtiness, and recency of last bath, I will bathe him or not. I find that it helps with his transition toward sleep to say these goodnights a la Goodnight Moon.
If he’s happy, I leave him face down with butt in the air snuggled between two loveys by either cheek. If he’s in a bad mood, he may be standing and yelling as I leave the room (just keeping it real, people). I leave the dark room (AKA windowless closet nursery) while loudly shushing him and anyone else who might be within earshot.Reasons he might be in a bad mood? If dark or cold, then play at the neighbor’s, or have them over to play until bedtime.
The older 2 pick out 2 books to read while I prepare their 2 cups of milk, throw the dishes in the sink, throw their dirty clothes in the laundry room, etc.
Bedtime is at 7 pm and my kids go to sleep bc this has been the routine since day 1 with our first child.

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