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Does your home and back yard look like a battle zone, does your dog chew the furniture, outdoor deck, patio, plants, trees, clothing and shoes.
Is your dog a bundle of nerves, does your dog destroy the house or bark constantly when you’re not home.
Are you hanging clothes on the clothes line, only to come back out and find them on the ground dirty or worst, chewed up.
Does your dog not want to know you when off the lead, does your dog make you chase him or her around whilst off the lead. 14 days of intensive live in obedience course at our family property on the Central Coast 35 minutes from Sydney.

Due to extreme propularity the in-house training and boarding course, books out well in advance.
Jumping, Pulling on Lead,Chewing Not coming when called, Reducing Anxiety and Excessive Barking etc etc.
FREE follow up lessons for 12 months at K9 TRAINING facilities at the completion of the course. FREE handlers course that shows you what your dog has learn't and teaches you the correct commands and handling techniques. Do you come home or have friends and visitors come over and your dog jumps all over you and them, learn the secrets on how to solve this problem.

Imagine no more jumping on you, not being dragged down the road and your dog not running away. Dogs are not locked in pens all day as at commerical kennels, max 3 to 4 dogs on the course at any one time.

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