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How to potty train your puppy using a bell (with pictures), How to potty train your puppy using a bell. How to potty train your puppy fast at home, Learn how to potty train a puppy in just a few days. House train a dog - crate training ideas, House train a dog, puppy potty training tips, learn crate training dogs and dog housebreaking methods that work.. In crate training, it is important not to let your Yorkshire Terrier feel alone in his own space. When disciplining your Yorkshire Terrier, never pull him out of the crate to show affection. For several weeks, leave your puppy in the crate for a short span of period, may be for an hour or two. A successfully crate-trained puppy is never anxious and never gets too noisy when he is left alone in the house. How to train your chihuahua - dog training, Discover how to train a chihuahua the right way yourself at home.
Chihuahua pictures and photos, 1 - dog breed info, Chihuahua pictures page 1 "here is a photo of our chi family of now 4.

Countrywide, millions of dog owners have come to value the benefits of crate training dogs.
Thus, most dog trainers recommend to providing a crate that’s within the house where he can freely mingle with everyone. Provide clean rags or old clothes to keep him warm at night, as well as give him access to clean water and toys. Prolong that time, as he grows older so he gets used to staying in the crate when everyone’s at work or at sleep. Crate training is one of the few effective approaches to help dogs with emotional and physical behaviour problems such as anxiety and aggression. Even in the wild, dogs often seek for spaces that could keep them warm and safe from the environmental threats. If these dogs were used to sleeping within the family’s rooms and properties, it would be quite harder to train them to own a new space. At night, you may opt to put his crate in one of the bedrooms so to make him feel safe and loved.
Nevertheless, do not provide a crate that’s too big so to prevent your puppy from playing and putting up mess.

He has to surrender and stay calm first for at least five minutes before you can treat him with something. If your Yorkshire Terrier shows an attitude like this, you can then be proud of yourself for a job well done. This allows them to hold over a space they can call their own, so they no longer sleep on your couch or bed. However, dogs thriving in open spaces have grown manipulative over their places, often having great dominance that leads to aggression.
A puppy has never grown with values yet, thus, providing a crate will give him no option to sleep in the owner’s bed or couches.
A crate should only have a little space, but just comfortable enough for him to move freely when sleeping. Furthermore, it is also effective in preventing a clash between your dog and a newly adopted puppy.

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