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After your toddler has been dry for sometime free from accidents, sometimes, out of nowhere they have an accident, pee or poop;  setting you back and being a course for worry.
Your child may be undergoing potty training regression due to availability of items such as diapers which motivate the child to use them.
After experiencing potty training regression in your child it is advisable to set a schedule to get your child back to using the potty. You need to take time and talk to the child for you to know the real cause of the situation. For you to get the child on the right track make sure you collect all the diapers and hide them in places where the child will not be able to see them.
The regression may have happened inadvertently due to a change in your Childs habits somewhere.

Don’t blame the child or yourself, every new experience takes some practicing to be perfected upon. In most cases the child will open up and tell you the factor leading to the development of such a strange behavior .You need to guide your child in a gentle manner and convince the child on the importance of continuing using the potty. This will make the child forget about them hence develop the good habit of using the potty once more. This can be attributed to many factors such as change of diet, drinking more or too engrossed in play to relieve oneself. In case you had trained your child using rewards as a motivating factor for the child to get to learn then this is the best time to reinstate the reward in case you had withdrawn it. You should take time and assess the situation and figure out if there were any lapses and ways to improve them.

In case you were using a shorter period for example two and half hours try to use three hours as an interval before you call ask your child to use the potty. Avoid as much as possible becoming angry in case the child recovers slowly because it can easily hurt the child emotionally.

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