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Hiking and backpacking with your dog is a rewarding way to spend time and bond with your pet while enjoying our natural world. Hiking and backpacking with your dog also adds quite a bit to the list of responsibilities that comes with dog ownership. The first thing to consider is whether or not your dog is allowed to be where you want to go.
There are some dogs that with the right temperament and training have become trustworthy dogs on hikes.
Most dogs who have aggression issues, even with training are not going to be successful in an off leash situation.
Many hounds and terriers are apt to disappear once they get on the trail of something interesting. When taking your dog hiking and backpacking off leash, you MUST have voice control over your dog to keep your dog as well as other people, animals and the environment safe. It is such a great feeling to know that your best friend gets to spend their weekend and vacation time with you!

There are many more dangers to face than what you may come across at the local park or in your backyard. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed in some National and State Parks or in some campsites.
If you have a dog with aggression issues and you want to be able to better manage and control your dog while at the same time making him or her more comfortable, call me at Cooper’s Dog training and Behavior Modification. I keep my cell phone number on the tag so I can be contacted if my dog is lost near my location. It is reasonable to assume that dog aggressive dogs may be hiking the same trails as you are. I also keep a phone number of a friend or relative on the tag in case I am out of cell phone range when my dog is found. As much as we don’t like to think about it; there are bad people in this world who would try to claim your dog as theirs if they wanted it bad enough.
You could use another scent if you wanted to, but after your dog rolls in something rotting or animal excrement, you will thank your lucky stars that you remembered this biodegradable, vegetable based, fair trade and super potent soap.

Guide dogs wear these boots when riding escalators to protect their pads from the escalator teeth. On the flipside, those of you with dog-aggressive dogs need to understand that when you are in areas that do not require leashes, there will be off leash dogs. If the authorities are called and you produce a photo of you and your dog together, you get your dog back right then and there.
I suppose that photos of my dog in various settings on my phone would have the same leverage. Camp suds don’t even come close to this stuff in an emergency olfactory situation in the middle of nowhere.

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